Storage Wars: Kenny’s Biggest Score Ever (Season 11) | A&E

All right, and if you’re
ready to go, I am ready to go. And here we go, and
how much money– [auctioneer chant] Look at me. $50. What about 50 there? 75 where? 75– number one. [auctioneer chant] Number one there.
Did it go to there? 100, and how many people
want to take it to 175? 150. 175 right there. [auctioneer chant] 25. 2 and 1/2. And 2 and 1/2, what about 275? 275, what about 3? What about 3 and 1/4? 325?
3 and 1/2? 350 there. 75 where? I got 350, 375 where? 375, what about 400? [auctioneer chant] 4 where? We got 375, going once.
400? Going twice. 375, all in,
[auctioneer chant] $400 bucks? [auctioneer chant] Sold
it your way, Kenny! 375, winner! They tried to
target Kenny, but they haven’t even got a shot. The main reason why
I wanted this unit is because of the
Red Baron right here. I know it needs some
air in the tires, but if I can get
my knees on there– Oh, my nuts. My nuts. Putting a price on the Red Baron
is something Kenny can’t do. I’m keeping it all for myself. Vroom. Right this way. Wheelchair, I say
about $50 bucks. Here goes another wheelchair. Another 50. Yeah, buddy. Woo-hoo. This right here is worth $125! If it got wheels, it
is gonna make money. What is this? Hm, electrical fixtures. Whole box, I’d say
about $50 bucks. Carseat. 1, 2, 3, 4. All the seats for $100 bucks. Two chairs, $5.00 apiece. Nothing. What’s this? Nothing. Got some records right here. The hit song in this must
be called heavy as [bleep].. This is about $75 bucks. The White House? A nice box. It’s heavy as hell. Let’s see what’s in here. It smells like
cigars, or something. If President Clinton had this
White House to hold his cigars, he wouldn’t have gotten
in so much trouble. Need to go get the
White House checked out. I mean, I need to go get
the White House smoked out. Ha ha! Uh-oh. It looks like one of them
chocolate lava machines. A hookah table, or something? This stogie contraption
might go with the house right here, with the cigars. Hm. We might have to get
that checked out. OK, America. Hm. Clean. Get about $20 bucks for
this thing right here. Nice. See this air
conditioner right here? I say it’s a cool 25 big ones. All I gotta do is get the
White House checked out, and the hookah table. I think I smoked everyone
else with this here locker. Kumbayah. Kenny, go! Anto! Kenny. Yeah? How are ya? I’m meeting up with the
czar of cigars, Anto Kamarian. Can you give me a
little history lesson on this stuff right here? Absolutely. This White House humidor
came out maybe about 10, 12 years ago. Uh-huh. It’s one of four designs– Lincoln Memorial,
Jefferson, the White House, and Capitol Building. Capitol Building. Yes. And they did a very limited
edition of the White House. This is a very,
very unique item. Can you give me a price for
something like this right here? Obviously, there
are a few damages. But still, at its minimum,
this would be approximately– $1,500. Come on, bro. For real? This is a beautiful humidor,
and it’s the uniqueness is we have the price is. Yeah. Well, this is the next item
I got right here for you to take a look at, my man. Oh, my. Oh, my. Oh, my, oh, my. This is an amazing piece. The hand crafting on it– I even have to
put my cigar down. Oh, [bleep]. It must be worth something. I can’t say enough of
this ashtray, I tell you. This is a very old piece. How old are we talking, Anto? Says it right here. 1768? That’s the year? That’s the year. This thing is
worth some money. We about to get into
the nitty-gritty. I’m about to reach in my
pocket and give you an offer. Oh, [bleep]. It’s an incredible piece. It’s in a perfect condition. If I had this piece– Uh-huh? I wouldn’t sell this piece
for less than $3,000. I didn’t hear you right. Can you repeat
yourself, soldier? $3,000. Damn! This is my biggest
score ever, bro. My biggest score ever. Kaboom, shaka laka.

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