It’s Michelle’s birthday today ripe age of 19 Chilly Here in May and Southern California. Hopefully, it won’t be too cold out there on the water Use the right tool aids to turn onto North Harbor Boulevard Whale watching tour birthday girl everybody say happy birthday to this 19 year old birthday girl Nervous That’s birthday girl Oh, here we go Pirate ships Transport hub Let’s get Whitecaps Gels making the whale noise for us. I’m gonna try to give Michelle Make your way back to get as many pictures I think Way back here yeah All right guys this went down for his deeper dive we start making our way back to staff, you know Stuff in and grab Sony either drinks for Ryan back and also keep her eyes open Don’t bottle water to cover room for back into Harvard and you never know There is the USS, Iowa There we go Well, which think of that whale excursion it was a little chilly out there all day at one point the wind was coming pretty good It was it saw three whales or dolphins and two seals Coming up on the USS, Iowa it gave their last two or four o’clock So I don’t think we’re gonna get on here, but thought we’d get a closer look of it Yeah Well He was not scary. This is a batch We’re a little late We knew we would be what we thought we heard it come over here and take a look at the USS Iowa and when we came here we found out that if you’re a resident of Iowa, the admission is free bonus Yeah, if you’re doing a self-guided tour, it was twenty bucks per person and if you’re doing their tour called the Ultimate experience or something like that for thirty dollars per person kind of wanted to go in it because my dad was in the Navy During the Korean War but he was on a carrier USS Hancock and this is Iowa’s battleship still And that’s the way it was that special day in May 20 19 good day

5 comments on “RV Living: WHALE AND DOLPHIN TOUR FOR BIRTHDAY | FINBACK | LivinRVision (EP 26)”

  1. Shane Christiansen says:

    Happy be-lated Birthday Michelle! Looks like you had an amazing day. hehe =)

  2. Forgotten Winter says:

    Wow they were so close! Awesome Happy Birthday!

  3. Wings and Wheels Alaska says:

    Happy Birthday! Great video. Safe travels 🙂

  4. journey2fifty says:

    Happy Belated Birthday 🙂 we have been trying to go whale watching every time we are in a destination that offers it but it never works out. Gotta get out there, great video!

  5. Crafty Clarke says:

    Happy Birthday Michelle! I cracked up at you look, when the child was screaming. TFS guys! Always enjoy the videos.

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