Roast Leg of Lamb | The Naked Chef | Jamie Oliver

I really, really like roast lamb. I mean I
like the roast anything, but I love roast lamb and I do do it quite often. I love
it just with normal sea salt over and roasted in the oven, that’s lovely,
but I kind of get bored of doing the same thing all the time, so I’m always
trying to have like new ways of getting sort of flavour right stuck in there. So first
things first, what I want to do is get a knife and stick the knife down next to
the bone, at one end, and just push your finger in there, right, because that
just makes a bit of room and then at this end do the same again, right next to
the bone, stick your finger in there. Then, in about eight places around the
lamb you want to get your knife about an inch and a half, okay,
and stick it in at an angle, okay, and then shove your hand in there, your
finger in there and just do that kind of randomly but kind of equally. Let’s do it
on the other side as well. Lovely. So that’s that done. Put that in the tray. Now we’re
talking about flavour, yeah. So what I’m gonna do is I’ve got this sage here, I’m
gonna rip off just half of it so it’s so just the leaves and I’ll keep that
for later and then this half, I’m gonna put in the
pestle and mortar with a clove of garlic. It seems a very simple thing to do if you have got, kinda chefs coming round, I’d expect you to do something incredibly posh and fussy, I suppose. Yeah, its almost in their own time they want to kind of
be a little bit more sort of relaxed about it, you know what I mean. So I know as long as I
get my really nice cooked piece of lamb, you know, they’re gonna be well chuffed, and
a glass of wine, they’re gonna be over the moon. So with this sage, salt and garlic
just smash it up. That’ll kinda get all the flavours really going. Yeah. Right, lovely. And leave the rest of the sage that you
got leftover whole and then we’re gonna have some olive oil about, you know, two,
three tablespoons just to sort of, the oil to help the oils and the flavour in
the leaves to come out and some lemon juice, give it a little bit of that.
Squeeze that in there. So you’ve got your lemon juice in there. Then just chop up,
roughly chop up this rosemary that I got with it. Just mush it up in your hands. The
first thing we’re gonna do is get a big handful, rub it all over the meat, the skin’s gonna be tasty, lovely jubbly. In these cuts that we’ve made, kind of
push all these lovely herbs, all the garlicky, lemony stuff, get it right
in these holes push it right down and there’s a little bit salt in there as
well so you’re seasoning it inside a little bit which is great and down the
little holes that you’ve made and that’ll end up here next to the bone we
should gone down about four inches, you know, it’s right in there. Loads of flavour.
Really get stuck in there, you know. I sound like David Bellamy “in the undergrowth”, you know. Shove it all in there. Now the secret ingredient, which I think, is a thing called
pancetta and basically it’s the Italian version of our streaky bacon and all we
need really is about three or four slices, thin old slices, and just shove it
down the gaps you know. Where’d you get it from? You can get it from a deli, get
it from the supermarket, some packs now, I mean it’s all over the place, but it’s
got a slight smokiness to it and that’s really, really nice. Get in there, lovely. So now we’ve done that I’m just gonna put a bit of salt on top, as it’s nice have a nice
salty skin and basically that’s it done. I know it’s gonna be really, really
tasty. All we have to do now is take care of it, take care of it in the cooking.
So into a really, really hot oven about 250 full whack. I’m gonna get the leg of lamb, I’m
gonna put it straight onto the bars right, and put the empty tin underneath to
catch all the goodness and all the drips and all that kind of marmitey, lovely
jubbly stuff. How long do you cook lamb for? Well, I really like to cook the lamb so it’s kind of pink, not bloody pink, but kind of pink, pink and to do that, I cook
it for about 13 minutes per pound and with an additional 20 minutes of cooking
at the end of that and then what the trick is then is to rest it.

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