Slow Cooker Cornbread Stuffed Turkey Roast with Ratatouille

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want to watch them. (♪♪♪) Well, it smells a little
bit like heaven here at the Grant Park Liquor
Mart Education Centre. We have Manitoba Turkey
Producers here, Wendy Harrisko. We just finished this Pulled
Turkey, which fantastic. We started eating it right
out of the slow cooker, and it’s all about slow
cooking with turkey today. Now, we have Slow Cooked
Cornbread Stuffed Turkey Roast with Ratatouille. Mouthful. It is, and but you know it’s
like I would cook those three things as
individual meals. You’ve got cornbread, you
got turkey and you’ve got ratatouille, but you’ve
got this really cool product here from Granny’s. From Granny’s
Poultry, yeah. Yeah, so it’s our Slow
Cooker Stuffed Turkey Roast. It’s available in
a stuffed version, which is stuffed
with a cornbread. That’s where the
cornbread comes in, okay. Yeah, or just the standard
light and dark meat, so they both have the mixture
of light and dark meat. It’s also gluten free and
infused with omega 3, so it’s extremely
healthy for you. It’s super healthy. Yeah, and you can cook it right
from frozen in the slow cooker. Fantastic, and it looks
fantastic, like, you can see when you cut it,
it just looks beautiful with the
cornbread inside. Okay, but we’re gonna go
back now to our ratatouille. Yeah, so we’re gonna start
with the ratatouille. So, what we’re gonna is we’re
going to release the moisture from the eggplant. So, I’ll get you to sprinkle
some salt on top of there. I always wondered why,
and I think eggplant does not get enough love. Eggplant is such a
wonderful vegetable, but I’ve never understood the
whole salt on the eggplant. Is that enough, by
the way, is that good? Yeah, that’s enough. So, what you want to do is just
sprinkle a little bit on there and it’ll draw out the moisture,
so that the ratatouille is not super runny. Okay, excellent. So, then we will move
over to the frying pan. So, we already have some onions
sautéing in oil in there, so I’ll give
you a spatula. Thank you. And then we’re gonna add
in garlic, of course. Look at all the
garlic, Wendy. I love you. Yes, I’m Ukrainian, so we
need garlic in everything, even more French
dishes like this. Yeah, well, it’s just lovely,
and then you’ve got this Peak of the
Market zucchini. Yeah, and we already put
in some of the peppers, so Peak of the Market. Right, Peak
of the Market. Throw it in there. So, we’re gonna
cook that down, and then we’re going to transfer
that to the slow cooker. And while you’re transferring
that to the slow cooker, I’m gonna go rinse off the
salt from the eggplant. Okay, so presumably we would
probably cook this if it was, like, in your kitchen at home
you’d probably cook this a little bit longer to kind
of get that garlic really nicely sautéed, right. But since we’ve only got
a limited amount of time, pop it into
the slow cooker. Yeah, and then we’re going
to add in our zucchini. I’m gonna get all that
garlic in there, sorry, just give me a minute. And then we’re gonna
add in the eggplant. So, I’ll get you to give that
a mix, then we’re gonna add in the tomatoes that have
already been chopped up there. So, like, what is ratatouille,
aside from a movie about a rat that turns into a chef? A little mouse. It has nothing to do
with a little mouse. No, okay, good. It’s a traditional French
vegetable stewed dish. Like, I can’t imagine anything
more healthy than this. Yeah, so we got some rosemary
going in and oregano. Okay, rosemary, oregano,
what else you got? Some basil and
some thyme. I was gonna
say it’s French, it’s got to have
thyme in it, right? Yeah. So, what I’d like to mention at
this point is if you are busy and you want to get things
going ahead of time, you could prep this the night
before, put it in the fridge, and then pull it
out and put it in your slow cooker
in the morning. You’re all
organized and stuff. No, but that is really, and I
mean slow cooker really is all about saving time, it’s
about try to, you know, I wouldn’t say cut corners,
but kind of in a way, right, and just makes things as
expedient as possible. So, then we’re gonna take the
roast right out of the package, push that in there. Pop it right
on there. And then you were
saying, a flavour pack, but this can be frozen, like,
this doesn’t have to be? Yeah, cook right
from frozen. So, my hands are slippery
there from touching. I’ll get you
to open that up. What I usually do at
home is use my teeth. We’re not
gonna do that. Okay, oh look, it’s
magically opened. Sprinkle it on top. Sprinkle, oh, it’s beautiful,
look at how that worked. So, then we’ll put the lid,
cook it for 6 1/2 hours on low, and then once it’s
completely cooked, you want to go over here. This is the cooked one we have,
so you want to let it rest for 15 minutes in a warm spot,
remove the netting from the roast, and then slice it
up and it’s ready to serve. All that lovely juiciness
has just kind of got to sit in there for
a little bit. And so, you could serve
this, I mean anywhere, but I’m just imaging, like, how
impressive this would be if you’re, you know, serving
guests in your home, if you’re having company. Especially if you’ve
worked all day. Well, no kidding,
look what I did. Super mom. Voila, yeah, super
mom, super everything, and so you just slice
it up and, again, with that cornbread inside it’s
just the most beautiful, like, it just looks so, it’s
so visually appealing and it just smells
absolutely wonderful. There we go, Slow Cooked
Cornbread with Turkey Roast with Ratatouille. I did it, we did it, thank
you very much, Wendy. We’re gonna come back and see
what Sheila Nash has to say, our Product Expert from
Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries, in just a moment here on
Great Tastes of Manitoba. Announcer: You’re watching
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