Stuffed Mirlitons Recipe : Frying Bacon to Make Stuffed Mirlitons

Hi, this is David for Expert Village and today
we are going to make a stuffed mirliton pirogue. For out stuffing for the mirlitons we are
going to add some bacon to our pan here. Just go ahead and drop that in you see that sizzle.
What we want to do is not only make the bacon crispy we want to render some of that fat.
That is going to add a lot of flavor. You can see the oil coming off right away we did
not have to add anything to the pan. I would suggest starting off with a hot pan just like
this and separate those pieces out. You see all of that coming out. You can turn it down
to about medium heat you don’t want to burn these. But you want to render all of that
pork fat so you can get all that taste in here which we are going to add to it you are
going to see. It smells so good just rendering bacon.

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