Taco Chili

hello tonight I’ll be cooking taco chili it’s a not too strange of a recipe it’s basically basic chili except for instead of having a packet of chili seasoning mix it has a taco seasoning mix as well as a ranch dressing seasoning mix so we’ll kind of see how that changes the taste of that so high hopes for it the ranch dressing sounds pretty good actually but we’ll go ahead and I’ll go ahead and show you what’s all in it
all right and here’s what’s all in it it’s pretty basic chili stuff starting off with two pounds of ground beef I was lucky enough to get the hamburger on sale this week it’s $7.47 for a three pound container of hamburger so it’s about $5.98 for two pounds pounds a 16 ounce can of kidney beans which was 60 cents for the kidney beans 16 ounce can of pinto beans another sixty cents black beans of course and still 60 seconds a 15 and a half ounce can of hominy which is nine cents a can of tomato with chilies in it or Ro-tel is the off-brand Ro-tel is 79 cents the tomato sauce i had some on hand because for some reason I keep collecting more and more cans of tomato sauce every once and a while I’ll clean out my cabinet there’s another can of tomato sauce, I don’t know where these keep coming from but they just keep collecting then the onion I already had on hand and one envelope of ranch dressing mix it was $1.29 one packet of taco seasoning that was forty cents pepper I already had on hand, it’s a quarter of a teaspoon of black pepper, two 14 and a half ounce cans of diced tomatoes or sixty cents apiece so about I mean about $1.20 for the tomatoes and then a four ounce can of diced chilies so that was another 89 cents so grand total it looks like about $12.34 cents for the big pot of chili here which is about $1.12 per serving I’ve been browning the hamburger and the onions for a little bit now while that has been cooking I went ahead and drained and rinsed all the beans and stuff and the next step calls for me to add the diced tomatoes and the chilies into a blender just kind of an odd step because I’ve never seen that before but hey I didn’t write the recipe so go ahead and add that in there just kind of this could be kind of interesting I don’t think I’ve ever blended this much at one go especially not anything spicy usually when I’m using the blender it’s for the weight loss shakes but I’m gonna go ahead and do that off-camera so I don’t deafen you I’ll go ahead and do that real quick I’ll go ahead and add the hamburger I think I supposed to drain that oops oh well it was pretty lean I know I’ll probably get called on that, oh well. Then we’ll add the beans beans beans the wonderful fruit and the hominy tomatoes tomato sauce Ranch dressing whoa, there’s a lot in there, ranch dressing and it just occurred to me I might not have a big enough pot for this oh, well I hope it fits. Taco seasoning mix come on and the pepper I’m gonna get that stirred up real quick all right I got that stirred up and now I’ll go ahead and add the blended tomatoes and chilies I’m sure it’ll be fine yeah looks like it’s gonna fit just fine get that stirred in as well spill everything everywhere that’s a very important step spill everything everywhere get back in there and i’ll just go ahead and set that yeah I shouldn’t have got this much recipe, this is too much recipe for this pot well, maybe not, I’m sure it will be fine go ahead and set that on low and put the lid on and push that back and sit it back and let that sit for six hours and while I’m letting that cook and I’ll going to go ahead and clean up around there and clean up all the other stuff as well so and that’s pretty much the finished product I’m go ahead leave it at that and thanks for watching Sundays are weigh in videos Mondays are blogs Wednesday’s are cosplay updates and Saturdays are fan videos thanks for watching and have a good day

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