Sea to Summit Sigma Pots

– Hey folks, Ben from Snowys here with the Sigma Pots from Sea to Summit. I’m gonna tell you all about them. (chilled music) These Sigma Pots, they’re
a stainless steel pot but they’re still pretty lightweight for a stainless steel pot
and you get the benefits of stainless steel being
that they’re really durable. Now there’s four sizes. 3.7 litres is the big one at 481g, 2.7 litres at 382g, 1.9 litres at 317g, and the little one here,
1.2 litres at 250g. Now these Sigma Pots are
made with stainless steel, which you may think is heavy but, it’s a lightweight stainless steel, it’s premium grade, it’s BPA-free, so it’s particularly food safe and the benefits of stainless steel is you can scrub it as much as you want and it’s still gonna be fine, unlike some alloys and coated metals. Now the bottom has got this
anti-slip thermal base on it. Now this has got kind
of a grippy-feel to it. When it’s sitting on top of your stove, it stops it sliding around quite as much, and being black it also absorbs the heat and makes it a little more efficient. Having a look at the lid, on the top of the lid here, we’ve got a little silicone handle. Now that doesn’t heat up when it’s hot so you can easily take the lid on and off while you’ve got the hot food inside. And on each side of the lid, this one here is a little strainer and a little pourer on the other side here so you can easily get the
water out of your pasta or your veggies, out in the field. Underneath the lid, this little flap here is to secure the lid to the side of the pot
when we don’t need it or we don’t wanna put it down in the dirt or it might slide away, we can just secure it to the pot there and hangs there while we’re doing whatever we need to inside the pot. If we have a look inside the pot, this has got this beautiful, kind of, shiny look to it inside there, now, it might look a bit different after you scrubbed it a bit. And then on the side there, graduated markers to show
us what volume of water or food we’ve got inside the pot. The main features of these Sigma Pots is the pivot-lock handle
that Sea to Summit have put quite a bit of research into. Now when this is folded out as it is now, it’s quite a wide handle,
it’s easy to grip. It’ll feel quite comfortable
when this is full of food. It’s got a rubber grip on there, so it’s not gonna be hot
when I’m holding onto it and it’s actually riveted
through the material on here. So the rivets go from the outside, right through to the inside here, so it’s a nice sturdy handle. Now this folds closed
out the way for storage. To do that, there’s a
little black strip here and that’s called the pivot-lock. We un-clip that and that allows us to fold this handle closed. So if we put the lid back on top, fold this across the top of the pot, over the top of our little
silicone handle there. That keeps it in place and stops the lid from falling off so that’s
now ready for transport. Now you might be wondering what’s compatible with the Sigma Pots. What can I fit inside? What do they fit inside of? First thing to know is
that they’re actually the same dimensions and
sizes as the Alpha Pots, they’re just a different material. So what I’ll show you here is also applicable to the Alpha Pots. If I talk about what pot fits inside what in the Sigma range, the 1.9 is kind of the odd one out. This will fit some of the
DeltaLight Dinnerware inside but this one doesn’t actually
fit inside the pot above it. It’s a little bit tall
so the lid doesn’t go on. There are diagrams on
the back of the packaging that you get to demonstrate
what fits inside what. But all the other pots
fit inside each other. So if I fold this 2.7 litre pot up, this will fit inside the 3.7 litre pot. And the 1.2 litre pot will also fit inside the 2.7 litre pot so this one also fits inside the small one there, so we could nest those
three together or we can mix and match it with the
Alpha Pots if we like. They’re also compatible with
the DeltaLight Dinnerware. So the small pot here fits
inside the DeltaLight Dinnerware and that can then fit
inside the next pot up. And also, just for the sake of it, I’ll show you, we’ve had people ask, what does the X-Bowl fit into? The X-Bowl fits quite nicely
inside the 1.9 litre pot here or the XL-Bowl doesn’t
quite fit inside the 2.7, it’s a little bit big but
it does fit inside the 3.7. One other thing I will
note with the Sigma Pots is Sea to Summit have
designed them to work seamlessly with the Delta Cutlery range. So this is a Delta Spoon here. There’s Delta Sporks, there’s Delta Spoons, Forks, Knives, but what they’ve done is
taken the curve of the spoon, so this curve around here, fits neatly in the bottom of the pot here. What that means is that
when you’re cooking, you can scrape as much
as you can out of the pot which means less cleaning in the campsite, which is a good thing
when you’re out the bush. Now these are a great
durable option for anyone who’s trying to balance
durability with weight. The stainless steel, it can be dented, scratched and it’s still gonna work. You can’t really damage
it unless you run over it, but they’re still reasonably lightweight for what they offer. I like to carry a stainless steel pot and put all my stows, bowls, everything, even the food inside of it
and just pack the whole thing in my bag because I know
my stainless steel pot is just gonna keep on keeping on. You can grab these at Lowest prices everyday. Thanks for watching,
we’ll see you next time. Hey guys before you disappear, I hope that was useful, if you’ve got any questions leave us a comment below
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