SPICY SZECHUAN STIR FRY, Homemade Recipe with Ryan 麻辣香锅,冬日必备

Hi, everybody I’m Ryan Today we’re going to make a spicy Szechuan stir-fry So we’re going to prepare the ingredients I’m gonna take the lunch meat first Slice lotus root Get a sweet potato vermicelli We’re going to prepare two little shallots And then we cut the ginger and the garlic In order to make the mushroom taste better We make a cross on the mushroom Half a bowl of bean sprouts in preparation Chop parsley Slice the cabbage Put on the plate Now let’s do the shrimp First of all I’m gonna take the shrimp line out of the body of the shrimp In this way We’re just gonna get all the ingredients ready Next Add spices sauce to the pan Add the chopped scallions, ginger and garlic And then we have our lunch meat Stir-fry until golden brown and stir fry Add the mushrooms and stir fry And then we add the processed shrimp Stir fry And then finally add cabbage and sweet potato vermicelli And then we add a little bowl of water Into the pan Cover the pot and cook for five minutes After the moisture is drained When you get out of the pan, you sprinkle the parsley on the ingredients A nice, flavorful spicy Szechuan stir-fry dish is ready If you like my video Remember to subscribe to me and we’ll see you next time

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