Tacos Al Pastor Recipe _ How to make Tacos Al Pastor _ Mexican BBQ


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  1. International Cuisines says:

    Thanks for watching Guys🙏 Make sure to Press the bell 🔔 on my profile for upload notifications!

  2. Elvina Rusli says:

    What's the name of the music??

  3. fabricio coelho says:

    saludo cozinheiros, buena gastronomia, a si es

  4. shadylounger says:

    How long did it take on the bbq to cook the pork? I want to do this, but trying to plan ahead. Thanks.

  5. denkodonut says:

    Nice Video! Can you tell me where you got that turning device from for the bbq?

  6. J Money says:

    This is how you get H1M1.. all that prep just to pan fry it? And all the extra meat you lost searing it? Smh this video was nonsense

  7. Victor Cerna says:

    Asi no se hacen los tacos al pastor. …

  8. Jorge Mendiola says:

    Marinate overnight? Won't the pineapple turn the meat into mush?

  9. Carlos Cantu says:

    Eres un pendejo para aser tacos al pastor compa…. As defraudado a mexico y a 50 millones de gente con tus pinches tacos awados

  10. Armando Huerta Juarez says:

    ¿dónde compró la varilla para el pastor?

  11. Comandante Portopuerquini says:

    Ya nada mas les falta el toro y el matador para digan viva España!

  12. RunningSD says:

    I hate having hard avocados.

  13. Emerson Valle says:

    Wrong wrong said the Chinese man

  14. PracticingLiberty says:


  15. Jose Cornejo says:

    everything seemed good but then the pan showed up and everything was for nothing from there. Good take on tacos recipe but cant call it something its not. Flavor may be good and works but this is not al pastor. Where are the caramelized onions?

  16. Jay Tua says:

    quien carajo te dijo que esto es al pastor? you screwed this up Joe.

  17. Ramiro Ceja says:

    Lo unico bueno del video fue como la cocino en la parrilla

  18. Panchitasefuealrio Apescar says:

    I use both Pork and beef with lots of onion and pineapple 😋more flavor. Que no falten Los Chiles guajillos for the color.

  19. david zarzosa says:

    What! Not real tacos al pastor

  20. Fender Bender says:

    like the marinade (i would of mixed before placing on meat) & open fire cooking method of the meat would of heated the tortilla & sauteed the cilantro & onion plus garlic with the meat in olive oil

  21. Edward Elrich says:

    Looks great and i wonder where you got the spanish song in the beginning of your video.

  22. Broy Loopez says:

    cochinada stupida

  23. Javier Rodriguez Rodriguez Rodriguez says:

    🤢 sad tacos !!

  24. jorgemtyful says:

    Jajaaja puso a cocinar aguacate se mamo

  25. E Guz says:

    It hurts that he does not know how to make a taco, I do not think there was any sense in the pineapple, since his juice was thrown into the charcoal, that's why the shepherd's tops are vertical.

  26. Dont Zamora says:

    This are not pastor tacos😡

  27. Dont Zamora says:

    Soy mexicano y esto no son tacos de pastor clickbait

  28. Joe Garcías says:

    No compa esas son gringadas 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  29. Jorge Macedo says:

    y me quedé esperando.. ver los tacos al pastor..

  30. Felipe Vergara says:


  31. J.C C says:

    Música de Patito Juan

  32. Victor Ortega says:

    Da fuq? Where the lime


    Pero que cosa es eso, es u puto sacrilegio no mames

  34. RON N says:

    I’m just saying, I don’t care much for the speed video. It takes away from this being a tutorial experience, something to learn from. I’d like for him to slow down and show us beginners, step by step, how he slices this pork shoulder and creates tacos al pastor etc. Am I alone on this one YouTubers?

  35. Jose manuel Alvarado says:

    Nomas echando a perder las recetas y lo tradicional, nadamas iciste una basca probecho..

  36. Idalid Santos says:

    👎 nop

  37. Aaron says:

    bro you fucked them all up lol

  38. James jr Plumb Master says:

    Looks great kudos everything, prep music etc, but not a good Al Pastor recipe…

  39. Rigoberto Hernandez says:

    Cual.puto pastor. No mamen..

  40. Miguel Roncal says:

    You lost more on the grill hanging it sideways than when you lost me when you put it on the pan. Wtf

  41. Fransisco Aguilar says:

    No,no,no la regaste mano…😔😔

  42. Iker Guerrieri says:

    This Is like Taco Bell tacos…….😲😢😭

  43. Iker Guerrieri says:

    Esto no es un taco al pastor…..punto.

  44. Ghost of GG says:

    Im a white American, and i approve of this . It is the Real authentic. Best pastor ever.

  45. Delia Stafford says:

    Esto es un invento de algun gringo. Nada que ver con los autenticos tacos al pastor.

  46. Kevin Licea says:

    Como mexicano me siento ofendido. Eso no es tacos al pastor ni la música es mexicana jajajaja.

  47. Big Daddy’s Bear Cave says:

    Yum 😋

  48. gabymarki says:

    What was the point of the bbq? That was undercooked when it was taken out. Thumbs down.

  49. Ricardo Liberato says:

    This video suck ass and balls

  50. Fabian Condado says:

    Es no son tacos al pastor por favor la carne jamás jamás se le pone aceite al sartén

  51. Richard Boettcher Jr. says:

    Needs guajillo chilis in the marinade. Helps with the red color that the achiote failed to deliver here as well as more flavor. Unless you have a vertical spit, ditch this cooking method and grill each slice of meat over hot coals, then slice and plate it on the taco. No need to pan fry. You get a more consistent texture of burnt 'ends' and fully cooked jucy meat with every single taco. Just my preferred method.

  52. RD Luna says:

    Cutting cilantro with scissors?

  53. HG DasPun says:

    Cómo se nota que no eres mexicano, estás totalmente equivocado , esos no son tacos al pastor.

  54. kane dale says:

    music is nice…. good fail

  55. linkin20la says:

    He made a major mistake by adding fresh pineapple to the marinade. Pineapple has an enzyme that breaks down the meat into mush if left to marinate for too long.

  56. Rawflcounsel76 says:




  57. Ernesto Miranda says:

    Avocado on a pan, have never seen that before…

  58. Leana Blaze says:

    Por dios 😍

  59. Federico lico Salinas says:

    Guajillos and ancho Chile pods onion ,garlic cumin, salt and pepper pineapple. ::Pastor marinade

  60. Dustin Lee says:

    Nope not tacos al pastor. This looks like a very lazy mid west recipe. Someone who has never traveled to Mexico, Texas or California to have REAL pastor tacos. I mean, who the hell puts warmed avocados in anything. And what was that train wreck red sauce at the end on that dry ass corn tortilla? Chipotle sauce?? This is like someone from Maine attempting Texas BBQ. This video was a fail in so many ways. 🤦‍♂️

  61. Ezequiel Quijano says:

    Hay que ver el episodio 1 de The Taco Chronicles en Netflix. ESOS son tacos al pastor.
    You need to watch episode 1 of The Taco Chronicles on Netflix. THOSE are tacos al pastor. 😉

  62. Above the Wall says:

    That’s is not pastor.
    There’s no cayenne pepper the original spice is called achiote

  63. Acp Trucking says:

    Did he put avocado in a hot pan 😷😷👎

  64. Mayumi de alba barrera says:

    Wrong recipe. You need ancho peppers, chipotle peppers, guajillo peppers,clove, oregano pineapple juice and orange juice , garlic , onions

  65. Mayumi de alba barrera says:

    Wrong recipe but it’s a great idea to bbq it

  66. Pedro jose Reyes vazquez says:

    WTF!! Fake tacos al pastor ! Your recipe is bad.

  67. GatoKitty says:

    Sorry man but this is not real tacos al pastor, and the avocado never EVER needs to be cooked, and cumin??

  68. rssimp says:

    Did I miss what kind of sauce you added at the end?

  69. The Hershey says:

    This must a Puerto Rican cooking this one I swear to God I thought I heard Andrés Jiménez LOL

  70. Chris Alcov says:

    Boricua music …..

  71. Jose Gonzalez says:


  72. edmundo oliver says:

    I thought pieces of fat was supposed to be in between the meat.

  73. Pneu Michelin says:

    Dont mix avocado if you want to stick to original recipe the rest is perfect

  74. Joe Gonzalez says:

    How long did that roast for?

  75. Frank Griegorian says:

    Not sure about this recipe like using flank beef instead and not so much pineapple !!!!

  76. jaime villanueva says:

    Failed attempt to make pastor tacos not even red SMH

  77. gabriel Salitre says:

    Trash ass recipe

  78. AmericaNeedsWeed says:

    Who sat there and rotated it for hours? Not me

  79. Angelina Dash says:

    Omg, you're making me hungryyyyy.

    I don't care that I just had pastor tacos yesterday, now I want them againnnnn >^<

  80. famely15 says:

    Niceee. Nice beautiful music too. Who is playing?

  81. Alf Garcia says:


  82. Luis Pedraza says:

    I'm sorry but nope this is not how you do it… if you are going to go through the trouble of using the rotating machine it should all cook on it… might as well just fry it… this just complicates the cooking process.

  83. __Phox__ __Trot1__ says:

    Imo I like it upright so the juices flow down onto the meat. Not on the coals, but nice video

  84. Carlos Raymundo says:

    Busca un mejor oficio compa

  85. j mag says:

    That looks nasty

  86. Benjo Sarabia says:

    Thats not tacos al pastor 🤥

  87. Carlos Saavedra says:


  88. Don Williams says:

    You lost it when you pan fried the meat.

  89. Manuel López says:

    Its a mistake to put it in the pan!

  90. Bruno Marcos Perez Valdez says:

    iban muy vie pero asi no son los tacos al pastor

  91. Bonifacio Caballero says:

    Avocado in pan!

  92. Sergio Perez says:

    Yeah. But no

  93. Gypsy Curls says:

    I am quite sure these were good. But this is not like any tacos al pastor I have ever had. This does not seem like an authentic recipe at all from any of the various regions of Mexico that may have a twist on it. Maybe name it something else?

  94. Kabronex Lastname says:

    Bruh why do you use the horizontal grill, all the juices and fats are falling into the fire 😐

  95. Patricio Perez says:

    Y esta mamada que ?

  96. Dustin Braddy says:

    Nope!!! Sooooo many things wrong with this….don't try it

  97. Plastic Bucket says:

    Too fussy . B

  98. Matilde Hernandez says:

    Like,where did you buy the meet support? Good idea, thanks for sharing


    Muy buena música y todo. Pero esos no se parecen en nada al taco al pastor de mi México….

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