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Cook, Cooker and Chef – Learn the Difference in a Simple English Video

Hey, what’s cooking? Spaghetti bolognese. Oh, it smells delicious. Who’s the cook in your household? The cook is the person who does the cooking. Don’t confuse them with the cooker. That’s the large piece of equipment or stove that you use to cook the food. So what’s the difference between a cook and a chef? […]

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Chipotle Chicken Tacos | Jamie Oliver & Donna Hay

Hi guys, hope you’re well. So this is very exciting because I have my dear friend – and incredible cook, and cookbook author Donna Hey is in the house. – Hey babe’s It’s so lovely to see you from Australia I’ve been a massive lover of her work for many many years. As I flick […]

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Lion’s Head Meatballs – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with lions head meatballs that’s right some people think the name comes from their large size while others believe it’s because eating these gives you the strength of a lion but the actual answer is not quite as mythical all right apparently the people that invented […]

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