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기생충 람동 한우채끝짜파구리 리얼사운드먹방/Ram-Don From Parasite STEAK BLACK BEAN NOODLES CHAPAGURI Mukbang Eating Show

I want beef…. ★ FLEX ★ It’s so beautiful.. Seasoning with salt and pepper Olive Oil Crushed Garlic Let’s boil 2 ramens (Chapagetti & Neoguri) to decorate beef! Put only half of the soup base from Neoguri ramen! (The most luxurious Chapaguri) Glossy… Hi, guys! I prepared Ram-Don from the movie Parasite today! I bought […]

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Ep 3. Kimchi Fried Rice | 김치볶음밥 | Kimchi Bokkeumbap

the measurement does not have to be exact! the korean way it should equal around 1/2 cup smooooooth chopping a little extra (optional) do you like these new angles? please like and subscribe ♥ i love spam you can use 1/2 cup of any meat or no meat at all that sizzle tho it sounded […]

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