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Hola everybody! Hey, it’s almost Cinco de
Mayo. Can you tell I’m getting ready? So, today’s recipe we are making Mexican shredded
chicken in a crock pot. It’s super easy to do, it’s super delicious, and extremely versatile.
You can use it for tacos, which is what we are going to do today. Or, you can use it
in enchiladas, by making my enchilada sauce. I will put a link for you in the description.
You could use it in quesadillas. Delicious. And nachos. So, so versatile guys, you’re
going to love it. So I’m Rockin Robin, and I’m going to show
you how to do it, right after this. All right guys, let’s go over our ingredients. I have some boneless, skinless chicken thighs
here. I like to use chicken thighs as opposed to chicken breasts. It’s just more tender,
juicy, and it doesn’t dry out. I’ve got my taco seasoning here. I highly
recommend you try that. I will leave a link in the description for you. You can control
the salt and any of the seasonings if you prefer. I’ve got some minced, fresh garlic. Even though
my taco seasoning has some garlic powder in it, I like to add a little extra garlic because
I love that garlic. All right, we will need some chipotle peppers
in adobo sauce. Use as much of this as you’d like. It’s hot guys, so I just use a little
bit, but I love that smoky flavor. I have some fresh cilantro and parsley that
I am going to use both of, there. Here I have some very finely diced onion,
yellow onion here. I have some chicken broth, a pasilla pepper,
which we are going to roast and char up on the stove. I will show you that in a minute.
And some lime. So the only thing we have to prepare for this
is to char up our pasilla pepper. So, what you want to do is turn on your stove,
medium-high heat, and place your pepper directly over the flame. Use some tongs so that you
don’t burn yourself, and you’re just going to let that pepper blacken. You’re just going
to rotate it over and over until the whole thing is completely black. Then, once it’s
all black, then you’re going to just place it into a bowl, cover it with some Saran Wrap,
and let it sit for about 10 minutes. While our pepper is steaming, we can go ahead
and load up our crock pot. So I am going to start off with the onions.
I am going to toss those in the bottom. Next goes the chicken. Now to the chicken
broth, I am going to add my taco seasoning to it so that it can really get mixed in and
it will really blend in really well. Then we are going to pour that right over the chicken. In goes the minced garlic, the chipotle with
adobo sauce. I’m just going to drop that in. And I am going to chop up a little bit of
that cilantro and parsley to toss in. I’m going to squeeze in the juice of one lime. The last thing we have to do is take our pepper
and just peel off the outer coating here, so it just rubs right off. And you don’t want
to rinse this under some water because you will just rinse all the good flavor right
out of it. Then you can just chop it up and place it into your crock pot. Now, I like to take a spoon and stir everything
up so that everything gets mixed in. Now I am just letting this cook on high for
4 to 4-1/2 hours. The longer the better right? Or you could cook it on low for 8 hours. All right guys, I want you to have a look
at our chicken. I guess that it has been about 4-1/2 hours. Looks delicious, doesn’t it? So I am just going to shred it up right here
in the pot, break up the pieces. They just fall apart, guys. It is so tender. All right guys, I am ready to put our tacos
together. Our chicken looks fantastic. I have my condiments out. I am using today, avocado,
sour cream, some pico de gallo, and some cheddar cheese. So let’s do this. Now I’ve got my tortilla oven here. If you
have seen my videos, you know how much I really like these things. They work so good. So I
got a little flour tortilla here. And I am going to add my chicken, and let’s do that
pico de gallo, a little sprinkle of that on top, and a slice of avocado, sprinkle the
cheese. And we will finish it off with a little drizzle of sour cream. And there you have it, guys. This is, like
I said, a very versatile recipe. You can use it for tacos, enchiladas, nachos, quesadillas,
you name it. So I hope you guys enjoy this. I really enjoyed
making this for you. And if you know anybody who might enjoy a good Cinco de Mayo recipe,
please share it with them. And if you haven’t subscribed yet, go ahead
and click that button right up there and you will be notified every week when a new video
comes out. So thanks again for watching, we will see
you next time. Happy Cinco de Mayo, everybody!

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