Roast Chicken Recipe In Hindi – रोस्ट चिकन | Roasted In Pressure Cooker | Swaad Anusaar With Seema

Welcome to Swaad Anusaar I am your chef, your host Seema.. Today we will prepare a quick chicken recipe,
that neither requires a tandoor (grill) nor an oven.. It’s delicious and looks exactly like a grilled chicken. So let’s make a quick Roast Chicken. This is our chicken. We shall take the thigh and leg pieces. Firstly, we have to make slashes on the chicken. This helps the chicken to absorb the masalas (spices) we apply. We shall now add 3 big tbsp ginger garlic paste.. ..because we have taken 3 big pieces of chicken. Apply the paste nicely. Now, we add half a bowl of curd. Add salt, approximately 1 and a half spoon.. ..1 tbsp red chilli powder.. ..1tbsp carom seed powder.. ..1tbsp cumin powder.. ..1 tbsp garam masala.. Lastly, we add tandoori color. Mix it well. You can see that the masala has been applied proportionately to all the chicken. We shall now add few coriander leaves.. leaves.. ..and approximately 1tbsp oil. Our masala has been applied nicely. We shall now transfer it to a bowl. We shall now leave this to get marinated.. then the masala will be well absorbed. 2 hours later. It’s been 2 hours of marination.. ..let’s proceed with the recipe. Let’s start the stove. Add a little oil. When the oil is heated,
we shall add 3 tomatoes pureed. We add a pinch of salt, red chilli powder,
cumin powder, garam masala and coriander leaves. Allow the tomato puree to cook for a while. We shall now add our marinated
chicken to this. Let’s close the cooker and steam the chicken.. ..we shall wait for 2 whistles and then
leave it on a low flame for a while. We haven’t added any water to the chicken,
only 3 pureed tomatoes. 2 whistles are done so we shall now
lower the flame for 5 minutes. It’s been 5 minutes so we shall now
switch off the stove. Let the cooker cool down,
the chicken will cook in the steam. Now the cooker has cooled down,
let’s check if the chicken is cooked. The chicken is now nicely cooked. Now we shall roast the chicken on the stove for a while
until it gets roasted and looks like a tandoori chicken. See how quickly we made our chicken. The only time consuming thing is the marination. If you like, you can marinate the chicken a night ago or
in the morning and cook the chicken in the evening.. ..but it doesn’t take too long to prepare this. Also, it’s very delicious.. You should definitely make it.. ..and subscribe to our channel, Swaad Anusaar. Till next time, Goodbye.

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