Southern Fried Chicken Livers with / and Onions & Bell Peppers Recipe

We enjoy chicken livers. I’m Tess and
tonight I will show you how I cook chicken livers that are tender and good
along with onions, bell peppers and a tomato sauce that brings it all together.
An easy delicious budget-friendly meal. Stay tuned! Our local grocer offers fresh chicken
livers and they are really cheap. I paid a dollar 97 for a little over a pound of
chicken livers. Tonight I’m sautéing the chicken livers with some onions and bell
peppers and serving with some steamed rice. I’m going to dredge the chicken
livers in the seasoned flour and then fry them. For the seasoned flour I have 1
cup of flour and I’m adding in 1 tablespoon of Lawry’s seasoning and this
really has a well-rounded seasoning and goes well with organ meat. I’m adding in
1/8 of a teaspoon of white pepper and a half a teaspoon of garlic and onion
powder. Giving that a good whisk to incorporate. I have a little over a pound
of chicken livers. I removed the connecting membrane as best I could,
rinsed and drain the livers. Now I’m dredging the chicken livers in the
seasoned flour and coating well. In a skillet on medium to medium-high heat
I’m adding in about 1/4 cup of oil. I’m placing in the chicken livers and
cooking for about 2 to 3 minutes on each side depending on the thickness. Be
careful because they will spit and spatter a little when they release some
moisture and cook. When they are done, remove, let them drain on a paper towel
and set to the side. Just a reminder that I will leave the
recipe and the list of ingredients for this chicken livers dish below this
video. Also remember to like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video
recipe and click the bell to make sure you receive notification of all my
future video recipes. In the same skillet on medium heat I’m
leaving about three tablespoons of oil on the bottom. I’m adding in about two
cups of thinly sliced onions and about a cup and a half of thinly sliced bell
peppers. I used one large green bell pepper and I had about a quarter of a
red pepper so I tossed it in there. I’m adding in some salt, cooking and stirring
for about four to five minutes or until the veggies are softened. I still want to
leave a little crunch. To help deglaze the pan and bring
everything together I’m adding in about half a cup of diced tomatoes. The
tomatoes will cook down and release their liquids and produce a nice sauce.
The tomatoes are also a nice complement to the chicken livers as they will help
tone down that organ meat flavor. I’m also adding in two tablespoons of
Worcestershire sauce and this will give a tang. Cooking and stirring for another
two minutes or until the tomatoes break down. In goes the cooked chicken livers
giving everything a good toss and we are ready to eat. Serving tonight with some steamed rice.
The chicken livers have lots of flavor and are tender. The onions and bell
peppers are a nice complement. These chicken livers are also good with fried
potatoes like home fries or some rice cauliflower. I hope you give these
chicken livers with onions and bell peppers a try and enjoy. If you like this video recipe please hit
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16 comments on “Southern Fried Chicken Livers with / and Onions & Bell Peppers Recipe”

  1. TheWolfePit says:

    Tess this looks and I know tastes amazing!

  2. kecia martens says:

    Is there anyway to keep them from popping so much when you fry them? I have given up frying livers because the pop on me so bad.

  3. r harris says:

    Tess I really have to give you credit– you really know how to make your dishes look delicious! I absolutely HATE liver, whether it's calves liver, chicken liver-I detest the texture and the smell when it's cooking. This is not a dish I would ever eat. That being said you really did a great job making it look mouthwatering and delicious

  4. Waterman one says:

    I really like chicken livers and thanks for this recipe.

  5. lisa h says:

    Hello Tess, I'm new to this channel. I'm going to try this tonight. I was wondering what to do with the chicken livers I purchased last week. I love all of your recipes. Thanks.

  6. Linda MacBay says:

    Always loved chicken livers and gizzards! I also love calves liver pan-fried and smothered in gravy. I can't get my family to try any organ meat so I hardly ever get to enjoy these dishes. Thanks for posting!

  7. Yumeka 'Vadam says:

    My daughter and I love chicken livers. Although I've made them with onion and peppers, I have never tried it with tomatoes. I think I'll make them this weekend. Thanks for the recipe 🥰

  8. Rick Bachman says:

    Ha, talking about chicken livers last night. Had a stew with them as a kid. First thing I eat when the bird is done . Thanks ✌️. The Hearts are delicious too😋

  9. Bobby J says:

    Chicken Liver supreme….? Just add bacon/finish with dollop of sour cream!! Yum!

  10. FitAngie says:

    Hey Tess, I hate livers but those look good 🤣🤣 I bet they taste ok also.

  11. Lakeshia Kearns says:

    Beautiful dish, my mother ABSOLUTELY would never cook liver, but I'd like to try some .

  12. Traveller Masa says:

    It looks delicious

  13. Glitter Eyez_queen says:

    Very niceee

  14. Jacklyn n dad says:

    That's some mighty fine eating right there those chicken livers with bell peppers ,tomatoes and onions looks absolutely delicious. Thanks for sharing this recipe from Trinidad &Tobago.

  15. Karl Travel Dude says:

    Great option for livers !!! Thank you ….

  16. jaytracks says:

    I was way way off on my guess lol

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