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– Hi, guys. As promised, today I am gonna
share with you how to do chicken pot pie in the slow cooker. Now, this is the healthy
version of chicken pot pie in the slow cooker, because I’m not using cream of mushroom soup,
or cream of chicken soup. However, if that’s what you
have, you can easily do this recipe using the cream soups. You also don’t have to do it that way, and I’m going to show you
a different way today. But substitute it with that
if that’s what you got. Cause it’s always cheaper and healthier if you’re not eating out anyway. And as we always say over here on the Encouraging Homeschool Mom, You do you, and you do what works for you. So, I’m gonna just show
you guys what I have to work with to do this. Here you go, Ms. Amelia. You
wanna hold the little puppy? Amelia will hold the, no little
stuffed puppies required. So, I’ve got some chicken broth,
I have some frozen veggies. I have a couple cans of peeled potatoes, I have my chicken breast,
I have flour, and butter, for where we’re gonna do our
own sauce, I have some milk. We’re gonna get some salt and pepper and other spices out too. Also– – [Amelia] Can I help you mommy? – Yes, you’re gonna help
me, hold on sweetie. Also, I have some other vegetables
that were in the freezer, I’m sorry, I have some other vegetables
that were in the refrigerator that I need to get rid of and
chicken pot pie is a great place to put extra veggies
and I love to just shove extra veggies in any recipes that
I can possibly get them in. So I have some cauliflower, I have a few peppers and some mushrooms, and I have, this is a
four pack of zucchini that is still in the
refrigerator, so I am just gonna shred this up and shove
it in the pot pie too. But if all you have is mixed vegetables, either canned or frozen,
you can do this recipe. Look over on blog also and I’ll have different
variations of this recipe. I’m just vlogging this and showing you what I have to work with today. So for our cream of chicken
type sauce, what I’m gonna do is get a stick of butter, melt it in a pan. I’m gonna add in my flour, and then I’m gonna add
in my chicken stock. From there, things get really
easy cause it’s a matter of pouring everything into the slow cooker. And at the very end, in about three hours, we’ll top it with biscuit. This is just getting our stick of butter
in here with my one hand and holding the camera with the other. So we’re just gonna let
this melt for a moment. Stir it around a little bit. Also at this point, I’m going to shake in, See if I can get it open with my hand here I’m going to shake in onion powder. – [Amelia] Can I help you mommy? – You will, Amelia, you’re gonna help me with the veggie part, okay. Can you take the camping
lantern and play camp out under the table? Please? – [Amelia] Mmm-hmmm.
– Uh huh, uh huh. Now we’re gonna shake
in our garlic powder. And I am also going to go ahead
and sprinkle in some paprika And you know this is Jamerrill cooking so I’m just sprinkling it in. And I’m going to keep stirring the butter. Stirring, Amelia’s talking to her puppy. I’m also going to put in a
cup of flour at this point and start stirring that with the butter. And now I’m gonna mix in
four cups of chicken broth. And now I’ve added my
four cups of chicken broth and I just have to stand
here and whisk my butter and chicken broth and
spices and one cup of flour for around three to five minutes. Here we go, still whisking. K, here’s a quick little
check in, still whisking. I did add salt and pepper
to it a moment ago, also. And Amelia’s opening up our zucchini, huh? Yay! Amelia’s gonna wash the
zucchini for me, huh? Here, take all four
sweetie, take all four. Oh, boy. Take em over. Good girl. You can do it. Good job.
– I’ll put them right here. – Okay. And then you can put them in
the drainer and wash them. Meanwhile, momma’s still
whisking this sauce here. – [Amelia] Can I do the zucchini? – You’re gonna, you’re washing
the zucchini, good job. Turn the water on. Good job. And then give them a rinse, wooo. Are you rinsing those zucchini’s, Amelia? – Mmmm hmmmm. – Show me how you rinse them. – I rinse them like that. – Like that? Good job. – They’re so pretty. – Oh, they are so pretty. Nice little zucchini’s, huh? – Yeah, they’re big ones. – They are. – They have to be cut. – Yep, who cuts them? – Mommy. – Mommy’s gotta cut them, huh? – Yeah. – But you can rinse them. And then eat them. What I have now is, I have two packs of boneless, skinless
chicken breasts from Aldi. I’m going to rinse these
and I’m gonna get these cooking in the slow cooker. Hold on one minute. Liam just found a toad, I will show you. Hey, honey, also that stove is hot so don’t put the toad near there. Um, other excitement. So, we’re gonna get
these in the slow cooker. If you don’t have four pounds of chicken, you can certainly do
this with two pounds of boneless, skinless chicken
breast or chicken thighs or whatever chicken you have. Yes, you can, one moment. And you can make it work for you. Here’s the toad. Whoa! How cool is that? Spray my slow cooker here
with some, what is this? I’ve got some olive oil spray. I’m going to dump in my
two packs of chicken. I’m going to pour in my
chicken stock mixture. And you can see it turned
out to be a nice consistency, I’m just gonna take my
spoon and scrape it. So here’s what it looks
like with the mixture in. I’m gonna pour in my steamed vegetables. Of course, they’re not
steamed they’re just frozen. Pouring those in. And now I’m gonna chop up a little further these potatoes for in here. So now I have the chopped
potatoes in there, I’m just gonna give
everything a little spin here. And really, you could stop
here with this recipe. I could put my lid on and be done and what I do is this cooks for
about three hours on high. At the very end I’m going to do just some instant biscuits in the oven and then at the very end I’ll top
it with the biscuits. We don’t want to let the
biscuits sit too long. That’s right before I serve. But I’m also going to use
up, as I already showed you, some of those extra
veggies I had in my fridge, because it’s always good to use those up. Okay, friends, so this
is what it looks like now that I’ve jammed it
up with extra veggies. I ended up fitting two zucchini’s in here, about a third of a
cauliflower, four mushrooms, and about five or six of these
very small little peppers that I had floating around
in the refrigerator. And so I’m just gonna stir it up. All these vegetables are
gonna reduce down and you’re really not gonna see them that much by the time it’s all said and done. So, just gonna stir it up here. So here’s what it looks
like at the moment. I’m gonna put the lid back on it. It’s on high, it’s gonna
sit for about three hours. At the end we’ll take this
lid off, break up the chicken, which will be really easy. I’m gonna do those quick oven
biscuits and get them on top and serve it for dinner. I had mentioned in my blog the other day, whenever I shared our Aldi haul, that I was hoping to be able
to do homemade wheat biscuits for on top of this chicken pot pie, but I bought my emergency
canned biscuits just in case. And I’m glad I did, because today is a very
full homeschooling day, I have little boys playing
outside catching frogs, as you just saw. They need to come on in
and do reading lessons, and tonight we’re going roller skating with a bunch of friends. Which means we gotta
hustle through our day so we can leave in time to do that. Cause we skate for about
two and half, three hours, and then we get home and
it’s way past bedtime, so on rollerskating nights we
gotta get things moving quicker. K, guys, it’s coming on to
busy dinner time really quick and I almost forgot
that I was filming this. So, what I’ve done is,
it’s been about three hours and it was time to shred my chicken. It was getting a little difficult
to do in the slow cooker so I just pulled the chicken
breast out, put them on a plate and I’m just shredding them with this hot, flaming spoon right now. I’ll show you what I’m doing. See, lots of chicken, and
I’m just breaking it up. Sometimes my chicken will
just shred easily in the slow cooker and sometimes it’s
just easier to pull it out. So I’m just showing you how this looks. And also, here’s how the
rest of the vegetables and chicken pot pie mix looks. Okay, so I just dumped
the chicken breast back in and I’m stirring it back up. So I’m just gonna put the
lid back on the slow cooker while we get our biscuits
done in a few minutes. And Liam’s being my biscuit
helper, we’re gonna get these quick shortcut biscuits on the pan. Good job, Liam. – Will I take this off?
– One at a time. Uh, huh. Put one on there at a time. Good. Good job. Good job. Good job, I think we’re
gonna need another pan. We’ll lake Gabey do the next pan. Okay, so we’re gonna put
these biscuits in real quick and, Liam, you shut it. – Now, I’m gonna watch them. – Yeah, let’s see, turn on the light. And, Liam, you’re the biscuit watcher. Okay, guys, now here is the
real quick rocket science to make this chicken pot
pie in the slow cooker, is I’m gonna just take the lid off, I have hot fresh biscuits
out of the can today, yes! And I’m just gonna put them
on top of this chicken pot pie and then we’re gonna
serve it up for dinner. So here’s the biscuits. There’s the chicken pot pie. And I’m just gonna start, that’ll give us the
chicken pot pie effect. Gonna layer them on top. It’s gonna be so good. There we go. And, voila. Now of course, I have extra biscuits, so as we get additional
helpings we can split biscuits give someone half a
biscuit on top of their second or third scoop or
however it all works out and we’ll have some biscuits
left over for leftovers too. So, again, here is how it
looks in the slow cooker. So, friends, here is what
our dinner table looks like. We have our chicken pot
pie in a slow cooker and what this is going to do is just going to scoop it. Very hot. And then we’ll get some extra
chicken pot pie in there. And that’ll probably be a
bowl for one of my older boys, cause it’s a little fuller. And there we go. Chicken
pot pie in a slow cooker. And you put your biscuits on at the end.

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