Stewed Spanish Chicken⎮Pollo Guisado ⎮ Step-by-Step Recipe⎮★★★★★

all right hey beautiful people okay so
we’re going to start off with our veggies I have bell peppers tomatoes and
habanero peppers okay so I am chopping up my bell pepper here I’m going to go
ahead and use the whole bell pepper half I’m going to put in the blender and half
and one about later on to the dish so you’ll see exactly how I chop these up
what size the size can vary I like kind of big pieces but it’s totally up to you
whatever you like you can go ahead and do that all right so here you can see I chopped
up the bunch that I’m gonna add later and now I’m chopping up the ones that
I’m gonna put in the blender and I do this to all the bell peppers all four of
them now I am peeling the skin off of my ginger I use about 1/3 of that ginger
also it was kind of a small piece chop it up I’m going to go ahead and add half
of that into the blender and then half I’ll save for later so I do the same
thing to the onion I cut this kind of like you would a pizza that’s just how I
like to cut my opinion you definitely don’t have to if you don’t want to but
yeah I put half of it in the blender and I’m saving half and depending on what
type of spice you like you can use a whole habanero pepper or half like we
did and then just go ahead and add that into the blender Here I am adding two
big scoops of garlic if you love garlic feel free to add more and I’m pouring in
the juice here is the sofrito pastes so I add two big scoops of that a little
bit of water enough for it to blend help blend it and I am booking please guys
wash your chicken I know some people don’t and trim it up any skin and fat
that is what I’m doing here so I am going to go ahead and start seasoning
that is salt Pepa adobo you watched my oxtail video you
know how much I love adobo seasoning so I use a lot of that that is a stone I
use 1 1/2 pack of sazon seasoning and it seems like I’m using a lot of seasoning
that is because I’m just seasoning one side of the meat and you’ll see that in
a minute garlic powder that is cilantro flakes these are my go-to seasonings guys I
love them so very much and our sleep late and you want to be generous with these
seasonings because this is the one and only time you will be seasoning your
food if you do it right okay so I went ahead and get a ziploc
bag and I’m going to put the meat inside of it along with the paste I made I use about
I’d say half of that pace and mix it up really good try to get all the
seasonings on both sides of the meat okay so now you’re going to go ahead and
brown your meat once your heat on high so you get a really good sear now let it
cook all right and you’re gonna go ahead and let it cook for about two minutes on
each side now I forgot to mention what type of
chicken I have here so I have breasts and leg meat boneless and skinless leg
meat so go ahead and add your veggies once
you’re done browning your chicken and it looks like it’s burnt at the bottom but
I trust me guys that it’s not burnt at all that’s just really good seasoning
down there I’m gonna add one scoop of garlic let that cook alright so you’re
gonna wanna add some paste a little bit of your paste and we are gonna use that
to lift the seasoning at the bottom of the pot as you can see it is a beautiful
brown and this is why you will not need to season your food again everything is
getting seasoned perfectly go ahead and add your chicken back into
the pot proximally after I’d say a minute or two of cooking down those
veggies then you’re gonna go ahead and lower your heat okay
so it looks like there’s not a lot of liquid in the pot right now trust me
your chicken and veggies are going to produce their own liquid you not need to
add any more liquid at all in this dish so here I am chopping up some cilantro take about half of that and add it now
into the pot this is still the beginning it’s been cooking for maybe about I’d
say 10 to 15 minutes so far and I’m gonna go ahead and add some tomato sauce
as well just plain unseasoned tomato sauce and that’s just one can okay mix
it up and this is the liquid that it’s produced on its own guys all that like
what you see it produces by itself okay go ahead and cut up some tomatoes I love
fresh tomatoes probably and like every single dish I make I cut up two of them
okay so now it’s been cooking for approximately I say an hour about an
hour I’m adding some lemon a half of a lemon catching the seeds or at least
trying to I missed one and then I’m going to go
ahead and add my toes okay and you’re gonna let it cook for another 15 minutes
so that is a total cooking time of an hour and 15 you can do an hour and 30 if
you like it won’t hurt it at all it’d just be more tinder and you will be done here is the finished product and I hope you all enjoyed this video
please don’t forget to subscribe thumbs up and comment have a great day bye

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  1. ViewsFrom Riah says:

    Oooh 😍this looks good!

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    Great Job!! Let me find out you got Spanish in you🧐 You did that looks delicious😋 New Subscriber👌🍲🍗

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    I love your seasoning blend. I'm going to try this and your oxtails. Keep the dishes coming.

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    I can tell that you spent a lot of time with mama or grama, with the reverence in which you treat all the ingredients and spices makes for a special experience for whoever breaks bread with you. Blessings

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    I saw your oxtail.vid. I'm wondering why you did not do the oxtails this way. Using one pot?? Not criticizing believe me you are a good cook. Just asking.

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    Absolutely amazing cook. Very clean and lots of flavor.

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    THANK YOU for washing your chicken!!! Despite loving your cooking videos, I do have a bone to pick w/ you. I've noticed that you often label your cooking as "Spanish", however it is not. Spanish cooking is heavily European/Mediterranean and despite some similarities is very different from the cooking of the Hispanic Caribbean (Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic), which yours resembles. I love the fact that you add ginger to your Sofrito and will be trying that next time.

  14. abigailtorres416 says:

    I love your vids!! You are very respectful to ur subscribers, that is such a good quality. You are using alot of the same seasonings that we spanish people use, but you added your own flair!! You are truly an amazing cook!

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    Man this came out good! Only thing I added was sazon tropical ( green bottle by Badia) before I marinated it. I'm gonna try your oxtail recipe next!

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