(upbeat fun music) – Hey friends thank you guys so much for tuning in at Cook with
April on Tasty Tuesday. I’ve teamed up with Holland
House Cooking Wines, a line of flavor enhancing
premium cooking wines to create delectable holiday entertaining recipes this winter. So today I’m going to be
making a white wine chicken with a cream sauce so
I hope you stay tuned! So let’s get started with the ingredients. You’ll need five to six boneless,
skinless chicken thighs, one onion, chopped, eight ounces of mushrooms, sliced, a quarter cup of heavy whipping cream, five to six cloves of garlic, minced, basil for garnishing and one cup of Holland
House White Cooking Wine. Let’s begin by chopping up the mushrooms as well as the white onions. (calming instrumental music) Next you’re ready to prep the Holland House White Cooking Wine, you’ll need one cup. Let’s begin by heating
up oil in a skillet. Once the oil is completely heated up you’re ready to brown the chicken. On both sides, you don’t
want to completely cook it, you just want to brown it. Once you’ve browned it
you can set that aside and place it into a plate. And now you’re ready to cook the onions, the mushrooms and the garlic. You’re going to cook that for
about four to five minutes. Then you’re ready to add
Holland House White Cooking Wine and the heavy cream. Holland House White Cooking
Wines brings a crisp and light white wine aroma perfect for cooking lighter dishes. It’s a great way to bring
out the bold flavors in chicken, seafood and sauces. And you’re gonna boil that and once it’s boiled, you’re ready to add the chicken and lower the heat setting
to a simmer instead. And you’re going to simmer it
for about 20 to 25 minutes. I like making this for the holiday season because Justin loves it, it’s now part of our rotation and it’s so easy to make and it’s so moist and delicious. And outside of the
holiday season you can use white cooking wine throughout the year. Try adding a half a cup
of white to your favorite creamy soup to create
a depth and dimension. And once it’s completely simmered, you’re ready to enjoy
your delicious chicken. Just place it on a plate and add the sauce and garnish with basil and enjoy. (calming instrumental music) We got our taste tester Justin. – Alright! Let’s do this. – It was smelling good. – Just the aroma of this
thing is outta control, when I was coming down the stairs I was so excited to taste test this thing. Nicely decorated with that basil, let me get some of those
mushrooms and onions. Oh my God, the taste of that, it’s
so moist and juicy. It’s got like a really bold flavor and I just love how the white wine and the cream kind of reduced and it’s got this really
delicious drizzle on it, man. I can’t get over how easy this was. – Yeah it was. – There wasn’t even that
many ingredients in there. – If you like it that much we can include it in our rotation.
– [Justin] Yeah, we should, this is so good. We’ve been saying that a lot lately. – I know, we need to like
write a list of the things we need to add that way it’s
not like every day it’s like, – Yeah, when you’re
going grocery shopping. – This is really delicious. – Awesome, I’m so glad you like it. Make sure to check out more recipes and quick use tips on
Holland House’s new label which is right here, like replacing a third cup of water with Holland House’s White Cooking Wine when boiling rice for
a really great flavor. So thank you friends so much for watching, if you enjoyed this video
please give it a thumbs up and share it and remember
to tune in next month for another holiday entertaining video featuring Holland House. Bye! (calming instrumental music)


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