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Hey guys, for the Kickstarter campaign, we’ve
got loads of different rewards, and one of them is a poster. It’s an ‘it’s a’bao time’ poster. The first design looked like some sort of
bao that was exploding out of the world. It didn’t quite work. Anyway, we got there in the end. You’ll love it. Get involved with Kickstarter! Hi guys, Jeremy here from School of Wok, Covent
Garden. It’s Wok Wednesday, and this week it’s real
wok cooking. How to learn the basics of a simple egg fried
rice. So I know we’ve got numerous fried rice recipes
on the channel, but we’ve been asked a few times for a simple fried rice res- uhhhh. But we’ve… pfft. We’ve been asked a few times for just a simple
fried rec… Fried rice! Fried rice. So we’ve been asked a few times for just a
simple fried ride recipe, but more importantly how to perfect your fried rice. So I’m gonna talk a lot about the heat and
how to change the heat with the wok to get that perfect fried rice. First off, I’m gonna crack and beat my egg. Of course, in takeaways and restaurants, you’ll
have a whole load of beaten egg ready. You can just cook a fried egg into your fried
rice too. Either way, absolutely fine. The first thing you cook in your fried rice
in always your egg. Now, when you start your wok, you want your
wok to be on a really good heat. I’m gonna start with a fair amount of oil
– it’s about half a tablespoon, or just over, and on a high heat. Wait for your wok to be really nice and hot. Over the top, swirl. That’s immediately smoking up, which makes
me know that it’s definitely hot enough. When it’s hot, your egg goes in. Pour it in carefully and it’ll bubble up slowly,
and then bring your heat down slightly, and push into your egg. At this point, don’t stir too much, just swirl
it around, swirl it around. You can see now, because I’ve taken that heat
down, it’s not burning my egg. Push that to the back, to allow space for
your rice. Bring the heat back up. High heat, smoking hot, your rice goes in. Day old rice is best, but most importantly,
not too wet rice. So it wants to be dried out a little, and
we’re gonna push into it. At this point in time, I’m not changing the
heat at all, I’m just moving the heat around with my ladle. Push into it to separate out the grains of
rice. If you feel at any point that you’re getting
a slight char or burn on any grain of rice, that’s when you need to cool your wok down
somehow. There’s numerous ways, and if you’ve seen
the rest of the videos, you’ll know my ways of cooling your wok down. The first one, stirring. The second one, pushing and folding. Pushing and folding. The third one, which is really useful for
a fried rice, a wok toss. Long push forward, quick flick back, and you
can see, because of the right amount of heat, it’s skipping around the wok, but it’s not
burning. It’s still got that nice whiteish colour. My peas – they’re frozen peas – straight in. Nice and simple. At the point when your rice grains are separating
out nicely, flick those through, and I’m just gonna season this very naturally with a bit
of light soy sauce and some sesame oil. And you can see that constant movement, but
more importantly, no sticking at the bottom of my wok. And still, my rice grains are nice and white,
and they have no char or burnt colour. Light soy sauce, and sesame oil. Not too much. On a high heat, just as a pour the sauce in
so that it skips off the bottom of that wok. I’m just gonna bring that heat down a little,
so that my rice doesn’t burn. A little drizzle of sesame oil. That sauce, if it starts to stick a little,
just give it a good scrape on the bottom. Now, we know that our rice is cooked nicely
when I make a little hole, and you can see the little grains of rice jumping up. Dancing rice. Pop, pop! Once you’ve got dancing rice, and you haven’t
charred your rice, then it’s ready. Now, this is why fried rice teaches you about
wok cooking, because if you’ve understood your heat, and you’ve gone up and down at
the right times, then you should finish with a clean wok. That’s how to make a proper egg fried rice. So, it really is very simple. Most importantly, the colour’s good, it doesn’t
look burnt. It’s all about heat control. All cooking starts with simple techniques. If you like this recipe and you wanna learn
more, don’t forget, subscribe to our channel.

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