Saree Closet Organization – How To Organize Sarees, Suits, Lehengas (With English Subtitles)

Hello friends! Welcome to Simplify Your Space. Today’s video is based on the Sari Wardrobe Organization. In this video, I will give you a tour of that wardrobe wherein I keep my saree and other traditional clothes like suits, lehenga, dupatta etc. Along with that, I will share some ideas with you to take good care and organize these clothes. Note that these are not regular wear. These are occasional-wears. The wardrobe of everyday clothes is different And how I have arranged it, you will find the link of that video in the description box. This video is made in collaboration with meesho app With the help of this app you can do business from home. I will give you more information about Meesho at the end of the video. So let’s start the video So this is my wardrobe in which I keep my saris and other party wear clothes. Let us see how I have arranged all these clothes. In this top shelf, I have kept my saris hanging. Here I have kept only light saris. I do not hang heavy party wear saris or heavy border saris because of this saree’s shape can get spoiled. I have divided them into 2 categories, Behind are Georgette & Chiffon saris and in front are cotton and cotton silk saris. I have hung them in special sari hanger. These sari hanger are very useful and helpful for keeping your saris organized. It looks something like this. open from one side and slightly twisted in this way. This hanger prevents your sari from slipping. In this way you have to put the sari on this hanger and put it inside from this corner and lock it. See! It will not slip If you want to hang heavy border saree or silk sarees then use sari covers. This will keep your saris safe from dust and dirt And being neted, this cover also looks beautiful in the cupboard. ow let’s go to the corner here where I have arranged all the dupattas. To arrange the dupatta, I have used this S shape hanger in which I can arrange 5 dupattas comfortably at one time. I have shown these hangs in many of my videos This is very helpful for saving space You can also use this type of hanger which is closed from both sides. With the help of these hangers, you can organize four to five clothes at once. A lot of space is left after hanging saris And here i keep my suits. This side, I have kept my cotton suits, which are used in small gatherings or Puja etc. Here are some heavy suits in the middle, which are used in special occasions and festivals. I have kept them normal folded. I have folded the bottoms of these suits and kept them inside the shirt. It prevents the pair mixing with other clothes Have also I have kept the party wear skirt and suit Here I have put this printed shower liner which looks beautiful in the cupboard. If you want, you can lay the paper. I have created two separate videos on how to fold sarees and heavy clothes like anarkali, gown and suit, you will find the link in the description box Now let’s move to the drawers here. In this first drawer, I have kept regular blouses. Here I have also placed the liner in the drawer to keep it safe from dust. In another drawer, I have kept my fancy clutch bags which I use for weddings or parties. They are safe by keeping them in the drawer. I keep these bags safe in their covers. Now I have taken them out to show you. The middle shelf is used for keeping heavy saris Here I have kept these two boxes which are used for arranging my heavy saris and silk saris. In this box I keep all my silk saris Tese are all my silk saris which are neatly arranged and kept in this box I like to keep these cotton pillow covers for silk sarees. This keeps the brocade of silk sarees safe and does not spoil quickly. You can use any old pillow cover. And keep in mind that it is light or white in color. In the second box, I have kept all my heavy saris Such as Net and Georgette saris in which heavy brocade and stones are used. I have placed this tracing paper in the middle of each saree so that the sarees are not stuck with each other. To keep the crease intact, put paper inside the sari too. The specialty of this sari box is that it is made of very good material and is very strong. It has a water proof coating inside Inside, the steel frames are provided in the corners which strengthen the boxes and keep them upright You can open them from the top and also from the bottom side here This forward side below is kept transparent, with the help of which it is easy to know what is kept in which box. You can also put a label on the side here so that the box is easy to find. Now coming to the bottom shelf. At the bottom, another box is placed on the side and on top of it there are two small sari bags. I have a heavy gown and anarkali dress in these bags. I have kept my lehengas in this box The blouse is folded and kep inside the lehenga itself. As you can see, I have wrapped the blouse pendant with paper. This is done so that the polish of the pendant is not spoiled And does not get stuck with any cloth, which may rip off the cloth. Now let’s see this box in which I have kept all my heavy and padded blouses. It is silk above and padded below. Just keep the padded blouses folded in such a way that their shape does not deteriorate. And always put one blouse on one side and the other one on the other side like this. This will allow you to keep more blouses in a single box. And in this last box is for Peticots. I have kept them rolled and arranged in this way By arranging the peticots in this way, it becomes very easy to remove them and arrange them back. There is also a drawer at the bottom of the cupboard which I use to keep extra clothes. Like, I have some suites and sarees in it, Some of which I have received as gift and some I have bought, but they are still packed I have not prepared them yet There are some more kurtis which are still kept new. Some blouse pieces are also kept here. And here in this small box, safety pins are kept. And below it is a box of hankies. Now let’s move towards the doors. On this side, I have attached this multiple hook and hung my party wear fancy sling bags in it. And on the other side, I have installed this command hook in which I have hung some of my regular scarves. It is easy to remove the scarves from here. So in this way I keep my Sarees and heavy party ware clothes organized. To keep my wardrobe free from bad odor, moisture and fungus, I keep boxes of a Absorbia in it. If you want, you can also keep naphthalene balls If you want, you can also keep your traditional jewelry sets, bangles and hair accessories in this wardrobe I did not keep them here because I keep all this stuff in my dressing table. To see how I organize my makeup and jewelry, you can watch video of my dressing table organization. Whatever clothes I just showed you, some of these clothes and saris I have bought recently through Meesho As you can see these saris. The first is this cotton silk sari with a golden border. This is a very beautiful sari. Second is this pink color Banarasi saree which is a very beautiful and graceful sari. I have also recently bought this pink, printed saree for regular wear. It is a very high quality, fabulous chiffon sari I also ordered this brown kurti from Meesho The Palazzo Kurti Set is also very cute and cheap This Jaipuri bandage dupatta is also taken from Meesho only and this fancy clutch bag too And if you want, you can do business of saris and suits while sitting at home. Select a product from Meesho and share it with your friends and relatives. On receiving the order, add your margin and place the order. Meesho will deliver your order to your customer and transfer your margin to your bank account. More information about how you can earn from Meesho and its download link is provided in the description box. Also, I have given links to all the products that I have used in this video in the description box. Hope you have liked this video, if you have liked it, then do like it and share it Do Subscribe to our channel for more such videos. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for all the latest news and video notifications. Now, will you all next week. Till then Happy organizing!

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