Slow Cooker Apple Butter Recipe for Christmas

My father brought us these apples last night that he picked up at the first stand. They’re delicious and fresh and local! Things I look for in an Apple! But they’re not real crisp. gallons their little bit more melee they’re really more of a baking apple than a crisp apple that snack on so I think the best thing to do with these apples to make some apple butter started looking apple butter recipes so we’ll make some apple butter that has no added sugar and just use a little bit of organic apple juice and some clothes and some cinnamon first step is going to be to peel and core these apples so let’s look at what we can do about that don’t put a lot of thought into it just get the hell off the app for spilling all those apples gets a little tiring so you can go old school on the apples with an apple peeler you cannot pick one of these up from the in the links below if you want to get one of these this is the way to go if you’re doing a lot of apples basically the setup as you put the Apple in try to get it straight engage with the cutting blade here and turn this course the Apple a lot faster and the Apple comes out easy no seeds position the Apple engage with the blade here turn slowly and of course the automatic I could do this all day maxstep and prepping the apples for our apple butter is to quarter them the ones that we peeled we’re gonna have to get the core out and this little bit of skins left you can go with the knife if you’re clever with your thumb and the tip of the blade just using your thumb for a depth gauge you can actually just pivot the skin right off of the Apple same with the core and finish the peeling job final step in our Apple prep is to get the core out and get the rest of the peel off might want to use a melon baller super handy tool to remove the cord and a little bit of remaining peel another option might be just used a simple teaspoon if you don’t have a melon baller doesn’t really work as well the edges in the sharp but still gets the job done for the apples that we cut on the apple peeler just take off that part chop and they’re ready to go in the crockpot once you’ve got the APIs court go ahead and just slice the apples up into smaller parts so they cook a little bit more evenly and everything goes into the crockpot match to this recipe is we’re gonna make it the crockpot beauty the crockpot is you don’t have to worry about getting up every three hours stirring it checking it on the stove you can literally just put it in there maybe give it a story couple of hours if you want to have a look at it but you don’t have to worry about it cooking on my head and waking up to it burnt sticky mess but you get your apples all cleaned up and your crock pot filled up had an interest to of apple juice just to cover the bottom here I’ve got an inch in there obviously you’re going to this is all going to boil away but we want something to protect the bottom of the crockpot so the APIs don’t burn the apples as they cook will release juice and replace that liquid and eventually cook-off and give you a nice fine consistency but just to get started we want to make sure we’ve got some juice in the bottom of the of the crockpot to protect it next we want to get a flavor you can use ground cinnamon ground soon in the crockpot cooked for a long time is going to get better not really what we’re looking for Iraq it’s a couple of cinnamon sticks these are big giant you can find smaller ones in the supermarket come down in there so many other spices i want to use our nutmeg and cloves for the clothes I don’t want to find a clove in my apple butter some morning would have enjoyed my breakfast so i’m just going to tie them up in this cloth that i found this is just a little piece of cheesecloth I want to type too tight but just enough so that the clothes are all in one place for the Nutmeg I’m gonna hit the cheese grater that side of the cheese grater that you never use that somebody hit it with a nail a thousand times just run the Nutmeg express that probably and what happened that’s worth leave this up plug it in we’ll give it a stir about six hours let’s see our apple butter is doing looks like it’s cooked down nicely this about as far as we’re going to be able to take it in the crockpot crockpot is really get a hot enough to boil it off let’s evacuate this to a saucepan on the stove and we can pick it up a little bit be careful when you’re handling your crock-pot remember this thing is very hot here’s our spices were done with those clothes are all in one place that was easy let’s just put this on a nice low heat and let it boil off can still see all this juice in here has lots of flavor that’s going to be delish but I don’t want to pour it offers straight up because there’s a lot of flavor in that liquid so we’ll just boil it down it’ll go out as water vapor and leave all the flavor behind in our apple butter this has been cooking for about half an hour now and the big bottles of juice are gone you can see there’s just a couple little areas where Steam’s coming out I don’t want to try this out completely apples have a lot of pectin which is a protein that will cause the apple butter to gel a little bit as it cools off so i’m going to call this done let’s cut the heat and we’ll get this into a jar that we can get into the fridge once you’ve got your appetizer cook down it’s delicious on toast there you have an apple butter it’s the easiest thing to make it look like a lot of work i granted you know to peel the apples and but you really if it doesn’t it’s not hard to do peel the apples throw in the crockpot thrown some spices this recipe i’m a didn’t use any shoulder throw in a cup of sugar if you want a more traditional apple butter recipe make the recipe the same way or make it the way I like you no sugar added it’s up to you either way it’s delicious yeah this is gonna be good all winter thanks for watching please subscribe and like

5 comments on “Slow Cooker Apple Butter Recipe for Christmas”

  1. Silent Tree Naturals says:

    Just finished the last batch of apple butter yesterday. I use ground cloves and ground cinnamon (and sugar) and after the apples (Gala, too) have cooked down, I use an immersion blender to break it down. I'll put the lid back on, but to the side, as to vent it…this thickens it up, as well. I haven't tried it without sugar, but you have piqued my interest! Will give it a go…next year! Thanks and Blessings!

  2. LyLy MoWa says:

    I do the whole thing on the stove in a couple of hours (and tending). Using the crockpot, you can reduce it in the unit if you put the lid ajar for the steam to escape. Great recipe. Tx for sharing.

  3. Christina Bernat says:

    I can't believe I have not understood those apples all these decades!!!!!

  4. Andi Flanagan says:

    I roast the apples whole. Then put thru a Foley Food Mill. Then pan, throw in some dark brown sugar and a modicum of salt. Cook a few minutes until thick, and jar.

  5. Susan Shriver Howell says:

    Thank you for sharing the use of the apple peeler! I have been pondering getting one.

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