Slow Cooker Pot Roast ~Whip It Up Wednesday Collaboration

Today on Fun Cooking we’re doing
“Whip-It Up Wednesday”
We’re gonna make the pot roast,
all the fixings and the gravy
in this crock pot. I hope you’ll come back and see how we do it.
So the ingredients we will be using today will be a chuck roast, dehydrated minced onion,
beef bouillon, garlic powder, onion powder Italian seasoning, steak seasoning. some
vegetable oil. Worcestershire sauce. beef base, and vegetable stock.
So the first thing that we want to do is turn on our flame and add our oil to our pot, and we
just want to let this oil get hot. And while that’s doing that we’re going to
take our steak seasoning and we’re gonna sprinkle it on one side, fairly
generously. I like to press mine into it the way it sticks. And then we’re gonna
take it and flip it over and add the rest with steak seasoning to the bottom
side. Press it in. Now the bottom side of my roast has some cracks in it and I
want to make sure that I press the seasoning into that that. It will help the
flavor the roast throughout, anywhere you can push that steak seasoning in. Okay
now that we’ve got that seasoned we’re gonna push that aside we’re going to
take our vegetable broth and to that we are going to add our Worcestershire
sauce and our beef base and we’re just gonna stir it up a little bit
we want to dissolve this base. Now we’re gonna take our ground bouillon, Italian
seasoning, onion powder, garlic powder and our minced onions and we’re gonna mix this all
together. Essentially what we’re making in this bowl, an onion soup mix
you can spend a couple bucks at the store for it, or you can make it for
pennies. I believe our oil is ready, so I’m gonna stick our roast in there, and
we’re gonna sear it on all sides. Now we’re doing this in a cast-iron pan,
but any heavy bottomed pan would work. Well we just want to let this sit for
about four or five minutes per side. This is gonna help develop the color and keep
it from looking gray. I’m gonna let this finish up and then I’ll come back when
we’re ready for the next step. Okay so our roast has developed the color that
we want we’re just gonna lift it out of this brazier and throw it into the
crock-pot now the next thing I want to do take our base give it another little
stir pour this in around but I don’t want to pour it over the roast because I
don’t want to wash off any of the seasoning that’s on there. So I put in
about 3/4 of our stock mixture next I want to take our seasoning soup mix that
we made and we’re just going to sprinkle it over the top, generously
and that’s pretty much it. Now I want to set the slow cooker on low.
This particular cut of meat needs that time to help develop the flavor and
become tender. We’re gonna let it cook for about 6 hours and then we’re gonna
check it make sure it’s at least 165 degrees, but in the meantime we’re not
gonna take the lid off, because removing the lid will increase your cooking time
for about 30 minutes. Put this on and I’ll be right back to take you to the
next step Finally, we’re here this roast was a
little bit thicker than I normally cook and it ended up taking a little bit
longer than I expected actually about three hours longer if that’s okay.
Now we’ve waited to this point to put in our vegetables so they wouldn’t just
disintegrate in the juice. Now the potatoes have been soaking in cold water
up into this point, just so they wouldn’t turn brown and I’m gonna go ahead and
stick them in the microwave for about four minutes to warm them up and pre
cook them a little bit because we don’t want the roast to turn to mush. So I’m
gonna go ahead and do that and then when they get done we’re gonna add all our
vegetables in and I’ll bring you back to show you the next step. And there’s our beeper yes they are a bit steamy, not too done, just where we
want them so we’re gonna take our lid off of our crock pot and we’re gonna go
ahead put potatoes in draining off any of the moisture that’s in the bottom of
the bowl because we don’t want to thin down our stock, and then we’re gonna just
pour in our carrots and our celery sprinkle the onions around it.
I yes my hands are clean. You know what there’s something else I want to add.
A can of mushrooms, we’ll just sprinkle them across the top there we go.
We’re gonna let this sit on low for about another hour and when that hours
up I’ll be back to show you what it looks like!
So our roast is finished cooking and I’ve taken it out of the crock pot and
put it on a platter along with all the vegetables and I’m going to take a
tablespoon of corn starch to a half a cup of water I’m just gonna whisk these
together real quick and make a slurry make sure you get all of the corn starch
dissolved because we don’t want any lumps then we’re just going to take this
and pour it into the gravy and whisk it up
we’re gonna let this cook for just a few minutes until it thickens up. We’re going to let that set a few minutes and we’ll be back okay so our gravy is done it’s nice and
smooth and I’ve fixed my plate and taste some of the vegetables to begin with they have a really great texture and
taste pretty good. Let’s try the roast it’s really good.
Well I hope you liked this video and if you want to try this recipe you can find
it at I’ll see you next time
Whip It Up Wednesday is a crock-pot collaboration founded by the following
YouTube channels… Linda’s pantry, Sutton’s Daze, The needy homesteader, Moore2life, and Wilhelm’s kitchen. A link to their playlist will be included in the

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