Saudi Student Investigated for Pressure Cooker

assign student in detroit was being
investigated by the f_b_i_ because one of his neighbors saw him carrying a
pressure cooker and they believe that the pressure cooker might have been a
bomb other student’s name is too lol all dropped here and uh… apparently he was just making
a rice dish but at the neighbor song in carrying out the cried the pressure
cooker to his card is actually we’re going to
over to a friend’s house and uh… the neighbor automatically
assume that it was suspicious behavior uh… and she was investigated as a result now i
should note that of course of people are a little worried about pressure cookers
right now because the fact of the possible of urs used a pressure cooker
bomb com so there’s that angle of the story which might make it a little more
understandable but what are your thoughts do you think that people are
overreacting to this at this point yeah i mean i think that firm more than ten
years we’ve been overreacting in terms of if you see something say something
like that sort all of the do rebecca denny training as to what is actually
sisters is that what you actually reports on on and so generally it just it seems to be
driven by you know what sort of racial stereotypes to make all that group must
look suspicious to you so say that they’re doing something uh… so i think that that’s unfortunate
anytime is active terry expect that the group that was affiliated with a or even
people like seeks to looked like they were affiliated with a did discriminate
against and that’s unfortunate help i think in this case i guess since the boston bombing
happened very recently learned that a lot of saudi young men walking or a pressure cookers i guess if ice all that it would
probably seem a bit suspicious although it’s kind of irrational to
think that just because one study person he is the pressure rebound everybody in the country’s is running
out to find like recipes for how to make them yeah it is something else that have
to imagine right and also i think it would be very
very strange for someone who was plotting a terrorist attack to walk
around with the bomb already open in just be like handwriting but my mom yeah price editor bob not a
big deal either use pressure cookers i’m more of a slow cooker like you those
things actually look like if you put a picture really fast it looks a little bit like very industrial in heavy duty anyways i
could see how that would be a little bit suspicious now you shouldn’t
discriminate against a guy just because he happens to share the saying that the
group is a recent terrorist but that that machinery does it’s not
like a crock pot yeah hi i guess i see what you’re saying
and part of me feels like aca i can understand have the
neighbors perspective on it i can understand why here she got worried when
they sought i definitely don’t think you should discriminate minor i hate the report now ask
questions later type mentality that we have now everyone is completely on edge
everyone is continuously accusing other people of something that’s terroristic
when in reality it’s not which is why we keep perpetuating you know that the
school to prison pipeline and and rediculous zero tolerance policy so and
not way i’d feel like terrorism one because we’re constantly
on edge behind that effectively terrorized ourselves is that the
responsibly absolutely i’d like to your point about pressure
cookers pressure cookers by themselves but really i guess my my mom could say a
pressure cooker and i feel like it’s could explode any moment middlefield open it too early
in a white that’s as crazy out of the way i’d actually don’t know
what you make in pressure cookers like that’s just that’s a couple steps of
cooking beyond me yall unionized issues and stuff like that with his own things yeah i just i would rather not um… i have my quick take seriously cause
problems too if you don’t use a correctly let’s look let’s look at her has never
exploded but we always comes out just fine guests
will propose are awesome fire department

99 comments on “Saudi Student Investigated for Pressure Cooker”

  1. Cruithne says:

    Iadorola is an idiot, straight up.

  2. spider879 says:

    Pressure cookers are great for cooking oxtail and goat.

  3. Ch4rl3magn3 says:

    Many Saudies are terrorists and we need to watch out for this type of thing. That being said the boston bombers were as white as snow.

  4. thisguyrighthere3 says:

    i look forward to the next massmurder in america and seeing americans wonder why it happend

  5. Das5teiner says:

    you look forward to mass killings? u must be a Democrat

  6. Das5teiner says:

    not all americans are democrats

  7. thisguyrighthere3 says:

    yeah cause democrats went in to afganistan and iraq killing bouth americans and foreigners
    you moron

  8. Das5teiner says:

    no but they dont miss a chance to exploit one

  9. Kenny Mathieu says:

    The Boston Bombers weren't Saudis.

  10. Syksy says:

    Yeah, that bothered me so much too. It wasn't just once that he said it either, but at least twice! John, seriously! And it's just ironic considering what he's talking about here.

  11. rextrek says:

    he looks like a younger cenk

  12. cros99 says:

    Yeah…you people are right….of courssssse. If you saw someone walking around with something that "Could" be a potential bomb…and "IF" that person resembled an Arab (Who we all know just loves Americans)….Yeah, you wouldn't report it and if you were wrong….Then you could live with it. And YES, We all know the Boston Bombers wern't Arab—We got it already–

  13. Ron says:

    How can they put someone in front of a camera who thinks Saudis and Chechens are the same ethnic group??

  14. claybo069 says:

    Don't hold back u see something that looks like a possible bomb blue green purple white black I dgaf u tell someone duh so what if it has chicken in it what if it didn't then what

  15. Malicious Asshole says:

    The Paranoia in this country is off the chart in the United States.

  16. icedilli25 says:

    Arabs and white (European) people they are both caucasians.. they have similar DNAs

  17. mosawi says:

    i hate it when people point stupid obvious mistakes. and fyi anyone from the Europe, Middle East and North Africa are Caucasians regardless of whether they're from the Caucasus region or not

  18. Cosmo Kramer says:

    We all have similar DNAs…

  19. Michael Martinez says:

    We shouldn't discriminate. We should suspect every ethnicity of being a terrorist equally. Thats the American way. 🙂

  20. ScootyPuff20 says:

    It seems like the medias job is to spread fear, worry, and terrible ideas to the people lol

  21. Joel Hedlund says:

    Is this news?

  22. andrdfry says:

    Cool story bro.

  23. Fahad S says:

    hi, iam from Saudi Arabia and i don't have a Pressure Cooker hhhhhhhhhhhh

    Americans soo stupid, you guys suspected him because he is arabian not beacuse he

    is carrying a pressure cooker

    you racists.

    I L.O.V.E ALL :*

  24. Fahad Alraqibah says:


  25. thunder1202 says:

    So, what shall I do with my pressure cooker now? I guess I'll surrender the lid and just use is as a regular pot! I have no choice but to use a slow cooker now 🙁 "I hate idiots"

  26. thunder1202 says:

    "gun control legislation" will be soon changed to "pressure cooker control legislation" – I guess we became a big joke :-O

  27. sushanalone says:

    Ana you idiot, the pressure cooker will not open if it has pressure more than atmospheric pressure, the device is designed to get locked by the steam itself under higher pressures.

  28. Sarah Al-Ahmed says:

    Chechnya =/= Saudi Arabia
    Not even close.
    The Boston Bomber wasn't Arab. This is the first time I've ever been offended by a mistake on the Young Turks. *sigh*

  29. okito2010 says:

    Was that a picture of cenk from his teens?

  30. flibbertygibbet says:

    Instant rice is awful. eww.

  31. Robert says:

    "Americans soo stupid"
    "I L.O.V.E ALL "

  32. Robert says:

    Except they were walking around with the cooker in BROAD DAYLIGHT clearly VISIBLE to the masses…Now I'm pretty sure if was a weapon they would at least hide especially AFTER the bombings. I guarantee you if I did the same thing, me being white, no one would give two fucks about me having it.

  33. ImBreakingThe4thWall says:

    Being any kind of foreigner is automatically suspicious behavior. This is America dammit.

  34. Kev Fran says:

    Got Rice?

  35. JEN'S DEN says:

    sounds like a paranoid nation to me.

  36. JEN'S DEN says:

    are you serious,,

  37. James Matern says:

    John sounds ignorant as fuck. Chechen and Arab is the same ethnicity?
    Or is it because they're both muslim?

  38. dom1abc1mbc says:

    seriously ??? after ten years youre still paranoid ?????
    thats just stupidity … yet we have to pay the price

  39. Danial Khan says:

    "same ethnic group as the recent terrorist"

  40. paramount8000 says:

    "one saudi person used a pressure cooker bomb" at 1:30 …. do you comprehend english?

  41. 00maharum00ma says:

    No saudi used a pressure cooker, they were chechen.

  42. CaptVelocity says:

    He isn't necessarily Muslim either.

  43. CaptVelocity says:

    The Boston bombers were white, not Saudi…

  44. CaptVelocity says:

    No they don't…

  45. Eric says:

    Considering they use guns for hunting and other gun activities yes they would…

  46. expats united says:

    ban assault pressure cookers.

  47. Ansatsusha Gouki says:

    A first time,I would of thought it would be more than one….especially after their mishandle of the Kony story,Cenk's hypocrisy when it comes to female teachers having sex with underage boys,Anna's use of the N-word and etc…

  48. InfectedByEli says:

    Which Saudi person used a pressure cooker bomb? Seriously, which Saudi? All I can find is stories about Saudi's being detained for possession of pressure cookers, not bombs.

  49. dwalden74 says:

    Looks link Cenk!

  50. triflind says:

    He's not from Detroit , he lives in Flint and drinks draft beer at Churchill's.

  51. WeeItsNookies says:

    Mind blowing how your idiotic statement got that many thumbs up. If you notice on youtube, anybody who openly carries a gun in public will almost always be stopped by police due to multiple people calling them. So umm yeah.

  52. WeeItsNookies says:

    That's basically statistically, gun violence isn't bad…The amount of idiocy you have spewed in just two comments is simply mind blowing.

  53. paramount8000 says:

    I''m on your side. You misunderstood my post. I was replying to someone who didn't understand that John in the video wrongly accused the pressure cooker bomber of being Saudi. I was simply stating that that John misspoke at 1:30 . Read who I was replying to..

  54. PaddySnuffles says:

    pressure cookers are scary. My mom was in a kitchen when a pressure cooker exploded when she was a kid. really really hot beans everywhere, or so I'm told. That pressure cooker looks totally high tech, but if you like making dishes that need a pressure cooker on a regular basis, you might as well get a high-end one.

  55. Extrodniarrre says:

    I am from Saudi Arabia, and most people who go to America from here, are monolingual teenagers who know nothing about America or its people or law. They need to spend like 2 years in language institution to learn how to speak the language a bit. I'm really ashamed of those moron who go there without nothing about this country.

  56. hihowisitgoingbroooo says:

    in Saudi we use pressure cooker to cook "Kabsa" everyday

  57. hihowisitgoingbroooo says:

    by the way its dangerous and may explode if u don't know how to use it well

  58. WeeItsNookies says:

    Statistically gun violence is rare. Last year it was 8600 and has been declining consistently the past decade. So I don't know where you're getting 11k from. It hasn't been that high in 10 years. That said, when you have 90+ million gun owners in a country with 250+ million guns 8600 isn't bad at all, especially when 75% of those gun homicides are in controlled pockets (ghettos/gangs/etc). Considering 60% of gun crimes are committed by people with criminal records, think our priorities are mixed

  59. Indigenous Poncho says:

    to be honest i was watching some brazilian video and i copied and pasted that whole paragraph from someones comment because i just found it so hilarious i couldnt NOT pass it on at least once

  60. EstaticFeats says:

    Just happens to be a Saudi and everyone starts bitching.

  61. s6alam says:

    Pressure cookers can use less than HALF the energy, water and time in preparing a meal. It is also an older way of cooking; my grandmother used to use one. I started using it recently and I absolutely love it. Slow-cookers just remind me of our carelessness about energy-efficiency and our wasteful habits.

  62. ImBreakingThe4thWall says:

    I'd be lying if I said it wasn't. For some reason everyone thinks that everyone else is out to get them. It's like that old saying "If you are a cheater, then you will be worried about your mate cheating even if they have never shown the intention to. Your own actions are your fears." So I assume these people wish to do others harm, so they think others are out to do them harm because of their inner self perpetuated thoughts.

  63. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz says:

    He was probably trying to act as suspicious as he could so he could get on the news.

  64. JEN'S DEN says:

    i dont agree.,people are really in fear bcos they feel it, they see it,,but many wont face up to it even if they do see it,& people do become suspicious of one another simply because people arnt sure who to trust,.they think if their government cant betrusted who can. : ).

  65. Walter m says:

    Did John say that Saudis and ethnic Chechens share the same ethnic group at 2:05?

    You know, we American truly are terrible at geography. This should not surprise anyone; few months ago a sociopath killed six Sikhs. Sikhs had gone to war with the Muslims in the past. Sikhs don't even live in the middle-east. After 9/11 the people who were mistreated the most in this country were people who look like Muslims… not the actual Muslims but people who look like Muslims LOL..we're number one!!!

  66. WeeItsNookies says:

    We call those emotional based knee-jerk reactions. Gun owners are faced with it every time a mass shooting occurs. You're basically using the same exact argument a pro-gunner is. Someone uses a pressure cooker to make a bomb = People who carry pressure cookers are being watched/raided by the FBI because of irrational, emotional people with their knee-jerk reactions are paranoid. The same exact thing applies when it comes to guns.

  67. bigraviolees says:

    You can be Mexican hawaiian or just have a tan, and if you have a pressure cooker right now you are suspicious. Not right just human nature. Not to mention borders are for assholes, Im a earthling and could care less which frikken borders claim me unlike everyone on the net who gets in a tizzy if you dont have the globe and ethnicitys mastererd

  68. Big E-Begger Gaming says:

    I bet everyone who watched this 1,000,000 dollars that the neighbor was an old white guy/girl.

  69. Big E-Begger Gaming says:

    I fapped after reading this and smoked weed after reading this.

  70. Big E-Begger Gaming says:

    Says the guy with the profile name "The Prophet Mohammed."

  71. BintAlHaq says:

    what? :S

  72. Marquis de Favras says:

    It depends how its handled. If the police are respectful to him both during the incident and afterwards, then there'd be nothing wrong with reporting it just to be safe, whether the dude was saudi or not

  73. Ajlan Al Ajlan says:

    That is so stupid.. arrest someone because he's brown! wtf

  74. Juju A says:

    A saudi didnt use a pressure cooker bomb. The terrorist was chechnyan !!

  75. neuronpie says:

    Islam does not belong in the west.

  76. Vytautas Jančauskas says:

    The last thing you make in a pressure cooker are rice dishes. Pressure cookers blow nay other kitchen utensil out of the water. Not only dishes that normally take several hours are ready in 20 minutes but they taste better as well.

  77. Dulu says:

    What 20-something year old man A.) Owns a pressure cookers, B.) Cooks "A rice dish" and C.) Takes the pressure cooker to a friends house to cook the rice dish over there.

    I'm calling BS – He's a terrorist and needs to be investigated.

  78. Nicholas Sceusa says:

    If you would only learn English and read the Constitution and relevant laws you might actually understand something.

  79. Derek Bao says:

    I actually have read it before you typical geek who actually think hes educated. This wasnt a question of race but religion as it effects every country its in. You need to open up a savings account for a nice new private education because im not going to do it.

  80. devontoner says:

    I'm 21 and a man and am guilty of B and C

  81. K Lu says:

    Hahaha, It's 'Murica after all.

  82. DollSonic says:

    Have you ever had crock pot baked potatoes? Heaven!

  83. salma mk says:

    we like our kabsaa

  84. xCaptinFahadx says:

    He was cooking some rice 🙁

  85. أديم سليمان says:

    Ignorant!! But you know it from cooking pots called pressure as much as it provides a lot of cooking time when we are in a hurry

  86. Shawarma Brah says:

    The Boston bomber was not Saudi. He was chechen.

  87. Alex says:

    We all know pressure cookers are evil and must be banned. #PressureCookerHolocaust #HowManyDead #RepealTheConstitution

  88. Yonatan Mehari says:

    fucking american racist neighbours

  89. mishael aljuaid says:

    Let the man eats his KABSA TT

  90. Q8 Fly says:

    Daaaaaaamn, americans are soooo dumb

  91. Q8 Fly says:

    This show is awful, the boston bomber wasnt saudi, real fools

  92. Sophisticated One says:

    this is so stupid .

  93. Faisal AlArfaj says:

    I like pressure cocker

  94. MIG ALAIN says:

    Let the man eat the kabsa hhhhhhhh

  95. Westdublin says:

    Shut up fools its a reportable situation and rightly so.
    If it was a bomb and it was successful how would you feel for not reporting it terrorist go after the younger children they want to hit us were it hurts.
    Never follow the same ideas of a tv person because they LIE every day

  96. Westdublin says:

    Young turks wants us to stay silent just like the Muslim community who let the terrorist do what they without ever considering that they will keep doing this.
    If that had of been a white man and an Asian kid who rang the police the young talks with the he’s a hero.
    If you don’t think he’s a racist look at all the things she says about white people.
    Really think she should apologise Trump supporters for calling them racist also.
    This is how liberals try to get viewers/support ect.
    If you think Donald Trump is a racist well then you should look in the mirror White people should boycott is channel until she apologises lots of people are starting to cop on

  97. ماجد الحربي says:

    Pressure cooker make your food finsh quicly

  98. mohnad alqahtani says:

    Shit, I hope not to be arrested for making Kabsah 😂😂😂

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