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Adobong Atay ng Manok with Perfectly Boiled Eggs

Welcome to Panlasang Pinoy. I am Vanjo Merano. The dish that we will be cooking for today needs “atay ng manok” (chicken liver). I know that most of you doesn’t want to eat it due to different reasons. It may be due to gamy or over powering but we will try to get rid the […]

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Southern Fried Chicken Livers with / and Onions & Bell Peppers Recipe

We enjoy chicken livers. I’m Tess and tonight I will show you how I cook chicken livers that are tender and good along with onions, bell peppers and a tomato sauce that brings it all together. An easy delicious budget-friendly meal. Stay tuned! Our local grocer offers fresh chicken livers and they are really cheap. […]

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