Snow Peak Bipod Canister Stove

The innovative design of the Snow Peak Bipod
Stove gives unparalleled stability for the pack size and the weight of this canister
stove. We are going to take a look at all the features and what makes this stove so
innovative. As the name suggests, this is a bipod stove,
meaning that there is two legs. The third leg of this stove and what gives it so much
stability is actually the way the stove connects to the canister. With this set up you have
got your stove and then your canister off to the side, giving it a lot more stability
than your traditional canister stove set up. With a traditional set up you have got the
canister on the bottom, stove on top of that and then the pot on top of that. And that
provides kind of a tall, skinny structure. It is easily tipped over. But with this system,
you have got a really stable base and you don’t has to worry about the pot on top
shifting or moving or falling over. Set up of the stove is really simple. The
pieces that are included are the stove, the fuel valve and the auto igniter. When you
want to set up the stove, it is really simple. First I want to point out the really wide
burner head. This allows you to have really even heat distribution. And when you want
to simmer the stove it provides really even heat, really low even heat. But this also
provides a lot of power. So when you want to turn the stove up and have it on max power,
you have got a really big flame here and a really wide burn-er head. You have got four fold out arms and these
are really easy to just fold out. As you can see, there is a really wide, stable base here.
So you could use a smaller pot here for one per-son. If you have a group cooking system,
you could put a really wide stove on there and not worry about that being unstable. So
it is a really, really great, nice, wide base there. The next thing you want to do is set up the
two feet. So these are the two legs there. And there is actually two settings. If you
want to use a smaller 110 gram canister, which is what I have here, you just set it on the
smaller setting. You can see that little button right there. If you need to have it on a taller
setting, if you have got a 250 gram canister, all you have to do is push in that button
and adjust it out to the taller setting. So it is really convenient there. But then when
you want to tuck it away, it compresses down to be even smaller and you can tuck that away.
So I am going to set it on the lower setting there. And I have it set on the other side,
too. The fuel valve is the next thing you want
to set up. And they have a nice little protector on the end of that fuel valve. This is the
part that is going to attach to the burner head. And a really nice set up here. It is
light weight, but it is also very stable and durable. And then you have a nice fuel adapter
so this is going to make your flame go up and down. So this is really nice to use as
opposed to some smaller one that I have seen. This is going to allow you to make minor adjustments
and it is going to allow you to simmer as well as just put this on full power. Before I attach it to the canister I want
to make sure it is completely turned off so that when I put the canister on to the stove
it doesn’t leak out the gas. The next thing you want to do is attach the
fuel valve to the stove. What I normally do here is I align that so that the threads are
on the bottom. And that way you can get a nice tight fit and not have to worry about
that being misaligned. So there you have the stove set up. And the next thing you want
to do is just attach the canister. Once you have got the canister set up, you
can use the auto igniter and turn on the stove. Once everything is set up you can see how
stable of a base this is. You have got the weight of the fuel canister over here and
these two legs on the side are really stable. So you can see, you can put something that
is pretty heavy on top of there and it is not going to move. This also eliminates the
need to have an extra canister stabilizer on the bottom of the canister. So that eliminates
the need to bring something else with you. So you have got just a few parts here, really
simple to use. And it also puts the flame controller farther away from the flame. So
you don’t have to worry about getting too hot when you are adjusting the flame. So that
is a really nice feature there. And just all in all it just seems like a really stable
base, something that is going to provide a lot of stability there when you are out in
the backcountry. The materials in this stove are both light
weight and very durable. It is an aluminum alloy. So it keeps the weight down of this
stove. And this will be a great option for any camper or back packer who is looking for
a light weight canister stove. It being a canister stove, it is not going to perform
best in the coldest of temperatures, but it is certainly going to get you through most
weather throughout the year. It is the Snow Peak Bipod Stove.

4 comments on “Snow Peak Bipod Canister Stove”

  1. Vegan Marshall says:

    I like it when the stove isn't on top of the canister..I almost blew up a jetboil cuz the stove got loosened.

  2. Bam Bam says:

    is this unit stainless steel and titanium?

  3. guywhomissesthe80s says:

    thanks for the review – very informative

  4. woolengrappler says:

    Could this be used to cook a meal, instead of just boiling water?

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