Slow Cooker Low Carb Lasagna / Lasaña de Cocina Lenta Baja En Carbos

what’s going on YouTube fan let’s face it mealtime is never born with good old-fashioned lasagna and with a few tweaks here and there the lasagna that we love so much can now be good for today we are hacking lasagna all over again we are swapping out the lasagna sheets for zucchini and replacing the oven with oh yes a slow cooker because today we are making ultimate low carb slow cooked lasagna and it’s going to be delicious I know you’re gonna love the recipe but before we jump into the recipe I want to share with you a really quick project that I’ve been working on that I think that you’re going to like so you know that I’ve been traveling a lot lately and whenever I go to these different cities I’m always like oh my phone on Yelp trying to find out the best bus to eat at where they have some healthier options so I decided why not just make a vlog serious about it and share with you all some of the top spots around the country so here is a sneak peek at this coming blog series now you know how you have that one friend who likes to act all healthy and fancy and stuff and they eat food that they actually can’t pronounce yeah that’s me check it out an acai bowl where two acai acai how do you say this word ready okay I set aside realize that evil it’s really cold it’s like eating this movie so I hope you enjoyed the clip I had a lot of fun filming the series so far but I want you to comment below with your city and the best healthy spot to eat at in your city and that’s going to really help us out as we plan out this vlog series because I think it’s gonna help a lot of people but also we’re gonna have a lot of fun talking about healthy food in the way that different cities kind of put their spin on it alright now let’s go back to lasagna first let’s saute some garlic then toss saying your protein of choice chop it up and add rosemary Italian seasoning and spice cave land paleo seasoning which is garlicky and herb tastic toss in fresh tomatoes and tomato sauce and give it a good stir reduce the heat and cover and cook for about 5 minutes next mix cottage cheese with egg whites and stir it up using a mandolin let’s slice up zucchini to serve as a lasagna sheet pat them dry on a paper towel since they tend to have a lot of water spray the inside with olive oil then add in some meat sauce play Tetris on that lasagna and make those zucchini strips fit top with cottage cheese mixture and then repeat again with the meat sauce and zucchini on that final layer of zucchini dump out the remaining portion of the meat sauce and let it reign with the reduced fat mozzarella cheese and if you’re feeling fancy you can tell us in some basil for aroma and flavor pop on the lid and cook for 4 hours at medium heat and delicious savory heart-healthy and fully stacked zucchini lasagna share this recipe with a friend then head over to fit men cook calm for the full recipe and remember to download the fit men cook app for more easy healthy practical meals

100 comments on “Slow Cooker Low Carb Lasagna / Lasaña de Cocina Lenta Baja En Carbos”

  1. Stephanie T says:

    Making this tomorrow! thanks

  2. Ann Diaz says:

    como siempre genial kevin!!! una pregunta tus especias ya están a la venta? y están disponibles en México? gracias por otra receta incomparable!! <3

  3. Matt Mattice says:

    Toronto – The Beet
    Great blog idea!

  4. Steph and Adam says:

    YES! I make zucchini lasagna all the time! Haven't tried it in a slow cooker… looks amazing, Kevin!
    Come to the NY/CT area… I'll take you to some awesome healthy hot spots!

  5. Michael Price says:

    Check out Elote in Tulsa, OK

  6. Dyinobal says:

    So uh can you show us how you get this out of the slower cooker in something resembling whole pieces?

  7. Santiago Zapata says:

    You have to try Miami Juice in Aventura FL 👍

  8. MamacitaNatural says:

    I would love to try this but cottage cheese scares me! 😐

  9. Chris Leclair says:

    I checked your website but didn't see it. What kind of slow cooker do you use in your videos? Thanks for what you do!

  10. Red Hits says:

    2 vegan sistas memphis tn

  11. JayuPatel58 says:

    Awesome video! I've been losing weight since June and your videos have really helped out with nutrition. Keep up the good work 🙂

    Also, in London there are wide range of healthy take outs. My favourite is Itsu and pod.

  12. One Kitchen - A Thousand Ideas says:

    That looks heavenly!

  13. Nanda's Adventures says:

    Love Açai 💜

  14. Thomas Pecorelli says:

    Cottage cheese in a lasagna? C'mon man…. There's part skim and even fat free ricotta that you could've used and it would be more traditional and at least taste normal instead of cottage cheese.

  15. Kishan Patel says:

    Great video! How do you estimate the macros and serving size for these types of recipes? I am always worried about inconsistent portion sizes and under or overestimating macros.

  16. Trista Noelle says:

    In Colorado Springs, there's this place called Ola Juice bar. They have juices and smoothies that you can customize completely to your liking, as well acai bowls, granola bowls, fruit burritos, quinoa bowls, rice bowls, wraps, etc. And it's all BYO up to like 5 ingedients with a bunch of ingredients to choose from. The best part is that everyone thing is vegan, organic and gluten free. It's also in walking distance of where I go to college 😀

  17. Ian Heydecke says:

    If I can't use zucchini, could I use sweet potato instead?

  18. EZGlutenFree says:

    Looks wonderful.
    I would have never thought to do this in the slow cooker.

  19. Judith Loue says:

    I love making lasagna with zucchini slices instead of noodles, but I've never tried it in the slow cooker…..your version looks delicious…

    I like the Restaurant Spot……

  20. Marisa Villarreal says:

    San Antonio Texas. Green Vegetarian restaurant

  21. It's Only Food w/Chef John Politte says:

    wow. that looked awesome. thanks

  22. Rebecca Huber says:

    That looks so good!!!

  23. pplchamp111 says:

    Huntsville Texas, chipotle.. It's a college town..

  24. Nikki says:

    Yum!! I was waiting for him to say "BOOOOM!" hahah

  25. pq213 says:

    Sage in Culver City or Silver Lake Los Angeles

  26. Erwin Estrabo says:

    does baking work the same? I dont have a slow cooker.

  27. jimenezjse says:

    is your app on the play store?

  28. Kayla Parker says:

    such a freakin good idea!!

  29. chris j says:

    like before watching 🙂

  30. Jessica Tollefson says:


  31. chris j says:

    Looks delicious Kevin thanks!

  32. Abelardo Martinez says:

    MAN, THAT LOOKS GOOD!!! How do I take it out from where it is being cooked? can't wait for those seasoning to be available

  33. Jason Perez says:

    dude are you serious?! this is awesome

  34. ERay152 says:

    Denver. The protein bar!!! You'll love it

  35. Fernando Cruz says:

    San Diego !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Noah Vargas says:

    Wow this looks so amazeing! !! great job. I would never of thought to cook it like this. and the ingredients are just as easy and good for ya. keep up the great job.

  37. Nurul Amin says:

    can you make this in a rice cooker though

  38. Cyndi Figueroa says:

    What kind of slow cooker is the one you use?

  39. Nadia D says:

    That looks so tasty. Any other options beside using meat?

  40. missygirl0005 says:

    BGood in Wynnewood, PA


    Man your AWESOM🤗 I can't wait to make it tomorrow #teamFITMENCOOK. God is Good 😍

  42. djcopas56 says:

    Los Angeles. (Canoga park) called follow your heart. Best place in LA

  43. Sara Barge says:

    Austin, TX- Koriente

  44. JammedDonuts says:

    Since when did he get a tattoo

  45. FitAngie says:

    Oh that looks fantastic ! 🙌🏼👏🏼

  46. Heidi Engquist says:

    Fort Wayne, IN @ Three Rivers Co-op

  47. Courtney Ellison says:

    Phoenix, AZ has Pomegranate Cafe and it's amazing!

  48. Sinisterslate says:

    Laredo,Tx. la quinta sol

  49. Robin says:

    Lang Van- Charlotte, NC

  50. JessiKayFit says:

    have a zuchini on hand for zuchini pasta but now im considering this instead. yum!

  51. Jessica York says:

    Sydney – Nutrition Station !!! 👊

  52. Jessie P says:

    I'm from Marietta, Georgia (a suburb outside of Atlanta), and we have a restaurant that I absolutely love called Twisted Kitchen. It's a build your own pasta place with tons of options, and you can make your pasta into a salad or wrap, as well. They also have the BEST cookies, including one that they created themselves called the Hopes Royal that is AMAZING… Okay, that's not exactly the healthiest thing, but ya gotta have your sweets sometimes 🙂 Anyway, TK is just awesome; it's a great place to go for either a healthy option on the go or a cheat meal, depending on what you fancy 😉

  53. Chavis Boys says:

    Thank you so much my meal prepping was so BLAH until you came into my life

  54. Doriann Hamer says:

    Simply wholesome in los Angeles California

  55. Liftingetc says:

    Lasagna looks good, need to try this out!!

  56. NYGiants Champs says:

    THE MESSIAH HAS RETURNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. DJ Paris says:

    oh yes…cant wait to try this 🙂

  58. Chasing Dreams says:

    Once I get that Traeger, my house will be the healthiest place to eat in Winona, MN. Otherwise we have Acoustic Café that has great food and often live local music. Come visit us!

  59. Tiffany Graham says:

    san antonio texas !

  60. Nita says:

    Made today. This was very good.

  61. Jeanai E says:

    A few things; first off, I'd like to say this lasagna looks absolutely delicious!!! I will most definitely be cooking this in the very near future…..thanks for sharing 🙂

    Secondly, I am such a Winnie the Pooh fanatic! I was buggin' when I saw the shirt you had on during the sneak peak of your new vlog series! Where did you find such awesomeness???

    Thirdly, I'm from Toronto Ontario Canada….not sure if you'll ever be visiting this part of North America, but the healthiest spot I've eaten at is straight outta my kitchen lol….however if I find a better spot, I will definitely let you know 🙂

    Thanks for all the inspiration keep up the great work!

  62. hammockmonk says:


  63. hammockmonk says:


  64. Juampi Alarcon says:

    Can I just toss this in the oven? Thanks for your help

  65. Lisa Peralta says:

    Se ve delicioso

  66. Lawrence Forrester says:

    That's definitely a pressure cooker, not a slow cooker. Other than that, great recipe!

  67. Kristin G says:

    Phoenix – Pita Jungle

  68. GagaForArt says:

    Any other option besides Zucchini?

  69. Manuel sosa R says:

    it taste raeally good. I use the oven because 4 hrs was a lot of time, but you guys must try it.

  70. The one you love to hate says:

    Wow, you have Excellent presentation on your videos! Your speaking, and visuals are fantastic! You definitely have a gift and your recipes are GREAT! New subbie!!!!

  71. Meditated Melanin says:

    long island New York
    spots called'' Energy Fuel'' its awesome.

  72. Fay W. says:

    heart healthy? maybe if you used ground turkey instead beef. the lack of pasta affects more the waistline rather than the heart. I love beef and have family history of high cholesterol. I hope I don't die of a heart attack one day! lol

  73. BJJ says:


    I dont know how it happen, but my head started to bounce at the beginning of the recepie and at the end of the video my body went crazy dancing

    ps. man, all your video look so amazing and so delicious !!!

  74. Luis Cora says:

    I absolutely love Weight Loss GreenStore Tea and would recommend it to anyone looking for a different way to help with escape from obesity. It definitely aids speedy digestion. I'm healty and thin because of this tea . Everyone speaks about Weight loss greenstore for this amazing product.

  75. heartsmarie says:

    I'm so glad I found your channel, it gives me lots of motivation to eat better!

  76. Maximillian Figueroa says:

    how on earth did you get that out of there without it falling apart

  77. veronicarios32 says:

    Yummo!!! I will try this recipe 😊

  78. Mandy Nguyen says:

    Love ur Winnie the Pooh yellow tee 😍 where did you buy it from?

  79. Meeyahx says:

    miami…. choices cafe

  80. Shatecful says:

    no medium option in my slow cooker, only high and low??

  81. Maureen-Celeste says:

    Cleveland, Johnny Mangoes

  82. Cj Smart says:

    I love lasagna & now that I am trying build muscles, I have been looking for a healthier version of lasagna. So hopefully this recipe will work for me. Thanks!

  83. audreyak says:

    Here in Guam the best and healthiest restaurant is kitchen lingo

  84. Emmy Lizzeth says:

    Great recipe !! Thank you for sharing

  85. Rich Homie Tron says:

    Make sure you are not muslim when traveling bro, the neo nazis sitting in the white house wont let you back in.

  86. LaDonna Hendrix says:

    When Chicago try lighthouse

  87. ali k13 says:

    it's better to put the basil at the end when it's already cooked. if you cook it w the basil the basil turns bitter and no bueno. just a tip idk

  88. Nightblade LLL says:

    how would you make this in an oval 6qt slow cooker?

  89. Raquel Johnson says:

    Nice Job!!

  90. Joseph says:

    You talk too much!

  91. duckforceone says:

    almost 2 minutes to get to the real video part? you lost me from seeing more vids from you.

  92. ana lisa garza says:

    That looks like a pressure cooker.

  93. datnobodyking13 says:

    Say you wanna cook lasagna, but u dont know me lol

  94. gmanz5 says:

    Baltimore Land of Kush

  95. Christopher Guerra says:

    Recipe starts at 1:50

  96. brandonanthonylee says:


  97. el noruego says:

    Four hours??? It's very crazy!

  98. Erika Londoño says:

    Colombia, Medellín. Comida:Bandeja paisa.

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