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Homemade Ramen

Hey, guys. So, I made a ramen video a few years ago. But this time I want to put a bit more effort and time into making it better. Ramen is one of the most popular Japanese fast foods, although it’s not fast to cook. This recipe took me two days to make, but it […]

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Cleaning pots and pans

Hey guys! When I first started cooking I accidentally burned my curry just like this. So today I’d like to show you how I clean pots and pans. Unfortunately, dish soap probably isn’t going to help much. I mean, I’ve tried. And it’s not a good idea to scrape your pots like this if you […]

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Sukiyaki (Homemade Tofu)

Be a good boy Mushroom Farm Shiitake Mushroom I got lots of mushrooms! Okay. Let’s go. soft water My uncle’s garden Carrot Green Onion Chinese Cabbage Hey guys. This time, I’m going to make sukiyaki with homemade tofu. Sukiyaki is a really popular pot dish in winter in Japan. And homemade tofu is so much […]

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