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One thing we’ve noticed, this place has some big creepy spiders ugly like poisonous, like deadly We pulled in and there’s this big spider sitting there on a web Kind of black and yellow and really creepy looking made a lasting impression on Michelle that same night. She had a nightmare Big spider chasing me! Size of a rat she said It was chasing you? Yeah, the whole dream, is was big, puffy, gross big and puffy Somebody else coming in here at Lake Whitney Thousand Trails. Not a bad place to stay. Laundry today Kind of takes away from your time trying to work. Gonna close the gray tank here. I always leave it open Because when you’re doing, especially four loads of laundry That’ll fill up your gray tank pretty quickly. oh let’s see, we’ve been here in Texas for two weeks now Michelle and I really only get to explore on the weekends since we work during the week. Our first weekend we explored down to Waco, Texas and visited Magnolia market We’re gonna see Chip and Joanna Didn’t know if you knew that, but their close friends of ours Just sayin’. Hey, there’s a farmers market or something going on over there It’s also a Baylor University football game today too, in town. I’m a checker. She’s a checker! Waco, Texas Magnolia Market Kind of like we’re at a fair! Where we at? The shop. The shop, we’re in the shop, can you tell? Yep, we’re in the shop! Still haven’t found Chip and Joanna. Surely they aren’t just gonna. I think they ditched us! I mean, we’re such good friends. They’ve never ditched us before Probably because we’ve never seen or met them before. Maybe that’s why. That could be why. Silo baked goods, wonder how long the line is? Oh heck no! More sweet tea! Smells lemony. How was that lemon lavender cupcake? Oh my gosh! Well, I like about anything lemon but this was lemon lavender. It was very good though That was a good time. I’m glad we stopped there. Oh! At Magnolia market, it’s definitely worth a stop. Yeah, they have a really nice setup Very family-friendly, you know, they have the games that set up in the yard area. Mm-hmm. Really fun I really hope I don’t fall. Well, you be nice and maybe you won’t. Yeah and then, so we’re leaving Magnolia market, Michele got her phone out as she always does and starts doing some research She looked up the Waco mammoth National Park, was looking at other things to do in the Waco area and found Dr. Pepper museum. Did you know that dr. Pepper was founded in Waco, Texas? I did not know this Why not stop there? From there, we went to the Waco mammoth National Park, which was really, I’m glad we went there, that was really neat. That was definitely worth it It was only five dollars a person we got in just in time That was like their last tour of the day cuz they closed their last tours at 4:30 and we like got there 4:35 and they let us in. The tour guide was very informative. Very very What we’ve been uncovering are fossils of Ice Age animals And the Ice Age down here in the South is a lot different than what y’all are having in, Iowa I don’t know where y’all are from. Virginia definitely Yeah, so you guys well, Iowa you would have had some grapes. Yeah. Yeah, because that’s where you’re like since you’ve come from Virginia you guys would have been I see sometimes but not that frequently down here. It was never I see like yeah, Texas It’s never been cold. Not once So really if you went Down the west coast and then cut over from California to Florida that pulled boomerang-shaped you had this really open grassland really temperate zone and here in this part of the state We had cut low seasonality is what they call it today We have really hot summers surprisingly cold winters back. Then the temperatures were more even So you could pick any day the year odds were really good. It would be 60 to 70 degrees. It’s pretty nice Yeah, what you feel right now. We have Colombian mammoths, and then those great lakes in New England area They had woolly mammoths. So your typical wooly Males would be about 10 feet tall the shoulder the Colombians that we find here to get upwards of 14 feet tall at the shoulder and They have been found all through North America But there are only two sites that have bunches up with us and there’s a site up in South Dakota Wow Yep, the South Dakota site was a sinkhole They’ve been digging down into that sinkhole They have found 61 so far every single one of them’s male females were really good at avoiding dangerous areas and that tells us when we have a group of females like this that there was something Really bad that happened something that was unavoidable Because you know if you’ve got something like a saber-toothed cats lair, you know They’re hanging out in caves ferrules know that they can avoid it This had there been something that they could not predict the City of Waco acquired the land and Made a basically handshake agreement with the university because Baylor had been digging this out They said, you know we can team up if you move the bones out We can fill up the whole build you a little interpretive center right here. You run that museum we’ll run the park around it and we’ll open up to the public and so they were moved everything out in 1990 and then the city decided to Rent a backhoe to pull dirt from over here to fill up the hole found another mammoth, and that’s how we ended up with 50 So we formed a nonprofit organization and they raised the funds for this building and so we were able to protect pit – This is one of only two climate-controlled dig sites in the u.s. At 70 degrees year-round And we tried to leave the bones exactly where we uncovered them Nine times out of ten when we find an animal here. It’s in the position at late-day only a thousand years ago Yeah, so we have been digging from April 1978 all the way up to present You’re gonna see basically where we’re at after 41 years in here You walk every single day but you just All of them have been elsewhere in the park to Talk about an acre we have found 23 vaneless and then we have about 10 more acres of this deposit that we need to Yeah, that’s just this live-action time this is actual size Yeah, Asian elephants would be not much shorter than a wooly right here at the chin. So Asian elephant wooly mammoth African Elephants Diamond-shaped opening you got yourself a female and diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Remember the difference? this tough We’ve got the left one still on site Going into the crown the right one and actually got removed and it’s been set aside for today The toss grow in increments if you take the tusks and cut it lengthwise, you’ll see lines in there There’s one line per season. Yeah, so you can tell from one season to the next how that animal was doing Yeah, and with girls you can tell every single time she was pregnant When they were in digging all of this out You can kind of see the tracks this high pile over here is all the backfill that they took from down here The difference For smile we’re staying at Thousand Trails Lake Whitney and It’s They’re doing a lot of renovations around here. The pools seems really nice. They have two pools, but one of them is closed Grounds. It’s spread out over a big area Very large kind of secluded all the campground like a B and C area They’re all kind of secluded From each other. There’s a lot of sites that have trash bags over the electrical posts They’re installing new ones and ours happens to be a new post a little bit away from everything there’s a little town of Whitney that has a few stores and Whitney is only a population of about 2000 Average small town kind of gives you a little bit of insight about the campground your buddy. Talk about our buddy Hey gray, anything see anything? You see Like that Seems really nice they have two pools, but one of them is closed. I’ve got a cat rubbing my leg very friendly. I Don’t know where that cat came from. I don’t out of the trash. I’m standing here talking I swear that cat was in that trash can You working today? Like Whitney Dan

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  1. Michael Carey says:

    Are you placing ads in your videos now or are those hackers? Not a fan of the ads! Sorry!

  2. Therese Habenicht says:

    Now you are in my neck of the woods. We have never been to the Mammoth state monument. Will definitely have to check it out. This weekend we are camping on LBJ lake. It's very nice and it's also our maiden voyage of our new 5th wheel. Can't wait to go full time.

  3. Louis at R shack BBQ says:

    Boy you good friends Chip and JoJo have built themselves quite a busy market— probably to busy to meet up with you or Chip got tickets to the BU game and well – priorities. Haha

  4. Linda Blier-Austin says:

    Just came from that area but was unable to stop on my way through Waco. Disappointed to miss the very spots you covered. Thank you! I feel a little better about it.

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    You did it again. Figured this was just about Waco and the shopping. But no, you throw in some perfectly preserved fossils as well! And even a nice cat.

  6. Teachers on Adventures says:

    We loved Magnolia. Will have to check out the Mammouth place next time. Thanks for sharing.

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