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Nigerian Okra Soup for Nlacha 😋 | Flo Chinyere

If you want to prepare this conc Okra Soup, loaded with edible obstacles and all the vitamins including vitamin KW. If you want to prepare this Okra Soup strictly made for nlacha, Chai oo. That means no fufu, no swallow required. You just lick the soup and you will be filled to the brim and […]

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Nigerian Chicken Pepper Soup | Nigerian Restaurant Special | Flo Chinyere

Do you want a festive something that is not rice? Then let’s prepare Nigerian Chicken Pepper Soup. Chicken Pepper Soup is the boujee sibling to Nigerian assorted meat peppersoup so this is usually the one you should be serving during the festive season unless you are sure your guests prefer assorted beef peppersoup. Here are […]

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