Sloppy Joes & Baked Beans – Day 6

#For7DaysStraight Thermal Cooking Challenge Welcome to Today we are going to make sloppy joes and baked beans. The first step in this process is to add breadcrumbs and milk to the meat. Mix it together and set aside. Then in the large 7-liter pot, saute onions and peppers. I like to go ahead and also saute the onions and peppers for the baked beans in the smaller 2.5 liter pot. Once the onions and peppers are sauteed in the large pot. Add the hamburger mixture and stir. Add chili powder. Add ketchup, brown sugar, seasonings, tomato paste and water. Stir well. In the smaller 2.5 liter pot, add beans, ketchup brown sugar, pineapple, and bacon. Mix well. With these particular dishes, They’re both pretty thick so you don’t want to bring it to a boil too quickly. In fact, you’re only going to get to a nice simmer and not a full boil. Once they get between 180 and 190 degrees, They’re ready to go into the thermal unit. Boiling them too hard will scorch them. Take the baked beans and carefully place over the top of the sloppy joe mix. Cover with a lid and transport into the outer thermal unit. Close the lid. This will stay hot for hours. When you are ready to eat simply open the thermal cooker. Your baked beans are ready. You will have baked beans and sloppy joes

2 comments on “Sloppy Joes & Baked Beans – Day 6”

  1. bewareofswan says:

    Thanks for all the great recipes and video. I love my thermal cooker.

  2. jakeakawayne says:

    Ok, you had me sold at Oven Bag! Awesome idea.

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