Slow Cooked Chicken Recipe : Baste Slow Cooked Chicken

Hi, this is Matt on behalf of Expert Village
and today we’re going learn to make my slow cooked chicken with garlic ranch potatoes.
Okay, so it’s been about an hour, so I’m going to pull, take this off and I’m going to check
it. And it’s coming along nicely and it still has a whiles to go. And if you look at the
little, thermometer in the chicken hasn’t popped up yet. So I’m just going to give the
potatoes a little stir, like so, just kind of stir it around. They’re definitely not
cooked yet. Just give it a little stir. And then I’m going to take my trusty baster here
and I’m going to find some of the juice from the chicken and I’m just going to just kind
of keep it juicy. And this is something you need to do a lot. You need to just every,
excuse me, every hour, hour or so. Just kind of get the juice and just keep it juicy. Spread
it, try to make sure every piece of the outer part of the chicken has the juice on it or
you spread the juice evenly. So I’m just kind of get it on the leg there. Get it back here.
And we’re also going to take some of the juice from the potatoes which is, kind of have the
ranch and olive oil. And we’ll put that on there too and keep that juicy. So, that’s
just going to give it an extra, extra flavor. Put it on the legs there. And just make sure
you do this every half hour or maybe every 45 minutes just kind of, just so it stays
really, really juicy. That’s looking really good. Okay, so, I’m just going close this
back up and we’ll see you in the next step.

4 comments on “Slow Cooked Chicken Recipe : Baste Slow Cooked Chicken”

  1. dankbobby says:

    You should never open until done.

  2. Faye Maze says:

    This guy is a joke in the kitchen with his 1/2 ass cooking techniques!😿

  3. For Liberty says:

    It would have been helpful if you would have done the entire process in one video or at last provide links to the other videos as I have no idea how long you are supposed to bake this.

  4. Stacey Snow says:


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