Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore Recipe ~ Easy Chicken Crock Pot Dinner

Today I’m making an easy crock-pot
chicken dinner. I’m Tess and come join me as I make an easy and delicious chicken
cacciatore in the slow cooker. (intro music) I love a slow cooker meal! This chicken cacciatore
meal is a hearty and comforting meal. It is easy on the budget and the family
will love it. So let’s get started! Everything goes in the crock pot and I’m
starting with the sauce. I have two large cans of tomato sauce but you can cut
this down to one can if you don’t want a lot of sauce. Still keep the seasonings
the same amount because you will have a lot of chicken and vegetables to flavor.
I’m adding in a little salt, black pepper, a couple tablespoons of tomato paste to
keep the sauce from thinning, gotta have some minced garlic, red pepper flakes for
a little kick and this is optional, basil, oregano, a handful of chopped fresh
parsley and a couple sprigs of fresh rosemary from my garden. If you wanted
another depth of flavor you could add in a quarter or a half a cup of red wine.
Giving everything a good mix. For the vegetables you can use whatever
you like. Today I’m adding in some diced onions,
green bell peppers, carrots and celery. I’m keeping them in rustic sized pieces
so they don’t get lost in the cooking. In the past I have added veggies like
zucchini, mushrooms and even potatoes. Giving that another good toss. Now I’m adding in the chicken. I’m using
chicken thighs that I removed the skin and most of the fat. I don’t want a lot
of fat in this dish. Just placing the chicken in and pushing down to make sure
that they are covered with that delicious sauce. Lid goes on the slow
cooker and cooking on high for three to four hours or six to seven hours on the
low setting. It’s been four hours and it’s time to
eat! You can see this produced a lot of sauce but we like the leftovers with
more pasta, a side salad and garlic bread. The chicken is done and starting to fall
off the bone. It smells wonderful! You can serve this chicken cacciatore with pasta,
rice or potatoes. Tonight I’m serving with some linguine and topping with some
grated Parmesan cheese. This slow cooker chicken dinner is a winner every time!
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16 comments on “Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore Recipe ~ Easy Chicken Crock Pot Dinner”

  1. wood1155 says:

    That's an easy one. Looks good I think I'd find a way to melt some mozzarella slices over the chicken.

  2. Mon Mac says:

    💜 Simple & Savory 😊👍🏽

  3. Tess Cooks 4u says:

    Easy, delicious and comforting slow cooker chicken recipe. Enjoy.

  4. MeatCranium BBQ AND REVIEW says:

    Hey Tess. That was a very nice and hearty meal

  5. JKMCraveTV says:

    HI Tess!! Guess what I purchase yesterday from QVC? A ONEPOT – its a slow cooker and pressure cooker combined!!! I may just need to try this recipe!!!

  6. Ray Radiance says:

    Please let me know what brand of tomato sauce you used.

  7. Gloria Beggs says:

    Sounds delicious.👍

  8. Venessa Talbert says:

    This is just what I was looking for! I love this recipe. It is easy and doable!

  9. Phil N Florence says:

    Oooh that looks yummy. I know I'd like it. May have to copy. Thanks

  10. Cooking With James says:

    the making of the sauce so good!! This is an amazing recipe!! winner winner..chicken dinner!! great cook!!

  11. Slow Cooker Ideas says:

    delicious chicken recipe, good work

  12. Jars Johnson says:

    Omg i’ve got to make that looks so delicious I’m so hungry right now

  13. Dwayne Wladyka says:

    Such an amazing looking recipe.

  14. Jimmy Dick's International Eats says:

    This looks awesome, I will be making this,.  it made my mouth water

  15. Ma Belle says:

    Hi Tess, I shouldn't watch your videos late at night. They always make me hungry. LOL

  16. Homestead to Plate! It's so good! says:

    Tess, big hit on The Ranch tonight. Left out the tomato paste bc it's too sweet for us and added 2 anchovies (filets), ground thyme and topped with parmesan served over penne pasta. Thickened sauce with corn starch slurry. Oh, and I did add 1/4 cup red wine. So delicious! Ty for keeping me from slaving over the stove for 2 hrs. 😙

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