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Homewood Companion – cast iron cooking stove

Hi, I’m Zak! – and I’m Janie and we’d like to show you the Homewood Companion Looking good, son (laughter) Now, that is a good fire, son! Hello! I’m David, this is my son Zak and Zak’s going to run you though a demonstration of the Homewood Companion (more laughing) OKAAAAY, let’s do that again… […]

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Slow Cooker Cooked Breakfast?! | Barry tries #8

– I’ll come down in seven hours and they’ll just be still like this. (sighing) (uplifting horn chime) Good morning, everybody. It is half past 8. The kids have just left for school, and I want breakfast. But not just any breakfast. Breakfast in a slow cooker. Yeah. (closing slow cooker lid) That’s right, there’s […]

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