Slow Cooker Comfort Food with Mairlyn Smith

oh good morning oh my gosh you just caught me i’m still in my pjs well yeah you know what i look this good when I wake up…. Anyway on today on the show we are going to be doing a hearty comfort food dish using beef and a slow cooker. it’s a perfect marriage. Before i start the beef dish here’s some exciting news me and Breville are giving away a Fast Slow Pro. This is a slow cooker and a pressure cooker it does everything but wash your dishes and turn your husband into somebody sweet! (i don’t know) and so all you have to do is be a subscriber so subscribe if you’re not already a subscriber but to all my loyal subscribers tell me your favorite dish to cook in a Slow Cooker you get a chance. The draw is on February the 8th and I’m telling you this baby is so amazing and worth over $300 bucks. I love my Breville slow cooker and you’re gonna love yours too let’s start SLOW…. COOKING…. I love using my SLOW COOKER when i’m using ah… tougher cuts of meat because it’s going to be a lot of moisture in the pot it’s going to get really tender. Now this recipe usually calls for short ribs but i am using a beef shank and beef shank according to my butcher and I always listen to my butcher (listen to the pros) has less fat than a short rib and I want it to be heart healthy and so we’re getting a lot of zinc and protein without a whole ton of saturated fat in this recipe and then I want to mix together some whole wheat flour and i’m going to add some cracked fresh pepper… so really crack it up and then ground thyme. Now ground thyme is not the same as ground as leaves because its finer and more intense and you don’t want the leaves you want the ground thyme. So I just mix it up together on a plate and then i’m going to make sure that both sides of the beef shank are covered. So once all the meet is covered we’re going to fry it up to we’re going to brown it in a in a frying pan and I’m not gonna throw the flour out – i’m going to use it as a thickener so we’re going to add some canola oil because it’s a heart-healthy fat just swirled around the frying pan a little bit and then we’re going to add the floured beef shanks now so and that and what we’re doing right now is we’re getting some brown (basically carmelization) and that’s going to give you another layer of flavour to the recipe and that’s what you’re trying to do is develop flavours in the frying pan. We’re going to brown them on both sides. ok just going to give them a check… oh, they’re perfect! so you see a little bit of color that’s happened there- you don’t want to over cook them or you’ll toughen them up so it’s just to add a little bit of colour and a little bit more flavour. And brown them on the other side for about two minutes. ok maybe a minute or two. so always make sure that you’re washing your hands really well with soap and water before before and after you touch raw protein/ raw meat. The next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to chop up our onions and I love wearing my onion goggles! ha ha ha best way too never cry. So the meat’s already into the into my SLOW…. COOKER….. and then i’m going to brown the onions in the same frying pan yes you’re welcome you don’t even have to clean it between frying. So when the onions start to develop some colour you’re going to add the garlic and it’s a whole ton of garlic there’s actually about six garlic cloves in there but it really enhances the flavours and just saute that gently for about a minute and then turn the heat off. And you add the beef broth because we want to de glaze the pan we don’t want to lose a lot of liquid but we’re basically getting all those wonderful bits off of the frying pan so that they’re going to add flavour into the SLOW COOKER. so now we’re going to mix up the rest of the liquids. Alright so i’m using tomato paste and here’s a little tip professional home economist tip: did you know that you can get tomato paste in a tube? it looks like toothpaste (it doesn’t taste anything like toothpaste) and although I like these little cans there’s so much you know you open it you two tablespoons you got to freeze the rest it’s a big mess this is so cool so you need two tablespoons of tomato paste and we need a half a cup of red wine remember only use the red one you would actually drink if it’s not drinkable don’t be putting it in this recipe! Mix in that tomato paste and then we’re going to add the rest of the flour. And then we are going to add worchestire … worshetire… whatever the heck it’s called. And then we’re going to add the rest of our flour and I just want to rub it in with my hands and this is going to help thicken the entire sauce while it’s in the SLOW COOKER and then we’re going to whisk it together like that- with the whisk (where’s my whisk?). The next ingredient is is iodized salt I don’t like the other kinds of salt because we need iodine and I know that the iodized salt has enough iodine. It’s only a teaspoon, but I used ‘no salt added’ beef stock and is no other salt. There is a little bit of salt in the tomato paste but it’s naturally occurring. Okay! this is looking excellent. Clear this off and we’re going to chop up the carrots. Now here’s my little home economist tip: you want to have some surface area. So you want to cut the top of the carrot off and I did it on an angle and then I’m angling it so they look a little prettier in the pot but they don’t look as like a little literally that whoa! that looks boring but these have a little bit more texture– they look a little prettier! Ok now we’re going to dump all the carrots into this SLOW…. COOKER…. okay we have one more ingredient it’s fresh rosemary. Now you can use dried rosemary if you want but I’m going to go out into my garden and get some fresh rosemary. ha ha It’s ALIVE… it’s ALIVE!!! it’s a little flash frozen but it’s alive. Perfect for this recipe! (just knock the snow off it) parsley sage rosemary and thyme! oh my gosh fresh rosemary! So you want like three sprigs well I got more than that but I love rosemary and i’m just going to take the dead leaves off but it’s fine we’re Canadians and then you get a piece of butcher string- and you need butcher string. My sister once tied up a turkey with bungee cord and they ate the orange gravy it was awful!! Anyway okay so tie this up in a little bow or a little knot and then you’re going to stick it right into this will throw that guy back in there whatever we’re going to stick it right into THE SLOW COOKER… now if you are lucky enough to get a Breville it has a sear function and that means that you don’t have to use a frying pan. You could have seared the meat in there you could have done the onions in there but i did it in a frying pan for all the people who don’t have a Breville so fingers crossed you get the give away because it makes your life even easier!! (ya I’m so marrying that pot!) and now the mushrooms. So there’s a there’s a whole bunch and just look at the recipe below and the mushrooms go on top is going to add some liquid. Don’t skip this ingredient! and then we’re going to line it up twist it tight push the function- I want slow cooker for six hours on low- push the magic button and Brevile do your thing! well that was a nice relaxing day until my husband hit me in the head with his sock because he wanted the remote control. Anyway dinner’s ready. I like to serve this over top of barley its heart healthy with some baby peas and so until next time I wish you Peace Love and Fibre and make sure that you check out last week’s video with the Moroccan chicken dish that I made for when company comes over and it’s elegant and easy and you can always subscribe and get a chance for the Giveaway. See you next time… Peace Love and Fibre mmmmm.. .mmm…

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