Sticky Pork & Sweet Chilli Rice Noodles Recipe MYVIRGINKITCHEN

Howdy folks hows it going welcome to my virgin
kitchen today we’re making some sticky caramelised pork with rice noodles and wok fried veg,
it’s gonna be good! Good times. Right so you’ve probably noticed i’m using
a different camera today Canon have sent me this mini Legria camera it’s really cool like
teeny weeny I can move around the kitchen it’s all wide angle and stuff so yeah we’re
gonna try it out if you wanna have a go at making this recipe hit pause on the video
and write them all down we’re just gonna jump straight into it.
Alright so as you can see i’ve got a little flame there what i’m gonna do is plonk this
saucepan on, there’s nothing in right now but what i’m gonna do is pour in 100 grams
of caster sugar it’s a little lumpy it’s all good been sat in my cupboard for a while break
it down a little bit and spread it all out shake it all around the pan, give it like
2 minutes on it’s own to caramelise over a good flame.
Ok so just while i’m waiting for that sugar to caramelise i’ve got a bowl here with some
rice noodles in these are amazing they’re kinda like a cross between rice and noodles
right get it so in a bowl like that all you’ve gotta do is pour boiling water over them like
that and just literally leave it for about 3 or 4 minutes and it will cook by itself
you can get fresh versions of this but 3 or 4 minutes like that we’ll put it in some cold
water in a minute and that’s it done. Alright hopefully you can see that sugar is
all caramelised now i’ve turned it down to a low heat and what i’ve got here is some
pork medallions ok kinda like the olympics we’re just gonna whack them straight into
our pan don’t worry I will wash my hands afterwards here we go, so get them in there it’s gonna
get sticky and noisy and stuff you wanna caramelise it and stick to it for 2 minutes then we’ll
add some other stuff in there and it’ll go really to town for a good ten minutes and
cook it through – wow! Alright that’s literally only been 2 minutes
i’ve turned it once to make sure it’s nice and coated so what i’m gonna do now is add
in some soy sauce around about a tablespoon of that oh yeah make sure that heat is on
a low it’s gonna sizzle because it’s hot sugar this is sesame oil about a tablespoon of that
in that goes like so it will calm it down you wanna get it on a low heat and it’s now
gonna cook through the pork is gonna go ooow yeah get all soaked in that it’s gonna be
sticky on the outside but on the moment in the middle it’s all niggly you wanna cook
it through ok, so remember to stir it through coat it but keep your eye on it and that’s
it! Fifteen minutes and it’ll be done. So while we are concentrating on our pork
our little rice noodles were cooking away down there so what i’m gonna do is carefully
transfer it into a bowl of colder water so that’s gonna cool it right down keep it in
the water to stop it sticking together and for the last minute we’ll whack it in a wok
there’s the wok with our vegetables just to warm through. Do you know what i’m gonna add
to our pork right now? we got some garlic that i’ve just chopped here little bit of
garlic clove in there I can’t tell you how good the smell in there right now is it’s
like I am leg kick micheal jackson around my kitchen like always really, like always!
Right folks we’re moving on to the last steps it’s wok and roll time sesame oil right here
wok right here about a tablespoon of sesame oil going in there a real authentic sesame
flavour in there add some sesame seeds if you want your choice so what we’ll do is add
in some of this mixed vegetables I got some broccoli I got some green beans I got some
chilli some chopped onions all good so it’s gonna go in there whoah can you hear that?
It’s gonna soften up we’re gonna cook it then chuck in our cooled rice noodles and you know
what else we’re gonna add some sweet chilli sauce right there time to add that too.
Yeah so we’re just softening that up shaking it around the pan about 2 minutes as it is
on it’s own i’ll grab the rice noodles boom in there.
Oh yeah really liking that so in go our rice noodles i’m just gonna pull it straight out
of that water oh my goodness straight in there shake it up.
Right so the rice noodles are in there all softened up now I’ve got a little spoonful
of the sticky sauce from the pork we’re gonna mix that in like so, and then grab some of
our sweet chilli sauce about half a tablespoon of that in that goes and we’ll just work it
through before serving it. Amazing and with those sticky sauces added
you can really see the colour change it’s made, those noodles are like orange coloured
that sweet chilli has really worked in there it’s starting to cool down now, lets serve
it up. And here it is then folks all plated up we’ve
got our sticky pork, our sweet chilli rice noodles and of course our vegetables that
my friends is how you make it, how easy was that.

36 comments on “Sticky Pork & Sweet Chilli Rice Noodles Recipe MYVIRGINKITCHEN”

  1. Fuzebee says:

    love sticky pork and sweet chili amazing combo

  2. Cooking With Abbey says:

    mmm…looks yummy!

  3. Barry Lewis says:

    Cheers Jonathan, it's such a simple one to chuck together this and you could swap the pork for chicken etc, works really well all done in 20 mins max

  4. Barry Lewis says:


  5. Barry Lewis says:

    Cheers mate, yeah sweet chilli is literally my favourite thing in the whole World, gonna pop up a video recipe to make your own soon – in fact maybe a quick one on Sunday

  6. eddyk says:

    I liked the look of the Canon camera. Well done them for sending you it. Tell them it's worked as well because I'm already looking into one.

  7. khoiavo says:

    Looks lovely. Im trying this!

  8. mia joiner says:

    You shouldn't cook sesame oil, you use it to finish a dish

  9. Barry Lewis says:

    Sesame oil is ok for stir frying! It's deep frying that's not suitable

  10. Barry Lewis says:

    Thanks used to do my older videos in this format, grab and go and film it as I do it, unfortunately it doesn't have a zoom so couldn't get great shots but I had fun with it

  11. Barry Lewis says:

    Thanks hope you enjoy it, such a simple recipe!

  12. Barry Lewis says:

    Cool, it's great for YouTubers particularly if it's a vlog or something like that and great value – plus it's tiny! I may take it with me to London this week for a video diary

  13. Ainna Dean says:

    Looks sooo good, sooo trying this ^^ thanks dude

  14. Bree Stanfield says:

    Wow this looks fantastic!!!! Lucky for my family i'm on dinner tomorrow night 😉

  15. BearSugarx says:

    It's a fisheye lens! awesome new camera and a great recipe 🙂

  16. Jake Morris says:


  17. Barry Lewis says:

    Awesome times no worries

  18. Barry Lewis says:

    Great! Switch it up with meats of your choice and maybe top with toasted sesame seeds at the end

  19. Barry Lewis says:

    Cheers, only using it for a few videos but it's so little looks like one of those make up mirrors girls (& some Men probably!!!) use

  20. Barry Lewis says:

    Cheers Jake, hope you give it a try, if you do send me a picture on Twitter / Facebook etc

  21. robotdogjoe says:

    Yumn thank you

  22. Minnie Kim says:

    i think you should add a part of you eating the food you make in the end of the video. just a suggestion 😀

  23. David Smith says:

    As always great job barry looks fantastic another like from me

  24. Barry Lewis says:

    Cheers David, much appreciated buddy

  25. Barry Lewis says:

    I do at the end in the top right corner?

  26. Minnie Kim says:

    well yeah for like the last second haha, but i mean, frequently ~

  27. E o says:

    Lol ive got the same pan as you

  28. Barry Lewis says:

    haha good times Daniel

  29. blueeyesangel says:

    Could I use chicken instead of pork or eould it not work the same?

  30. Mark says:

    Really like the wide-angle view for this video.

  31. Dena Mystik says:

    #1 FAN RIGHT HERE! You should be getting at least 1,000,000 views!! I LOVE ya vids! Just subscribed 😀

  32. Barry Lewis says:

    @Christina Jay Styles Thanks so much super kind, we're growing and some good stuff coming up that'll make it grow faster but it's never been about views or subs for me just sharing my journey and interacting with people that want to join the ride

  33. Kyra Mason says:

    You have just gained a fan!!

  34. Barry Lewis says:

    @Kyra Mason Awesome thanks a bunch 🙂

  35. BigMeks Menu says:

    you can't go wrong with sweet chillie sauce !!

  36. thernansaiz says:

    I did something wrong as meat was a bit hard and tasting slightly "raw". Sauce tasting bitter. Good dish, but tricky!

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