Seasoned Steak and Potatoes – World of Warcraft Recipe in Real Life

Alright, you greedy basterds. Last episode you’ve learned how to make a
zandalari dish. So, to keep the balance, this week we shall
make a kultiran dish. DWARVEN KITCHEN One of the tastiest dishes, you can eat in
seaside taverns is steak and potatoes. The only problem is that most kultiran chefs keep their recipes hiden and don’t want to share them. So today we shall try to reconstruct this
recipe. So, today we are making an experiment. I
have no idea if the meal i prepare today gonna be tasty, or eatable, maybe it’s gonna make
my stomach hurt, I DONT KNOW, LETS GO CRAZY! Start by getting a big piece of beef. After that, make marinade. Finely chop the ginger. It tastes a bit exotic so it will work. Will it be tasty? I do not know. I don’t care. Then take a piece of garlic and think about
everything that drives you mad! DIE GARLIC! DIE! Crush him and show no mercy! Then add some soy sauce. Now is the moment of truth! I shall open oyster sauce bottle. If I die, gather my horse and weapons. Tell my family that I left them a lot of,
lot of, debt…. Alright, the moment of truth. Haaa, it’s not thet bad. Quite good actually. Victory is mine! And now add some fish oil, because it smells
like tavern. And some good ale, why not? Dip your meat in the marinade and keep it
until it talks like a pirate. Then put it on a hot pan and fry for a moment Then sprinkle with sea salt and freshly ground Cover the pan and cook the meat for a few
minutes. Remember to turn the meat over later. Serve the steak with your favorite vegetables
and potatoes. For a full seaside climate of Kul Tiras, throw
some wakame on your plate. And that’s all. Let the steak rest for a while and bite into
the meat. Remember have a glass of rum and subscribe
this channel. Farewell, traveler, have a good feast!

2 comments on “Seasoned Steak and Potatoes – World of Warcraft Recipe in Real Life”

  1. Ха Лун says:

    garlic vs Gotfar 0:1 😀

  2. 2muchfyrpwr says:

    Where is the recipe, my good Dwarf? By the way, looks like the Dwarven home needs more heat. You were blowing cold air 🙂

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