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I’ve been a little concerned about the cookware I use. So I Googled aluminum cookware. I had to know… Does the aluminum leach into my food? You get all these different reports. Some evidence has pointed to… Some evidence has shown… Is it really that hard? Get a scientist to put some food in the […]

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All Clad Unboxing Copper Core 10 piece set

Hi this is Annette from kicked up and today we are going to do an unboxing All Clad sent me this box of pots and pans and we’re going to be doing a long term review by using them in our kicked up cooking videos here we go all right let’s see what we got […]

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Saying Good-bye to Copper Cookware Burrfection Style

Hey guys, welcome back Ricky here. Alright, so why do I have a bunch of copper cookware in front of me? And the answer is simple. I have to get rid of them and for good reason as well so I’ve had these pots and pans now for the better part of like tomato two […]

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