Sliced and Cubed Chicken Breast

Do-It-Yourself Gourmet back once again
today we’re going to show you how to take the fat of a chicken breast and
then dice it up into pieces for stir fry. Now in order to
take the fat off, you can use the edge of the blade to scrape it to the side a bit, and then with a little slice catch that bit, not very much meat taken off now the side bit gonna stretch it out once again, do a little scrapie scrape, then
cut it right off of the side. You can actually cook this bit, and it’s a nice tasty morsel… Take
a look at the whole thing say okay there’s a little bit right there nip the tip, turn it back over and now
in order to get a good slice off a chicken breast, you
wanna get it so you’re going against the grain, long
ways on the breast so you take a slice, and one move pull it back and I’m doing about half-an-inch here. We’re making dice out if it, so we can stir fry it, and put it inside a nice creamy pasta. take it put it back down you can also
use these for chicken strips if you don’t want to actually dice them
up, you can just forego the second step and turn them into a nice crispy chicken
strips or actually little chicken steaks for the kids if
the breast happens to be particularly large this particular chicken breast is a large one so we’re going to see is
worth about two regular chicken breasts now when it comes time to dice them, you get them all together line them up side-by-side, and the rest in
it actually becomes really easy. You take the chop and slide. and you got yourself a nice half-inch
accused the chicken roughly and from there they will cook nice and evenly, and they
won’t take too long, when you’ve got them in the pan sauteeing. this one chicken breasts being that it’s
quite large is good for two people at least maybe three if they’re not too
large people of people. Take it and finish it up. and you’ve got yourself oh, about two cups I’d say 12 to 16 ounces of chicken ready to go
and serve however you need to use it. That’s the Do-It-Yourself Gourmet
How-to chop a chicken breast into it half-inch dice

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  1. Michael Scoggins says:

    I love the chicken face at the end.

  2. WeKnowTheTruth2012 says:

    Yeah this is amazing for fried strips too.
    Amazing video.

  3. XPerint says:

    I made a nice chicken soup with my own chicken powder and its lovely

  4. GregoryMLewis says:

    Came here looking how to cut chicken cubed for a Teriyaki Chicken recipe and BOOM – thanks to this video I now know how to do this – thank you very much for this video!!!

  5. Twabourne & Louis LLP says:

    'Murican chicken

  6. Austin Nam says:

    thanks man great video i ll eat chicken tomorrow

  7. The Stork 2 says:

    Please do not eat the bloody part, remove it before cooking, it is hazardous to the health.

  8. Carmen Debenedictis says:

    Come hang out with my family so you can teach my husband how to cook food. Seriously. In my family only a couple of the men can cook and my husband is not one of them. But its SO easy. I will show him this so he maybe will learn haha.

  9. s k says:

    mine always comes out dry as Hell, when I cook it I can see the amount of water that comes out the chicken 🙁

  10. David Smith says:

    Do you have to take the fat off?

  11. shakil khan says:

    how to slice chicken

  12. Hiltz0007 says:

    you cooking in your basement?

  13. Soul Flower says:

    What kind of knife did you use? Its a really good one for cutting raw chicken.

  14. Willie Pete says:

    John C Reilly soundin ass

  15. Snip-Snip Tear says:

    I am going to have to buy me a pound at my local Ralphs. This I have to attempt! I always cut them in big slices and cook 'em in a pan. Now, this is different. Cubed chicken breasts to go!

  16. MythHunter YT says:

    Thanks! I just wanted to know how to cut chicken sliced and cubes for my Chicken Alfredo Penne Pasta.

  17. June Ryane says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  18. gee lopez says:

    Thanks very helpful

  19. BabiiGurlMikii says:

    Dat yellow chicken looks nasty

  20. Sheldon Wynter says:

    Nip the tip 😂

  21. Shayne Lacey says:

    I can't work out if these comments genuine or sarcasm……

  22. Yaramuko says:

    How dare he. He said large people can eat more than small people

  23. AHMED SPECIAL . says:

    Thank you for information

  24. DERP CAKES says:


  25. susan wallis says:

    The skin adds lots of flavour

  26. Jafer Shah says:

    Lmao I died when he said “nip the tip” Im too immature to cook.

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