Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks | Jamie Oliver

I’ve come up with an incredible dish. I’m
doing slow cooking. We’ve got lamb, we’re using mint, we’re using dried fruit. It’s so delicious.
I’m gonna show you how to do it. In with the lamb shanks, these have been seasoned with
plenty of salt and pepper. It is all about investing in beautiful, round, sweet flavours.
So I’ve got three red onions, a little olive oil, salt and pepper. Low medium heat, for
about fifteen minutes. It’s dark and it’s sweet and that’s the beginning of this flavour.
While this is browning, I’m gonna start adding to this story. We’re using a handful of dired fruit, we’re using raisins. It’s gonna give the sauce that
silkiness and depth of flavour that’s incredible. A tablespoon of ketchup, a couple of good tablespoons
of Worcester sauce, and we’re gonna let that blip and bubble up. 200ml, half a pint-ish. The lamb goes in, remember you’ve got all
that flavor in the middle of that shank bone. In there is the bone marrow and in return
it’s gonna kick out and kiss that juice with the most incredible flavor. Top that up with
a litre of chicken stock, and then allow for the best thing you could ever give to meat.
Time. Let’s just have a little look in here, we’ve got the beautiful, you can see it’s
reduced about an inch. We’ll take them out, see how I can just pull that off. It’s gonna
water in your mouth, it’s gonna be gorgeous. It could absolutely serve this sauce as it
is. I wanna show you how I can make it really dark and silky, I wanna liquidise it. Hold
it at an angle, just whizz it up. And the point of this is to get it smooth, silky silky
smooth. I’m gonna whip up an awesome mint oil, just bash this up. This is proper attitude.
Then just pour in five tablespoons of cold rapeseed olive oil, whatever you like. And
you can see the colour of it, look at it, it’s green, green, green. We’ve got this lovely
mash potato, we’ve got lamb, melt in your mouth. Sauce is thick, silky and nearly perfect.
Even this tiny amount of mint oil is just heavenly. Gorgeous, tender meat that is just
falling apart. Look at that!

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  1. Cool Beans says:

    where is the recipe for this? i want to make it SOOOOOO bad! it looks really good

  2. Guillermo de la pena says:

    Excelente receta gracias por compartir

  3. paulius9407 says:

    No wonder 25% of Britain are not even overweight but are obese

  4. WW Suwannee says:

    This dish is worthy of a name. These used to be a cheap cut but one can hardly find them here in U.S. unless your in a big city. Once again the truth about the cheap cuts done right are superb…probably could be served on rice, couscous etc. Good pantry raid:)     thanks Jamie.

  5. Barry Wallbank says:

    that was a deli cious recipe but I live alone and my freezes are already full can you provide recipes with smaller quantities? there are older solitary persons who also need to eat good tasty healthy food they are probably your least considered group.I love lamb it is my favourite meat, but since I was widowed I have no choice but to eat leg steaks or chops!

  6. Eleanor says:

    I've never had lamb before, but this recipe makes me want to change that. heart eyes

  7. Best Braai says:

    Hey Jamie. Why do some chefs cook certain foods for a short time and then cook it again in sauce or add more flavours after its been cooked for a short time. I have seen some do it with ribs before.

  8. Aquiles Tadeu Martineli says:

    It looks tasty, but the excessive number of ingredients, some savory and some sweet, plus the beer in the sauce kind of turns me off. Wouldn't it be too aggressive on one's digestive system?

  9. riyad almulhim says:

    Food porn at its best

  10. H Tarim says:

    Jamie you never ever fail us. Banging out those recipes since the naked chef! Big love! x

  11. yosoyalbertico says:

    Salivating Again!! Shit!!

  12. Laurie Lyman says:

    Good Lord, man, you are an awesome cook! This looks terrific and we will need to try it. I just told my husband I wanted to go live with you – just to EAT! I think he may be coming as well…..

  13. Rainbow Gardens says:


  14. Marcilio Firmino says:

    amei, delícia… Adoro

  15. Loveline says:

    yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum yaaaas

  16. mark joseph abdul says:

    ohhh my eyes are feasting on this beauty….

  17. super nuss says:

    Watching this .. 11pm .. On a sunday .. 😭

  18. holyevil says:


  19. Emily R says:

    what's with this trend of unnecessarily cooking outside?

  20. Rasha Shaker says:

    Stoop kid afraid to leave his stoop

  21. mimoocho dom says:

    serious salivation here.

  22. tsunaide says:

    Is there an alternative cut of lamb that works just as well as shank? In Australia the cut is too expensive now because everyone knows how good the cut is in slow cooking. E.g local pubs/restaurants offer lamb shank slow cooked dishes for $20+

  23. Sandraudiga Váli says:

    one of my relatives does something similar to this and it's amazing

  24. Carl Spanoghe says:

    This looks amazing. Does anyone have any recommendations for gluten free substitutes for the smooth dark ale? My wife has celiac, but I'd love to cook something like this for her. Cider? Red wine? Other ideas?

  25. Anh Việt Võ says:

    I like your hair ^^

  26. Clint Tillenius says:

    I do beef ribs very much the same minus the mint, good food always

  27. asdfrozen says:

    In case anyone was wondering, rapeseed oil = canola oil.

  28. Prisilla Cope says:

    Beautiful (;_;) thank you!

  29. Niggerishmuslimbbcbull says:

    this looks like it will be too sweet wit the raisan and the marmalade

  30. Tolan Abu Arish says:


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    man … what is that ?
    i will try it …..

  33. Cooking with Julia says:

    That is just food porn right there… that sauce is incredible!!!

  34. BrotherTree1 says:

    Another oldie but a goodie!

  35. DP ie says:

    is there any taste difference between slow cooking or pressure cooking? Assuming you do all other steps the same way and reduce the sauce to same level?

  36. ItsMarielVlog says:

    Yum yum! now I am hungry :)!

  37. Philip Kennedy says:

    Can I leave the ale out of this recipe? I hate alcohol!!!

  38. Makron5 says:

    This is pretty good, you should open up a restaurant.

  39. FIRUTZA TOMO says:

    How can you eat this wonderful and sweet animal?!?! This is a living creature like you and me who deserves live and respect! we even consider ourselves to be superior beings but we are far from being so… 🙁

  40. Souli says:

    This looks like a moroccan dish I love it.

  41. Alan Shore says:

    What's the idea behind cooking lamb with chicken stock? Wouldn't the vegetable stock or even beef stock make more sense?

  42. djjaewon says:

    Jaime, I think you just made A1 Sauce… It looks so good.

  43. Archil Zambakhidze says:

    This should be a crime, shooting such a delicious videos 🙁 Mouthgasm 🙁

  44. gary daniels says:

    Don't get any better than that, got to be a favourite. Thank You Jamie.

  45. Oleg Laskavyi says:

    incredible recipe!

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    Could you please make a Bangladeshi chotpoti recipe video? I want to know what you think of this dish. Love your… everything!!! 😀

  47. Sarah Aslam says:

    Looks delicious. Will defo be doing this for our next family get together xx thanks Jamie X

  48. Fernando Freire says:

    Nice recipe but kinda rushy video. I dont personally enjoy that

  49. noha xxx says:

    omggg im sure it taste incredible rasings n lamb yummy !

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    Thank You Jamie!!! Very tasty!

  54. CookingwithMani says:

    Looks absolutely delicious! Curious why and how you're cooking on the stairs outside though, like did you just leave it out there on a fire for 3 hours?

  55. Noobishbagel says:

    man u really are my inspiration of cooking

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    ahhhhhh lamb shanks 😛

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    Sucks an animal had to die to make someone happy, oh it's Jamie 'fullofshit' Oliver, makes sense I guess.

  64. Luke with an N says:

    ugh english cooks and their need to put MINT IN EVERYTHING! gah

  65. Sharon Dickens says:

    OMG!!! We live in New Zealand and get our lamb fresh from the farm (yum) and I have been looking for a recipe to compliment and bring out the flavours of the shanks, thank you Jamie, you have made my taste buds come alive and I'm NOT sharing your recipe!

  66. BensBQ says:

    This looks good, I enjoyed this video. On my own way I'm going to do this a time for my video!

  67. Luch Hodorog says:

    what vlavour is the marmalade?. . looks delicious.

  68. ŠpekulantoS says:

    do you really have Air Max??

  69. Rain Storm says:

    This is in cooking right now. Smell delist and the hubby can't wait to try it! I'm not a fan of cooked fruit but even I'm looking forward to trying this! Thanks Jamie 👍🏽

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    Made this over the weekend, all heads turned! Great recipe.

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    Finally going to cook this tonight !

  73. Anne O'Connor says:

    I already made this and it's so yummy. Thanks Jamie.

  74. John Lawrence Valdez says:

    Slow Cooked lamb by Shanks…..

  75. aussiefaraday says:

    Cooked this one tonight. Used sultanas, which are basically the same as raisins (all that was available). Didn't have a dark ale, but regular ale (I was simply emptying the pantry). Added lashings of rosemary and reduced it down to the thickest of gravies once the lamb was ready to fall off the bone. We still have some gravy leftover, and we're going to use it tomorrow night with some sausages. Thanks Jamie. x

  76. Steve Caddick says:


  77. Life is like the sky My says:

    Can I replace this with chunk of meat from leg of lamb or lamb shoulder?, because I'd like to make this as kind of stew.

  78. thatmaragirl says:

    whats the next best alternative for the ale, if you don't drink alcohol?

  79. Anna Zimperi says:

    not that good. I guess i should have brought everything outside and cooked it on my front lawn.

  80. Ann Paras says:

    Omg I cannot believe all the morons that have left disgusting comments…great cooking Jamie x

  81. Neil Adams says:

    I've made this a couple of times and I can't get the sauce to thicken at the end! Still tastes awesome though!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  82. Tito Armani says:


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    I made the food today. So good. So good. I want to cook this for my parents. What can I use instead of beer? Non alcoholic I mean. tnx. Paris

  84. EquestAnton says:

    Not again , he keeps forgetting to put ingredients in. The dry fruit didn't seem to make it, Im assuming something nice and tart and tagine like apricots…..who knows. Marmalade did make an appearance though, not so keen on citrus with lamb, though.

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    I'm not even hungry… But somehow I'm hungry…. Again…

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    Just made this. Absolutely Royal!

  88. james Schmidt says:

    giving this a go now …. wish me luck!

  89. Anthony Chorlton says:

    Chicken stock?

  90. mm smith says:

    Sultannas, raisins, currents are horrible. I can eat raisins straight from the box/packet but when its cooked in food and gets soggy then it becomes rancid and unbearable to eat.

  91. Ava Winehouse says:

    This first aired saying it was Persian. they’ve now cut that out as it is blasphemy

  92. K Paria says:

    I love this crockpot!>>> I own one and bought this for my daughter. Great size, the timer is such a plus, just set the time and once it's done, it goes to warm automatically. No need to worry if you're late getting home. I also love the locks on the top of the crockpot! You can take it in the car and not worry about spills, the top stays on and you carry it using the handles on the side. It's easy to clean because you take the pot out when you're done, wash it then put it back to store it. So many reasons to love this crockpot!

  93. Sour Cream says:

    Cooked this for 8 people and it was brilliant even though it was a lot of work for this many people.

    Best recipe on this channel imo <3

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    Jamie – I made this for dinner last night and it was quite literally the best thing I have ever eaten.

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    I saw this episode in 2015 and today I came back here again.

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    Hi Jamie! Love your show, what can I use to substitute the ale? Coke? will that work?

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