Slow Cooker Creamy Ranch Chicken Dinner ~ Crock Pot Chicken Recipe

This is another easy and delicious slow
cooker chicken recipe. I’m Tess and I’m making creamy ranch chicken in the slow
cooker. Stay tuned! (intro music) Some days are really busy and dinner is
the last thing I want to have to worry about. That is when I love using my slow
cooker. I just throw everything in there and I don’t have to worry. This creamy
ranch chicken recipe is so easy and my family just loves it. Just a reminder
that you’ll be able to find this recipe, the list of ingredients and much more in
the show more section below. I’ve also included links to where you can purchase
online, some of the ingredients and equipment that I use in this video
recipe. if you have a chance please check it out.
In a large bowl I’m adding in a can of cream of chicken and cream of mushroom
soup. You can use whatever cream soup that you like but this is what I had on
hand and I really like the combination. Now I’m adding one package of ranch
dressing mix, some dried onion flakes, black pepper and just a pinch of salt as
I know the cream soup has a good bit of salt. Adding some milk and giving that a
good mix. Now a couple vegetables. I have some
sliced celery and baby carrots. You can use the veggies that you like but you
want tot use some vegetables that will hold up in the slow cooker. In the past I
have used onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, potatoes and even parsnips. Giving that
another good toss. In my slow cooker I have seven bone-in
chicken thighs that I remove the skin. I left a little of the fat on the edges
but I don’t want a lot of grease in this dish. Pouring my sauce and veggie mixture on top and just leveling out. That is it!
Placing on the lid and cooking on high for three to four hours or on the low
setting for six to eight hours. If you happen to be around during the cooking I
like to give it a good stir about halfway. The ranch chicken is done. Look at that
nice creamy gravy! The veggies are fork tender and the chicken is coming right
off the bone. Serving tonight with a side of basmati rice. This is also good with
pasta, mashed potatoes and I’ve even served it on top of toasted garlic bread. This
creamy ranch chicken slow cooker recipe is easy and delicious. Lots of flavor and
comforting! Great for this busy work days. I hope you give this slow cooker creamy
ranch chicken recipe a try and enjoy. If you like this creamy ranch chicken
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    Tess, that looks so good! My crock pot meals*never* looked like that, so I gave it away. But this would work just as well in my dutch oven. Yum, yum! (:

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    Looks so comforting! This would also be great as a chicken pot pie filling!

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