Split Pea Soup – Crock Pot & Slow Cooker recipes. How to make lentil soup with Ham

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Life and Company I’m Alexis and today I’m going to show you how to make split
pea soup in a crock pot. You can also use lentils for this recipe. Either way
it’s simple, hearty and delicious, so put your aprons on and let’s get started. Before we begin, I just want to say if
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Life. It is getting cold here –
we’re expecting a snow storm it’s probably going be about a foot and a
half of snow and there’s no better way to beat the winter blues and than with a
nice bowl of soup. Now I have to admit I did not like pea soup growing up. My mom
used to make it and it was not really my favorite but as I’ve gotten older I have
really learned to love it and the recipe is so easy and because of that it’s
really something we have in our house almost all winter long. The good thing
about this recipe is that there really is a lot of room for substitutions. So
like I mentioned before if you didn’t have split peas you could always use
lentils . I’m using smoked ham hocks but I’ve also used the exact same recipe and
used a ham with a ham bone in it from Easter. If you were in a pinch you
probably could use ham steaks and a boneless ham but I do want to say that a
lot of the flavor of any meal whether it be soup or stew it really really comes
from the bones but if you didn’t have it like I always say “Use what you’ve got” there
are however limitations on your substitutions. You cannot use sliced ham
from the deli. No, you’ve crossed the line you’ve gone too far. Just stop – go
get the ingredients and then come back. Now this is why I love this recipe and
crock pots. Let me show you how easy this is You’re gonna put the ham hock in
first they put that at the bottom there and
one pound of split peas that have been rinsed soaked and sorted to make sure
that there is no bad ones. 3 cups of onions, 2 cups of carrots what I have
here is a few bay leaves. I didn’t have a whole one so I just took some of the
pieces and then about 4 cloves. So you’re just gonna put that in. Garlic,
probably 4 or 5 cloves of garlic and some diced ham. It’s about 6 or
7 ounces okay. So that goes in like that
now you’re going to add your water slightly to cover the top. For this recipe you’re
working with ham. Ham is very salty so I don’t put any salt in the beginning when
I put the soup in the crock pot. I only use salt at the end if it calls for it.
So,it wasn’t quite 6 cups it was closer to 5 1/2 or 5 3/4 cups. So it’s that easy then you’re
going to put the lid on put it on for 4 to 6 hours. I prefer 6 hours. You may
want to give it a stir maybe about 2 hours in but I wouldn’t remove the lid
too much you really want to keep that that liquid and the steam in there. So
maybe about 2 hours you could give it a stir and then check it closer to 4. I’ll be back. Use this recipe as a
guideline but tweak it – make it your own – make it how exactly how you like it. This
is the way that I make it but I would love to hear how you’ve changed this
recipe, if you’ve used my recipe, if you loved it, if you hate it – let me know in
the comment section below. The 6 hours is up and you will
know pretty much that it’s done, a very good indication is when your hambone
sort of falls apart – or ham hock This is the skin
and it’s great for cooking but you don’t really want to eat it. You can then pick
the meat off the ham hock and put it back in the crock pot but the rest of
this should be discarded. I know it’s not the most appealing but the soup is
delicious. There we have it it is topped with a toasted Terranova bread
fresh parsley and cracked pepper. All right everybody my soup finished up
last night but too late to eat so of course I decided to have it for lunch
today and it’s perfect because let me show you what it looks like outside my
front door. Oh delicious!
Thanks for watching make sure you check out the rest of our
videos and I’ll see you guys soon bye.

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    my absolute favorite, great job Alexis

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    What can I use to replace the meat?

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    That looks sooooo good!

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    Love the apron. Crock pot is my favorite other than cooking with Bob. I do the same except no Ham….

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    Another great video Lex! Keep them coming!!!

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    split pea soup is a home run.. delicious and great for COLD weather.. fantastic recipe.. Ya – Ya

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    Can you promise that this will get rid of my flu symptoms?? 😘😘😘

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    fantastic recipe — delicious !!!

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