Slow Cooker Vegetable Soup | Gluten Free & Whole30

hey guys and welcome back to the FFF HQ
where today I have a crock-pot vegetable soup recipe for you that basically makes
itself dump everything into the crock pot and boom a cozy dinner for any season of
the year it’s loaded with lots of vegetables so it’s got all your vitamins
for the day and you can get all your servings and vegetables in a yummy way
so let’s dive right into this recipe you probably guessed it but by the magic of
television we have our slow cooker or crock pot whatever you want to call it
so we’re gonna put all our vegetables in here and mix it up it’s one bowl it’s
easy peasy let’s dice those vegetables so we’re
gonna start with half a small butternut squash just gonna want to cut it into
about 3/4 inch cubes you want to end up with about two cups or so butternut
squash is high in vitamin A which is really important for all your body
functions and the growth of things like hair skin and nails so this is like a
beautiful soup a serving of butternut squash also
provides 50% of your required vitamin C for the day
this helps to give structure to your hair skin and nails plus it helps build
your immune system so again like we talked about with soup it’s good when
you’re feeling under the weather two cups of our high-fiber butternut squash
to keep us full and keep us from feeling sick cool put it right into your slow
cooker so now we have two ribs celery so
we’re gonna finely slice that put it into our slow cooker and now we have just half of our red
pepper just gonna want to thinly slice it and you guessed it into the slow
cooker are you ready to think like a rabbit because we have a little carrot and obviously right on into your slow
cooker we’re almost at the veggie finish line
and we have a little bit of zucchini so you want to thinly slice it and then
cut those slices in half with little half moons throw your little half moons
into your slow-cooker you could try and juggle your cauliflower if you want a
new day job or you can just chop it for your soup trying to break it into nice
Florets and as you imagine right on into your
slow-cooker we’re doing our veggie dance and we are already feeling good so let’s
make the rest of this soup so I have five cups of chicken bone broth you can
also do regular broth or vegetable broth if you want to make this vegan right
into your slow cooker now we have to add a little bit of flavor to our veggies so
we have two cans of fire roasted diced tomatoes with extra garlic added and
just like our keto chili we’re gonna use some tomato paste to get
a really deep tomato flavor so for our spices we have some bay leaves and some
salt and pepper of course and we have some basil and oregano now oregano is an
antimicrobial so it helps for keeping you not sick
just like soup and a little bit of cumin which is traditionally used for
digestion we’re just gonna help you digest all the fiber in these vegetables all the herbs and the bone broth and the
cumin is gonna give the soup a really nice flavor but we have one trick up our
sleeve we’re gonna make some slow cooker roasted garlic I’m gonna continue
with our juggling day job and then we’re gonna slice the tip of the garlic head
off so all the cloves are exposed just like that
and peel off all of the papery skin and just like regular roasted garlic you
want to drizzle about a teaspoon or so of oil on top massage it all into the
top of the cloves and the sides grab a little square of tin foil put in the middle
and wrap it up nice and cozy roasted garlic hack just put it right in the
middle of your slow cooker and we are ready to cook put your lid on and we’re
gonna cook it on high for two to four hours until the vegetables are tender
while our slow cooker soup is slow cooking you’re gonna get a little bit of
workout on and we’re gonna do some kettle bell shoulder press so the secret is to drive through your
glutes to push up and push the kettlebell over your head now let’s get
back to our soup all right after four hours are up our soup is ready to go we
need to add some parsley and spinach just gonna remove that little ball of
garlic put it on to a plate dump and a third of a cup of chopped parsley six
ounces of spinach you want to stir it until the spinach starts to wilt so well
that spinach wilts we are going to dice our roasted garlic perfectly roasted
and soft and tender then just stir it right into your slow cooker and just like that super easy slow
cooker vegetable soup that basically makes itself got lots of vegetables that
are loaded with fiber some protein from the bone broth and perfect combinations
to keep you full and also to keep you healthy so if you try this soup please
leave a comment below and let me know what you think I also really appreciate
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we have a make-ahead breakfast four ways that you do not want to miss so go enjoy
your soup and we’ll see you next time bye for now

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