Slow Cooker Pulled Turkey

(♪♪) Everybody, welcome back to
Great Tastes of Manitoba, and we just wrapped up our
beautiful Turkey Gumbo that turned out perfectly, as you
promised it would, Wendy, from Manitoba
Turkey Producers, and now we are going
to do Pulled Turkey. Now, I think a lot of us
have done pulled pork, some of us have pulled a wagon,
and now we are going to pull turkey, and Wendy is
gonna show us the way. So, number one,
where do we start? So, what this dish calls for
is Granny’s turkey thighs. Got to have
the Granny’s. Yeah, so you could use light
meat or dark meat if you choose. In this particular recipe, we’re
gonna use the thighs because it holds the moisture
better in the meat. Okay, it’s a bit juicier at the
end of the day kind of thing? Yeah. So, we’re gonna start by making
the Pulled Turkey sauce. So, we already have some
onions already sautéing up. I’ll give you
the spatula. Peak of the
Market again. It’s like every recipe starts
with a Peak of the Market onion, lots of bullion
in there, nice. So, now I’ll add
in the garlic. So, again, you want to cook down
the onions until they’re that clear colour, and then we’re
gonna start building the sauce. Okay, so we’ve got a lot of
interesting stuff going on here. I see a big bowl of red, I
see a smaller bowl of red, what is that, Wendy? Yeah, so this your
standard paprika, so we have 1/4 cup
going in there, a lot. That’s a lot. So that adds a lot
of nice smoky colour, and then we have
some smoked paprika, which adds that
barbecue smoky flavour. Okay, so regular
paprika and smoked. Oh, as soon as you put that
in there that just hits ya. It smells so good. It smells like outdoor
barbecue inside the house. It totally
does, yeah. And then we’ve got some
cloves going in there. Okay, whoa, what’s with the
cloves, what does that do? ‘Cause that seems
unusual to me somehow. Yeah, it just adds a little
bit more flavour to it, yeah. Okay, cool. Yeah, and then we’ll
throw in a bay leaf, and then we have to
add in some liquid, so we’ll put some
cider vinegar. You would not believe
how this smells. You should really go,
where do we get the recipe? Our website, or Great Tastes of
Manitoba’s website. After the show, go and cook
this up, this is unreal. So, now we got
tomatoes going in. So, you could either
do, like… Whole tomatoes pureed
in the blender, or you could do
pre-bought pureed. Just get a can of
pureed, all right. And then we have some maple
syrup going in there, 3 tablespoons, for
some sweet flavour. A little bit of sweet
and with the cloves, too, right, that’s gonna
kind of connect. Yeah, so you want to
give that good stir. Which I think, am
I doing it right? Yeah, that’s a
great stir. Okay, awesome,
awesome, okay, so. So, now we’ll transfer this to
the slow cooker, so I’ll lift, you spatula in there. Oh, my gosh, this is
where things get ugly. Yeah, splashing. You’ve got an apron, you
were the smart one here. Is that heavy,
how heavy is that? It’s good. Okay, you’re all
right, okay. So, I’ll get you to add in
some salt and pepper in there. Okay, let’s do that. Then we’ll get the
turkey going. So, we have three packages
of thighs going in. You’re just gonna
cram it all in there? Yeah, so we’ll
put those in. Nice. So, this has the
skin on bone in. Okay. Do you have to kind
of immerse that? Yeah, you want to
give that a good mix, so push them
down in there. They’re good friends in there,
like, no, does it matter? Once you have them
all covered in there, you want to put this on the
low setting for 6 hours. But what if I want
it right now, Wendy? You could cook it
on the high setting, but with a Pulled
Turkey you want to, cooking it slower means
the moisture stays in the meat better,
so cook it on slow. We don’t want it
all dried out, okay. So, then what we have over
here is we have the turkey that has already
cooked for 6 hours. So, you want to take the thighs
out, and pull the meat apart. You’ve already
done the pulling. So, I’ve already
done the pulling. That’s the best part,
I’m just kidding. Okay, so we’ll get you to start
transferring that into the bowl, and then the sauce will be
remaining in the slow cooker. You want to skim off all the
fat that’s sitting on top of the sauce, and then that’s
what we have over here. I’m guessing with turkey there’s
not really gonna be a lot of fat on top of
that sauce, right? Not a lot, because
it will be a lighter, leaner dish than the
traditional pulled pork. Well that’s why this is so
exciting, because you really, like, I’m looking at it and it
looks almost exactly the same as that traditional recipe, right,
but lower fat and you’ve got great flavour in
there as well. Whoops. So, then I’ll get you to
pour the sauce overtop. Gosh, all the tomato, I’m
amazed that there hasn’t been, like, major tomato
catastrophe here. So, then give
that a good mix. Okay. And this is a great recipe
because you can make it ahead and bring it to a potluck. So, then once that’s all mixed,
you’d want to transfer that back into the slow cooker to warm it
back up before you serve it. Okay, and then impress
the heck out of everybody. Oh, that looks
absolutely fantastic. Thank you so
much, Wendy. Can I just eat right out of
the, like, you could just, you could put it
on some bread, too, that would just be a wonderful
way to serve it, right? Yeah. Okay, there you have
it, Pulled Turkey here. Now, this next recipe we’re
gonna do in a couple of moments here, help me with this, Slow Cooked Cornbread with
Turkey Roast with Ratatouille. Slow Cooked Cornbread with
Turkey Roast with Ratatouille. All right, when
we come back here on Great Tastes
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    it wont let me dislike

  2. Robert Milanowski says:

    Looks great, however the last stirring was done with the same utensil as was used to stir the raw turkey. (Unless she used a clean utensil that was off camera.)

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