SUB) 근접무기 패치!! 통곡의다리 70명 대 전투!! throwing Pan! 35 vs 35!!

[ RULE ] Can only pick up melee weapons to fight with on the bridge ( you can carry up to 10 melees with a level 3 backpack) We will run forward. LETS GOOOOOO (gets scared) (embarrased youki) It’s going! In front!! x6 ( it’s hard to hit moving opponents) The ones in front! Okay ! (gets hit) I got hit once! (It’s not easy to get to the enemy’s side) EPIC! ( pushing forward together) Youdongie: RUN~ (enemy team gradually being pushed back) We are pushing forward! This is our chance! Take the chance! Push~! ( pushing forward together!!) Let’s go! GO GO GO GO! (easy to push forward since they’re moving together) ( last 1) (how scary must it be to be chased by people like this-) BRIDGE MELEE BATTLE :SUCCESS! [ RULE ] If you get hit by the frying pan, it’s instant death Guys! Are you ready? Ready~ START~ You can’t cross over the line! (it’s instant death if hit so they need to avoid well!) I’m scared~ It’s one hit so I’m scared.. T.T AHHHH- BRO T.T (NARROWLY MISSED YOUKI) Nice shot! This is seriously scary ;; GOODBYE! (suprised Youki) AHHH NOOO BRO T^T 7 vs 9! PLOT TWIST! ( hoping for one) DODGEBALL: (unfortunately) DEFEAT NEW CONTENTS WILL BE CONTINUED LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO YOUKI FOR MORE CONTENTS!

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    Giang hồ thanh toán nhau quá r 😂

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    Subtitle Indonesia???

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    quality content

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    Bro atleast provide English subtitles for commentary. Always love your content

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    2:18 2000IQ player

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    No captions 😅

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    That funny ahah

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    tawuran anjirrr

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    Translate title in bahasa Indonesia (Tawuran STM)

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    No subtitles 😭

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    Stephen Chow must be see this

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    Кто от Ирокеза Лайк!

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    First time I have seen your team win😂

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    I ignored your channel a few time before , now I know what I had missed

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    One of the best vid i watched😂

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    where's the subtitle?
    greetings from Indonesia 🎉

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    in indonesian is called "Tawuran" 😂

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    2:36 Double attack

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    Where's the english caption

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    That’s what it looks like in the Philippine street rumble

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    where is the Indonesian subtitle? Youki

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    Funny Contents…Nice !!!

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    this is TAWURAN
    Indonesian culture .. LoL🤣

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    Kayak tawuran antar sekolah anjay 😂 yg dari indo absen

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    Hi love from indoensia Youki

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    Tawuraaan mode: ON!! Coeeg

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    U should try ww2 kar only

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    Như buồi

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    so funny

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    Izin copyright untuk share ke indonesia boleh gak bro

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    YOUKI kenapa kamu ga pernah bahasa indonesia!!??

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    lesson learned: dont mess with the chefs

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    02:20 머리가 아프니까?? 네 고마워… 😂😂

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    Anak STM kumpul dong

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    World war II (colorized)


    4:07 poor girl 😫

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    Next video

    Only molotov cocktails

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    keren anjayy kaya anak STM tawuran 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Este hijuesuputa madre me abua bloqueado no agradece x tener suscriptores

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    Subtitle Indonesia Indonesia

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    Headshot with pan nice

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    Riot sa tagalog ay english pala yun

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    Next Video Suggestion…

    Please Cover Erangel with Smoke granade. That will be so beautiful.😍😍

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    Love you 😘 buddy

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    Loveeeee this conten

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    If you like a "Tawuran"

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    Kungfu hustle
    "Geng Kapak"

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