Southwest Sausage Chili

Over the years here at the Test Kitchen, we’ve made lots of different types of chilis. We’ve made Texas-style, without any beans,
we’ve made lighter versions, using ground turkey and lots of veggies. And on and on!… Today’s recipe is a little different and one
that everyone who tried it, loved! We start by browning some Italian sausage
and a minced onion in a large pot. I’m using mild sausage, but if you want it
a bit spicier, you can always use a hotter variety. After no pink remains and we’ve poured off
any of the pan drippings, we stir in a couple cans of kidney beans, that we’ve rinsed and
drained, a can of corn, tomato sauce, some salsa, a bit of water, and the typical chili
seasonings. We give this a quick stir and let it simmer
until everything is heated through, and all the flavors blend together. That’s it! It’s the seasonings in the sausage that makes
this chili stand out from the crowd and the fact that you can have a hot ‘n’ hearty meal
on the table in less than thirty minutes makes this even better! The super fast recipe for our
Southwest Sausage Chili is online now to help you chase away those
winter blues. I’m Howard in the Mr. Food Test Kitchen, where
today, we’re looking for an easier way for you to say,

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