Taco Bell Deep Fried Crunchwrap Taste Test | FUTURE FAST FOOD

– The Mexican Pizza,
the Crunchwrap Supreme, the Doritos Locos Taco. These are some of the
most iconic menu items from Taco Bell past and present, but what does the future hold? I’m glad you asked
because I have the answer. This is Future Fast Food. (electronic music) Future Fast Food entry number 4,863. In my quest to predict and
make every viral fast food item of the future, today I find myself at the spicy doorstep of Taco Bell. We all know that Taco
Bell’s success hinges on one thing: esoteric numerology. So how does that help us
predict what Taco Bell’s next incredible menu item will be? Well in 1993, Taco Bell debuted
the Seven Layer Burrito, then in 2010, they subtracted
two of those layers and they gave us the
Beefy Five Layer Burrito, then came the Triple Layer Nachos. Seven, then five, then three. If we continue that pattern, we’re left with only one
single layer tortilla which everyone knows is a logical fallacy. So let’s jump to the number nine, a number associated with
completeness and perfection. What is the most perfect item currently on the Taco Bell menu? The Crunchwrap Supreme, the number nine, the Crunchwrap Supreme, Taco Bell’s next mega
viral menu item will be the Nine Layer Deep-fried
Crunchwrapichanga. They just don’t know it yet. We’re starting with our
beef and potatoes here, two of the top nine most important layers in the whole thing. Taco Bell beef, it’s kind
of this miracle of science, right, because it’s both solid, it’s meat, but you don’t have to chew it
and you can just slurp it down with a boba straw if you wanted to, so the way we’re gonna achieve that, we’re gonna take our beef,
it’s almost fully cooked, and you put that right
into a food processor. You wanna pour some of
your beef onto the ground, that’s a really important step. Man, I can never figure
out the food processor. (food processor whirs) So when your beef reaches
beautiful smoothie consistency, you’re gonna throw that back into the pan and now you have to add in
all your other ingredients. First, just gonna start with water, then we got tomato powder. We have oat flour, we’re
almost making like an oatmeal. Who doesn’t love soy
lecithin, ugh, delicious. That is gross. Should use a spoon, huh? Here we got some citric acid, it gives it that little limey punch without actually having to
spend any money on fruit. That’s how they cut costs. Garlic powder, liquid smoke. Came out awhile ago that Taco
Bell’s beef is only 88% beef. That was a pernicious
rumor started by Del Taco but it’s actually true, all the other ingredients are
various delicious chemicals and flavoring agents that
makes your body crave it. All right so our beef’s
done and you can see that although it is
solid, it is a very mushy, malleable consistency and that’s exactly what you wanna go for. Now we gotta do the Fiesta Potatoes. We gotta drain these guys
off and then those potatoes are gonna go right into a
bowl full of seasoned flour, there’s a little baking soda in there just to give it some rise, and then you’re just gonna toss that. (chuckles) That burns. And these go straight in the fryer. Those are looking nice and that goes right into your bowl for later. Fiesta Potatoes, like
a fiesta in your mouth and on the roads, brought to you by Ford. I was just talking to the wrong camera. So we gotta make our nacho cheese and I could just totally
make a cheese sauce but I don’t wanna do that, I wanna copy what Taco
Bell’s exactly doing with the real shelf-stable stuff so here we got non-fat milk, then this is dehydrated cheddar cheese, then we have soybean oil and canola oil, that’s gonna add your fat in there. And then since there’s
cheese and non-fat milk and fat in there, we need
some sort of emulsifier, we need a binder so what we’re gonna do, modified food starch and that’s
gonna give it the thickness. Are you down with the thickness, I am. We’re just gonna whisk this
up, let it come to a boil and then we’re actually
gonna use an emersion blender to get in there and really blend it up. (blender whirs) I thought the noise was gonna
be a lot more impressive. And that is Taco Bell’s nacho cheese. This is indulgent. Oh. And next up, Lava Sauce
is one of the nine layers. I know what you’re saying,
Lava Sauce hasn’t been around since what, 2011, Josh, you’re crazy. Lava Sauce is making a comeback. There’s red jalapeno
puree that goes into it, dehydrated cheddar cheese powder, to give it that little Cheeto taste. We got tomato powder for
sweetness, garlic powder, and chili powder and
just a little bit of MSG because that just makes everything better, it’s really great. A lot of people ask why Taco
Bell gives you such bad farts. I wondered the same thing so I called up Dr. Jitesh Patel of Kaiser Permanente, he’s the head of gastroenterology. Apparently it’s really
just a perfect storm. You can have increased methane
buildup from processed meat, red meat and animal fats
which are all inside of their ground beef, so
when you get the beef, the beans, the nacho
cheese, everything combines to just create the loudest
butt burps you’ve ever heard. Making a new fast food item isn’t just about combining the
craziest things together, you have to make sure it’s viable and able to be made in a restaurant. I need to prove that I
can do this quickly enough for Taco Bell to actually adopt it. All right ready? Start the clock. Well now I gotta wait. This is part of it, Taco Bell
griddles their tortillas. All right go! Spread the beans. Get the potatoes on there, beef it up. Nacho squirt, nacho squirt. So start a layer. Boom, lettuce, boom tomatoes. The two hand is way harder
than I thought it would be. Come on guac, this is what you have to do, you have to play through adversity. Sometimes it’s gonna happen, your guac gun’s gonna get jammed up. You gotta just figure it out. Lava Sauce, liquid gold. Come on, man. When the equipment fails,
communication breakdowns happen, live to fight another day, okay, now we gotta fold this thing up. Smash that, on the floor, smash that, give me some more and
then you gotta get it in your deep fryer, now we’re
waiting about 20 seconds. To be fair in the future, Taco Bell will have
turbo charged deep fryers that’ll actually run on NOS, the same thing that Vin Diesel used in The Fast and the Furious
movies to make his car go real, real fast and the cameras got all blurry in those scenes so that’s gonna
happen so this is not even, I’m not really worried,
I’m not worried at all. All right this is done, take it out. Get it on. Time! Okay four minutes and 34
seconds, it’s not great. If I went into Taco
Bell and I ordered this and four minutes and
34 seconds it came out, I wouldn’t be mad ’cause I love Taco Bell and I could never be mad at them but I can see how someone would, I can see the negative Yelp reviews now. As we know in the future,
Yelp will actually be running all of our voting systems
for the U.S. government so they’re gonna be really important. Taco Bell’s ads have
always pushed boundaries and that’s why the marketing campaign behind the Nine Layer
Crispy Crunchwrapichanga is gonna urge people to
push their boundaries. The new slogan, how far would you go? Would you do the samba with an anaconda for a Crunchwrapichanga? Or how far would you go? Would you fight Ronda on a
Honda for a Cruchwrapichanga? What about how far would you go? Would you go to Tonga to play ping-ponga in a thonga with Willy Wonka
for a Cruchwrapichanga? I know I sure would. Now the only thing left
to do is eat this bad boy and of course future fast
food should only be served by future fast food
consumers like my friend from the future Glorp Glorp. Glorp Glorp, (claps) come feed me. – What what what?
– Thank you. Okay, gently now, not too much. Not too much, we’ve talked about this. – [Glorp Glorp] Glorp. Glorp.
– Mm. Thank you Glorp Glorp.
– Glorp Glorp. – It’s really delicious,
you get all nine layers in there, you taste the Lava
Sauce right off the bat, but the real key here, the
reason this is the future of fast food of Taco Bell is that deep-fried crispy exterior,
it’s never been done before. That’s gonna take them over the edge, that’s why this is the future fast food. – [Glorp Glorp] Glorp. – That’s right, Glorp Glorp. Me too. Let’s make this Future Fast Food reality. Click the link in the description below and tweet at Taco Bell using
the hashtag #futurefastfood. If enough voices are heard,
they’ll have to make it. That’s just Twitter law. We’ll see you next week
for more Future Fast Foods and as they say in the future, mm-bye.

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