Slow Cooked Chicken Recipe : Season Slow Cooked Chicken

Hi, this is Matt on behalf of Expert Village.
And today we’re going to learn how to make my Slow Cook Chicken with Garlic Ranch Potatoes.
Okay, so now we’re ready to season our chicken and I’m going to use a couple of different
seasonings here, or spices. This one’s called Sasson, it’s a Spanish seasoning and it really
give a great flavor. It’s red and it also gives it a nice red color. I have two packets
here; I’m going to open the packet and kind of spread it out and sprinkle it out, across
the chicken. I’m going to massage it in after I get it on here. All the seasonings on here.
We’ll throw one more on. I wish you could smell this. This is a great seasoning and
you can find this if you have a supermarket that has an international section; you can
find this in the Spanish section. I definitely suggest you get a box of this. You can get
a small box or a big box. I guarantee you can use it with eggs; you can use it with
steak, anything. I have another Spanish seasoning here called Adobo. Same thing, you can find
this if you have an international section in your supermarket. I’m just going to spread
that on here, like so. These two condiments, Sasson and Adobo compliment each other very
well. I definitely recommend getting that. I also have a garlic pepper grinder here and
you can get this in your store. I’m just going to grind some of that on here, like so. Now,
I’m not going to put any salt on because the Adobo is kind of salty. So we won’t need that.
I’ll just push that to the side. I’m just going to massage it in, rub it in. You see
how it has this nice red color. It’s going to seep in, definitely with the dressing that
we put on. It’s going to taste really good. Massage it in and make sure everything has
that nice color. Okay, wonderful. I made a mess of my hands, as you can see. We’re going
to put this off to the side and then we’re going to work on our potatoes.

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  1. kingoftheburbskc says:

    Cracked pepper. Note flip it over for a faster marinating process. Too much on top during baking will burn. Add onions for flavor during bake then pull out like me I hate seeing onions but they bring out the better in such a dish

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