Slow Cooker Ham and Potato Soup

(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Holly from Spend With Pennies and welcome to my kitchen. Today, we are going to be making an easy ham and potato soup. This soup cooks in the
slow cooker all day long. It’s the perfect meal to come home to. We’re going to start by
chopping up all of our veggies. And the potatoes we have
done 24 hours in advance. If you chop your potatoes
and leave them covered in water at room temperature, they’re fine over night
and they won’t turn brown. The other veggies we’re
going to add to this recipe are carrots and onions. And there’s no need to precook them. These will cook in the slow
cooker for quite a while so you want to make sure
your vegetable chunks are not too thin so they don’t overcook. Now you’re going to add in
two to three cups of ham and this is already precooked ham. You can use leftover ham. I, usually, just buy a ham steak. A single ham steak is usually
enough for this recipe. Just going to cut that
into bite sized chunks. Okay, and now that we have all
of our ingredients prepped, it’s time to put everything
into the slow cooker. We have our peeled and chopped potatoes. Diced ham. Carrot and onion. We are going to season
with salt and pepper. A little bit of thyme and fresh parsley. Okay, now that we’ve put
everything into the slow cooker, we’re going to add about
five cups of broth. I like to use low sodium chicken broth. We’re going to cover this
and we’re going to cook for three hours on high or
about seven hours on low. This ham and potato soup
has been cooking for hours in the slow cooker. And it is ready to serve in a few minutes. We are going to, I’m just going to remove the herbs. And we are going to to
start by removing a few cups of the carrot and potato. I try not to get any ham
in here, if possible. And we’re going to give these a mash. And that will really help thicken the soup without the addition of a
lot of extra corn starch or flour. We’ll use the potatoes to
naturally thicken this soup. I’m just going to use a potato masher. And give those a mash. And this will add a lot
of nice body to the soup. There’s a couple of pieces of ham in there but I wouldn’t worry about that too much. We’re going to add those
back to the slow cooker. This smells so good. We like to serve this soup,
usually, with biscuits or bread, to sort of sop up any goodies left in the bottom of the bowl. You’re going to add a
little bit of sour cream to give it a little bit of richness. And some milk. This is going to cook another 10 minutes or so, just to allow those flavors to blend. This soup is ready to serve. And it is the perfect end to a chilly day. I’m just going to add a
little bit of parsley. This is rich. It’s creamy, it’s delicious,
and it’s so easy to make. Find the full recipe and
more home cooked recipes and

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