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we’re still here and we’re ready We got so tired last night from all the walking here in Taito City our whole body aches.. since last night So now we are preparing to go to Shibuya How many hours do we travel, babe? 30 mins travel from here to Shibuya by train So here’s our room It’s a studio type Japanese Style Apartment The bed is on the floor We’re on the 5th floor **Cabin Crew prepare for landing** see? That’s it guys so later it’s a long walk again we’ll have body ache again because of our luggages but it’s okay because we will leave it again at the train station lockers Just insert some coins and it’s done! alright maybe it was intended for businessman and tourists the lockers So see you later! Good morning! Good morning.. good morning! now we’re ready to go we’re still here at.. Ueno and we’re on our way to Shibuya for a tour So this is our apartment Studio Apartment with kitchenette After the main door, You will see the kitchenette with complete kitchenware we have hot plate, ref, sink plates, pan and here’s the room AC microwave rice cooker, etc.. blower washroom, dirty now the same with the first hotel same automatic toilet bath tub but now it’s bigger there’s hot water! so let’s go guysth! The only thing I hate here is the stairs Actually, one of several things I hate here this is the view outside our room they put all the soiled bed sheets and towels here I don’t know whyyyy I went upstairs yesterday, 6th floor is the roof top The laundry is there There’s a laundry area but they put everything here So here’s our main struggle in this apartment Stairs like these are common in Japan there’s only limited space to walk but it’s cute their apartments are very cute we should have this in the Philippines her: where’s my phone?
him: it’s with me :p So guys, that’s the 5th floor just wait There’s one room in every floor, right? one apartment So if your shoe size is big, sorry but you cannot fit Here’s the 4th floor So just imagine how will you climb these stairs we almost died going up to the apartment like we are already so tired from the tour and you will get tired again this is the room on the 3rd floor that’s the main entrance of the building DORAEMON! but it’s safe here there’s emergency exit and emergency plans/map So no ground floor here, only 1st floor no apartment on the 1st floor There’s a room but it’s an office here’s the parking space in Japan paid parking we just saw a lolita (person in japanese fashion) in a wheelchair but she’s not lolita (?) She looks like one they are really so interesting we are nearby train station, ay, not really a train station what do you call that? metro? subway? *hopeless* we are nearby the train we are near where the train passes that’s why it’s noisy but if you are inside
him: SKYTRAIN? inside the room, the noise is just minimal but once you go outside, that’s it you think they can hear this? yes but there’s background noise the time now is 10:00.. 10:50 am but the wind is still cold but the sun is here, you hear me? but the sun, the sun is already hot but the wind is cold her: of course, the sun is always hot!!! him: yes, but there’s a cold sun right? there’s a hot sun too! today, the sun is hot! which station are we going? Iriya? Iriya.. so peaceful.. maybe their people are still sleeping their people? the people here.. 10am, they are already at work they’re already at work so it means.. it’s 10:50 now, so they are already at the office so guys, we just need to run.. see you later!

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