Sprouted Moong Methi Pulao Recipe, Pressure Cooker Pulao by Tarla Dalal

Welcome to Tarla Dalal’s Kitchen I am Krupali and today i will show you a Pulao recipe named Sprouted Moong Methi Pulao. We are going to make this pulao in a pressure cooker. Saute it for 1 to 2 minutes. Saute it for 2 minutes Saute it for 1 minute I have soaked the rice in enough water for 10 minutes and drained it. Saute for 1 more minute. Mix it well. Pressure cook it for 2 whistles. 2 whistles are done and pressure cooker has also cooled down. Let’s check The pulao is perfectly ready. It is also smelling so nice. Let’s serve Sprouted Moong Methi Pulao is ready. Serve hot and enjoy it with your family and friends.

6 comments on “Sprouted Moong Methi Pulao Recipe, Pressure Cooker Pulao by Tarla Dalal”

  1. Indian MoM in Gulf says:

    love ur receipes

  2. TJ B says:

    This sounds really good, and vegan.

  3. Akshaya Srinivasanraghavan says:

    pls say evrythng in english nt able follow

  4. Sarabjit Kaur says:

    Nice healthy recipe

  5. jaypadia says:

    What's the advantage of using hot water?

  6. Sanjay Parelkar says:

    Tarlaji I follow mostly all of ur recipes very good n easy to make

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