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  2. Gingkos Musik says:

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  3. Bosnian Craft says:

    Wow cool and if drop on the flor will crak in 100 pices right?

  4. Ivy Marzon says:

    Thumbs up #6.. amazing

  5. NahlaFunVlogs says:

    Excellent video 👍🏻🎈👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  6. Mainly Scottish Folksongs says:

    Amazing!!! That was really interesting! I thought that they would shatter everywhere! Thanks for showing!!! Cheers 🙂

  7. Random Idiot says:

    I hope those marbles were not too badly hurt. They certainly looked like they took some internal damage but hopefully, they will heal back to full recovery! 🙂

  8. shushushu says:

    Thank you for the Excellent video my friend🌸 
    (。・◡・。)/" ☆like☆ Have a wonderful midweek🍀

  9. Gudex Boys says:

    Very cool that it didn't fall into pieces!

  10. Mega family Time says:


  11. Mega family Time says:

    Olmos got crack 👍😜🤠

  12. Sandra's haul's says:

    Nice experiment tyfs!!!

  13. Margz Life says:

    Thanks for sharing..

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    thumbs up and keep up the good work 👍

  15. The Toy Thrifters says:

    great experiment

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    Super cool 😎

  18. Ty Pie Toys says:

    No way, always wanted to do this but didn't know how. Thank you so much

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    That is so great thanks for sharing. A big like from me. Love these science experiments.

  21. Shiba Sparkles says:

    So pretty when you held the green marble up to the light!

  22. Colors Land says:

    so cool, like 19

  23. Roma jane says:

    thumbs up again..

  24. Bama girl Amy says:

    Wow very cool

  25. RSG Ethan says:

    And all this time i tried to hammer it. Lol! Thanks for sharing😊.

  26. MrHustler says:

    Now you're cooking a Marble!


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  28. Silomroad HollandAsianVibe says:

    Wonderful video ❤

  29. Travels With Phillip says:

    it cracks inside! interesting work! liked!
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  30. Alyaa Aly says:

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    interesting experiment always! liked friend!

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    Very entertaining! Thanks for sharing.

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    wonderful experiment!😉
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  38. Digi Art says:

    😊💜😊💜😊 I sometimes see people defrosting their windows in winter with hot water… if only they knew what could happen! 😊💜😊💜😊

  39. Test says:

    Nice video!Like 28!

  40. geekycoolfamily says:

    Nice video

  41. Manc Kids says:

    Agree with Play Owl.Never defrost your car windows with hot water big no no….Does anyone want to play marbles

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    awesome video

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    Woooaw that was amazing! bRillant idea sir 😉 LIKE #34

  52. TheNorma says:

    Wow, that's cool. It's sparkly when it shatters.

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    Really cool! I like your experiment! Well done!

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    This was really cool!! Totally awesome the girls said!!😊

  69. From Hunza to America says:

    Great video. Like no.52

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    Soo cool. Were gonna try this!👍

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  78. Lady Rayna says:

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  79. Rainbow Ally says:

    Very cool! I love the way they look when they're shattered! 🙂

  80. Lannya Caroline says:

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  81. Funny Learning TV - Kids Educational Videos says:

    Another great experiment!

  82. Funny Learning TV - Kids Educational Videos says:

    Awesome experiment. L-k 63

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    Great experiment. Like#67

  87. Archaeology And Travel With Zorica says:

    Brilliant video dear Ken! You are such a great inspiration and scientist! Love to play with marbles. Those shattered are looking super cool! Thanks for sharing!

  88. GABama Sisters says:

    great experiment 😍👍

  89. FunLab Kids says:

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  90. Alyaa Aly says:

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  91. FunLab Kids says:

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  94. Toy Joy says:

    This is so cool experiment!!! Super

  95. * PokeSphere * says:

    Is that how you shatter a marble

  96. Gudex Boys says:

    That looks really cool when it is shattered! It's amazing how instantaneous it is.

  97. We Imagine says:

    Cool! It makes them look faceted. I am surprised they maintained their shape. I would have been worried that it would have broke to bits.

  98. Disney Vacation Family says:

    Very neat experiment Ken! I saw you frying up your marbles and thought maybe you LOST YOURS! 😂But you always have a plan… like our good old friend, McGyver… ha ha…

  99. PrasDniK TV says:

    Awesome video I love it !!!!! Cool!+

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